Bounty Hunters and Child Predators: Inside the FBI Entrapment Strategy

  • Posted on: 29 May 2012
  • By: worker

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<p>Over the past month, the FBI has initiated a <a href=" of entrapment operations</a> designed to frame anarchists as “terrorists.” Significantly, they have not targeted longtime organizers, but rather people who are relatively peripheral to anarchist communities.</p>
<p>In response, we’ve prepared a pamphlet suitable for a wide readership explaining how this entrapment strategy works, and an analysis exploring why the FBI has adopted it. Please circulate these widely.</p>
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<h3>The Latest Trend in Repression</h3>
<p>Not so long ago, it seemed that the FBI focused on pursuing accomplished anarchists: <a href="">Marie Mason</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Daniel McGowan</a> were both arrested after lengthy careers involving everything from supporting survivors of domestic violence to ecologically-minded arson. It isn’t surprising that the security apparatus of the state targeted these activists: they were courageously threatening the inequalities and injustices the state is founded upon.</p>
<p>However, starting with the entrapment case of <a href="">Eric McDavid</a>—framed for a single conspiracy charge by an infiltrator who used his attraction to her to manipulate him into discussing illegal actions—the FBI seem to have switched strategies, focusing on younger targets who haven’t actually carried out any actions.</p>
<p>They stepped up this new strategy during the 2008 Republican National Convention, at which FBI informants <a href="" target="_blank">Brandon Darby</a> and <a href=" target="_blank"">Andrew Darst</a> set up <a href="" target="_blank">David McKay</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Bradley Crowder</a>, and <a href="" target="_blank">Matthew DePalma</a> on charges of possessing Molotov cocktails in two separate incidents. It’s important to note that the only Molotov cocktails that figured in the RNC protests <em>at any point</em> were the ones used to entrap these young men: the FBI were not responding to a threat, but inventing one.</p>
<p>Over the past month, the FBI have shifted into high gear with this approach. Immediately before May Day, <a href="" target="_blank">five young men</a> were set up on terrorism charges in Cleveland after an FBI infiltrator apparently guided them into planning to bomb a bridge, in what would have been the only such bombing carried out by anarchists in living memory. During the protests against the NATO summit in Chicago, <a href=" target="_blank">three young men were arrested</a> and charged with <a href="" target="_blank">terrorist conspiracy</a> once again involving the only Molotov cocktails within hundreds of miles, set up by at least <a href=" target="_blank">two</a> FBI <a href=" target="_blank">informants</a>.</p>
<p><a href="" rel="lightbox[mrpa]"><img src="" /></a><center><br />
<em>Undercover informants <a href="“Mo”</a> and <a href="“Gloves” (aka “Nadiya”)</a><br />
from the NATO entrapment cases</em></center></p>
<p>None of the targets of these entrapment cases seem to be longtime anarchist organizers. None of the crimes they’re being charged with are representative of the tactics that anarchists have actually used over the past decade. All of the cases rest on the efforts of FBI informants to manufacture conspiracies. All of the arrests have taken place immediately before mass mobilizations, enabling the authorities to frame a narrative justifying their crackdowns on protest as thwarting terrorism. And in all of these cases, the defendants have been described as anarchists in the legal paperwork filed against them, setting precedents for criminalizing anarchism.</p>
<h3>Why Entrapment? Why Now?</h3>
<p>Why is the FBI focusing on entrapping inexperienced young people rather than going after seasoned anarchists? Isn’t that just plain bad sportsmanship? And why are they intensifying this now?</p>
<p>For one thing, experienced activists are harder to catch. Unlike anarchists, FBI agents work for money, not necessarily out of passion or conviction. Their reports often read like <a href="" target="_blank">second-rate homework assignments</a> even as they wreck people’s lives. Agents get funding and promotions based on successful cases, so they have an incentive to set people up; but why go after challenging targets? Why not pick the most marginal, the most vulnerable, the most isolated? If the goal is simply to frame <em>somebody,</em> it doesn’t really matter who the target is.</p>
<p>Likewise, the tactics anarchists have actually been using are likely to be more popular with the general public than the tactics infiltrators push them towards. Smashing bank windows, for example, may be illegal, but it is increasingly understood as a meaningful political statement; it would be difficult to build a convincing terrorism case around broken glass.</p>
<p>Well-known activists also have much broader support networks. The FBI threatened Daniel McGowan with a <a href="">mandatory life sentence plus 335 years in prison</a>; widespread support enabled him to obtain a good lawyer, and the prosecution had to settle for a plea bargain for a seven-year sentence <a href=" else admit to engaging in illegal wiretapping</a>. Going after disconnected young people dramatically decreases the resources that will be mobilized to support them. If the point is to set precedents that criminalize anarchism while producing the minimum blowback, then it is easier to manufacture “terror” cases by means of agents provocateurs than to investigate actual anarchist activity.</p>
<p>Above all, this kind of proactive threat-creation enables FBI agents to prepare make-to-order media events. If a protest is coming up at which the authorities anticipate using brutal force, it helps to be able to spin the story in advance as a necessary, measured response to violent criminals. This also sows the seeds of distrust among activists, and intimidates newcomers and fence-sitters out of having anything to do with anarchists. The long-range project here, presumably choreographed by FBI leadership rather than rank-and-file agents, is not just to frame a few unfortunate arrestees, but thus to hamstring the entire anti-capitalist movement.</p>
