Bot brigade moderating

After listening to that excellent solecast with Erin Gallagher, it got me wondering just how thecollective copes with bots here, if at all? It's become pretty obvious to me, after years of lurking here and some recent research, that this place has several bots in permanent residence.

Is this common knowledge in the thecollective and you're simply overburdened with the workload required to address this problem? You just rip down obvious spam and let the slightly more sophisticated scripts dominate and seed all the threads with thinly veiled anti-leftist memes or constantly argue that all visible anarchist activity is misguided or pointless?

Note that when pressed, the users of the bots will reply on their behalf and then immediately go back to spamming "leftists are the enemy but all other anarchists are useless/spoiled brats too and should give up" noise for another few weeks until another legit commenter wages war on one of the bots and drags the bot-operator away from his hentai to be like "Don't censor me, waaah".
Rinse, repeat. Perhaps the laziest psy-ops ever? I wish I was just being paranoid but I sincerely doubt I am.

Is any of this a revelation to anyone? Am I just the last person to clue in?

beep boop

We'd love to know more information about these bots. Tell us about your research and we'll see what we can do about them.

Well, there's the Emile-bot. Someone deleted System32 and replaced it with cut-and-paste from Nietzsche, Tolstoy and quantum physics, and now it just copypastas sections randomly.

OP here: It's behavioural observation, basically just the Turing test. Probably best summarized as an inability to reply directly and dynamically to complex questions or critiques of the material being posting. Repetition with only slight variation is not always a guarantee, I honestly can't tell if Emile is just a very lonely person with compulsive behaviour problems or not. You're skeptical, I understand that.

A better example is the Kevin Keatingtroll. That's definitely a bot, it doesn't even have more than half a dozen scripted responses to any prompts and it posts anon which makes even more work for thecollective but did you notice how it recently began spamming the same anti-Antifa arguments as the rest of the alt-right's legions?

Perhaps the most insidious part is how a bot's behaviour can easily be mistaken for someone with fairly standard mental health considerations. I can recommend interacting with the crappy scripts that have been available for years like cleverbot, if somebody wanted to practice their own Turing-test skills. Of course, those are the crappy, older ones.

Recognition that this is a very significant feature of the online terrain is all I'm trying to get across, not sure how much thecollective can even do about it because it's the heads of the hydra, right?

copypaste a sentance from a textwall e888le et al into a search engine and the more hits,the more likely youve found a superbot.
anyway get out and squat an empty commercial unused building,no more asbestos roofed warehouses please,community cafes workshops protest groups,week 5 have 72 hour party ,move into new squt while police are surrounding party.always worked 4 me.h

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