BOOM Writings on Nihilism, on Immediatism

Now, enjoy four essays in podcast form from BOOM Introductory Writings on Nihilism, by Aragorn!, published by pistols drawn and available from

"What Is Left? Nihilism vs. Socialism" includes a section on Nihilism Meet Anarchism.

"Nihilism As Strategy" teaches us to dream big again.

"Nihilism And Science" argues that technology is not neutral.

"Now Is The Time (And Yet We Wait)" expresses the need for engaged patience that is incomprehensible to the revolutionary left.

...Plus four additional essays.

144 What is Left? Nihilism vs. Socialism

145 Nihilism As Strategy

146 Nihilism And Science

147 Now Is The Time (And Yet We Wait)

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a great little summary of a huge topic! thx for posting this and thx to the ppl who put it together.

In 2020 nihilism is a bit passé, especially when Nature hiccups and does more BOOM than even 7 billion nihilists could do if there were that many, which there never will be, lucky to get more than 1% ŕeal ones methinks?

Empirically, 1% of 8 billion is 80 million, about the population of Germany, or Turkey or Iran. I can't see any of these countries if they were all inhabited by nihilists, counting the kids, ever immediately causing some kind of fantastic new order to sweep the world. Like some kind of nihilist totalitarìanism starts to resemble Germany in 1930 gasp! So nihilism was dealt with by Nietzsche, chewed over and discarded a long time ago and any further discussion about it is intellectual masturbation. The nazis inverted Nietzsche's conclusion by turning his inward negation of herd morality into an outward projection of herd obedience.

the only real ones were basically plotting to attack the Czar, and later on those russian nihilist's still loved to talk about "the russian people", so whoever is a real nihilist is beyond me. It seems like we're all "condemned" to not be like some golden ideal.

So...nothing ever really goes passe, all you have to do is talk about something again and BOOM!, it's now the new thing. The big bang!

There is nihilism's ugly side, like Sisyphus, It comes down to core values. I much prefer hanging out with weak as piss but pleasant Christian turn the cheek moralists than with an aggressive hyped up amoral nihilist on a mission to destroy all order. Sorry, that's just me, an anarch, leader of leaderlessness. Like I've done the full circle and recurrence.

anti-social russian counter-culturalists, and yeah there are times and places for that kind of thing, yet also can be really ugly as i've perpetuated that type of behavior through small portions of my life. BOOM! is a great historical account and philosophical exploration.

I could relate to the 19th C Russian nihilists totally, I actually still live by their material minimalist nomadic code, which bears a similarity to indigenous values.
So many varieties of nihilism now, but they may stand for the original concept.

People around here have no idea about nihilism. Very confused.

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