The book "Venezuelan Anarchism: The History of a Movement" is now available in English

From El Libertario (Spanish language PDF at the end)

Venezuelan Anarchism: The History of a Movement covers Venezuelan anarchism and its partisans from the first appearance of anarchist ideas in the period prior to independence through today. Venezuelan political histories have focused almost exclusively upon the various Venezuelan governments and political parties. Venezuelan Anarchism shifts the focus to those opposed to those governments and political parties, those who until now have been nearly forgotten. The book also explains in some detail their ideas, publications, and actions in opposition to Venezuela's ruling political elites and, more recently, Venezuela's authoritarian populists.

About the Author

Rodolfo Montes de Oca is a Venezuelan attorney, human rights activist, editor, and historian, whose work has focused on social movements. He has worked on several Venezuelan anarchist periodicals including Samizdat and Tribune of the People, and has been a member of Venezuela's primary anarchist publication, the bimonthly El Libertario, since 2002. He has also edited two books published in Spanish: Promtheus and Tantalus: Sketches of historical figures and anecdotes relating to the Greek anarchist movement, and Reflections on Prisons.

The See Sharp Press, publisher of this book, said: 

<<It should be of major interest to those interested in anarchist history and also to those interested in the history of Venezuela. Both Venezuelan Anarchism and our previous Venezuela title, Venezuela: Revolution as Spectacle, by Rafael Uzcátegui, provide essential background information for anyone who wants to understand the current political situation in that tortured land. Daniel Barret, author of Los sediciosos despertares de la Anarquia (Anarchy’s Seditious Awakenings) has this to say of the book: “Rodolfo Montes de Oca has unearthed an unknown history. He shows the arc of Venezuelan anarchism from its most distant antecedents to the contemporary. It’s an ambitious examination that can only be compared to Frank Fernández’s Cuban Anarchism: The History of a Movement.”>>

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