<h3>How to Destroy a Movement</h3>
<p>As we saw in the <a href="">Green Scare</a>, FBI repression often does not begin in earnest until a movement has begun to fracture and subside, diminishing the targets’ support base. The life cycle of movements passes ever faster in our hyper-mediatized era; the Occupy phenomenon peaked in November 2011 and has already <a href="" target="_blank">slowed down</a>, emboldening the authorities to consolidate control and take revenge.</p>
<p>As anarchist values and practices become increasingly central to protest movements, the authorities are anxious to incapacitate and delegitimize anarchists. Yet in this context, it’s still inconvenient to admit to targeting people for anarchism alone—that could spread the wrong narrative, rallying outrage against transparently political persecution. Likewise, they dare not initiate repression without a narrative portraying the targets as alien to the rest of the movement, even if that repression is calculated to destroy the movement itself.</p>
<p>Fortunately for the FBI, a few <a href="" target="_blank">advocates of “nonviolence”</a> within the Occupy movement <a href="">were happy to provide this narrative</a>, disavowing everyone who didn’t affirm their narrow tactical framework. Journalists like <a href="" target="_blank">Chris Hedges</a> took this further by framing the “black bloc” as a <em>kind</em> of people rather than a tactic—despite even the <a href=" target="_blank"><em>Chicago Sun-Times</em></a> comprehending the distinction. Hedges led the charge to consign those who actively defended themselves against state repression to this fabricated political category—in effect, designating them legitimate targets. It is no coincidence that entrapment cases followed soon after.</p>
<p><a href="" rel="lightbox[mrpa]"><img src="" /></a><span class="invisible">-</span><br />
<center><em><a href=" target="_blank">“The individuals we charged are not peaceful protesters, they are domestic terrorists,” [state attorney Anita] Alvarez said. “The charges we bring today are not indicative of a protest movement that has been targeted.”</a></em></center></p>
<p>The authorities swiftly took up this narrative. In <a href=" target="_blank">a recent Fox News article</a> advancing the FBI agenda, we see the authorities parroting Chris Hedges’ talking points—“they use the Occupy Movement as a front, but have their own violent agenda”—in order to frame the black bloc as a “home-grown terror group.” The article also describes the Cleveland arrestees as “Black Bloc anarchists,” without evidence that any of them have ever participated in a black bloc.</p>
<p>The goal here is clearly to associate a <em>form of activity</em>—acting anonymously, defending oneself against police attacks—with a <em>kind of people</em>: terrorists, evildoers, monsters. This is a high priority for the authorities: they were able to crush the Occupy movement much more quickly, at least relative to its numbers, in cities where people did not act anonymously and defend themselves—hence Occupy Oakland’s longevity compared to other Occupy groups. The aim of the FBI and corporate media, with the collusion of Chris Hedges and others, is to ensure that when people see a masked crowd that refuses to kowtow to coercive authority, they don’t think, “Good for them for standing up for themselves,” but rather, “Oh no—a bunch of terrorist bombers.”</p>
<p>To recapitulate the FBI strategy:</p>
<p>-divide and conquer the movement by isolating the most combative participants<br />
-stage-manage entrapments of vulnerable targets at the periphery<br />
-use these arrests to delegitimize all but the most docile, and to justify ever-increasing police violence.</p>
<p><a href="" rel="lightbox[mrpa]"><img src="" /></a><span class="invisible">-</span></p>
<h3>What Comes Next</h3>
<p>The authorities <a href=" target="_blank">are explicitly announcing that there will be more of these “sting operations”</a> at the upcoming Republican National Convention in Tampa. We can expect more and more “unsportsmanlike” entrapments in the years to come.</p>
<p>For decades now, movements have defended themselves against police surveillance and infiltration by practicing <a href="">security culture</a>. This has minimized the effectiveness of police operations against experienced activists. However, it can’t always protect those who are new to anarchism or activism, who haven’t had time to internalize complex habits and practices, and these are exactly the people that the FBI entrapment strategy targets.</p>
<p>Three years ago, we called for a <a href=" security culture</a> that could protect even newcomers against infiltrators. In a time of widespread social ferment, however, even this is not sufficient to thwart the FBI: we can’t hope to reach and protect every single desperate, angry,vulnerable person in our society. Infiltrators need only find one impressionable young person, however peripheral, to advance their strategy. These are inhuman bounty hunters: they don’t balk at taking advantage of any weakness, any need, any mental health issue.</p>
<p>If we are to protect the next generation of young people from these predators, our only hope is to mobilize a popular reaction against entrapment tactics. Only a blowback against the FBI themselves can halt this strategy. This will not be easy, but there is no better alternative.</p>
<p>Don’t stop speaking out, organizing, and fighting—that won’t stop them from repressing us or entrapping people. Retreating will only embolden them: we can only protect ourselves by increasing our power to fight back, not by withdrawing, not by hiding, not by behaving.</p>
<p>The best defense is a good offense. So long as capitalism is unstable—that is to say, until it collapses—there will be repression. <a href=" target="_blank">Let’s meet it head on.</a></p>
<h3>Further Reading</h3>
<p><a href="">What Is Security Culture?</a></p>
<p><a href=" a Collective Security Culture</a></p>
<p><a href="" target="_blank">Cleveland 5 Support Website</a></p>
<p><a href=" target="_blank">Lisa Fithian’s Experiences with FBI Informant Brandon Darby</a></p>

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Wow. They knock it out with that image.

Just more proof that masking up is sexy


Depends on if the pin is still in that grenade

I'm hijacking this top comment to let everyone know that the link .PDFs are a different text than what is copypasta'd here on @snooz.

I'm hijacking this airplane to let everyone know fuck world trade

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glad crimethinc made this with all it's inflammatory content that youngsters just absorb it was certainly their responsibility towards the movement to make something high quality for decentralized distribution on this. i hope it is put up on zinelibrary ASAP!

Hell are you talking about it's their responsibility? Fuck is wrong with you? You blaming the victim here buddy?

And--I think you could put it on zinelibrary as fast as anyone else, amirite? Or are you "not responsible" for kids getting entrapped, and therefore off the hook?


Not to defend the concept of responsibility, but if such a conception is understood then Crime Th Incorporated may have something to atone for. They have published several articles counseling on the Molotov tool including notably their piece Blocs, Black and Otherwise.

CrimethInc. is more than okay in my book. They have done amazing work in popularizing the practice of anarchy here in the States and in fact worldwide. Sure, some of their older writings have warts but they also have the pizazze and accessibility sorely lacking in many contemporary anarchist communications. At least since their "Fighting in the New Terrain" piece and without exception CrimethInc. has been authoring and publishing informative and often insightful critique of immediate utility.

Their report backs and analysis of the Spanish plaza occupation movement for example should have been useful to US anarchists when Occupy* broke out, but instead it seems too many radicals stayed away from Occupy* for too long in and doing so repeated the mistakes made in Spain months earlier.

Fuck the haters. All power to the productive.

As the author of the Anarchists Must Attack article, that went up a few days ago on Dissident Voice, I want to say that this is a well articulated piece on the nature of state repression in the 21st century and I hope it gets turned into many things and spread around. I tried to call for as much in my article, and this is a great response (even if it's not written in response).

Way to go Crimeth Incorporated!

Agreed, but can't resist making fun of what passes for anarchist credentials around here doc

- As a recently published anarchist author, I endorse this slightly better article for distro -

That was a good article. Well done. I liked the international breadth.

Cool, if this is Crimeth Inc. I know who you are, !, and I might be sending you something very big that you will need to handle very carefully, fairly soon. So be on the look out for that if my first plan falls through. Muawahaha.

Darn i should have put my shitty writer disguise logarithm on or at least not used my usual snow white disguise

"Divide and conquer" and internal repression are far more powerful, as I observed, than external State repression. They are in invisible clutch of the State in our milieu.

A network, movement, even a group can resist and counter repression effectively when strong and united. But when there are indicators and mindfuckers in your circle of friends who keep badmouthing others, and it's seen as a necessary tactic for "safe spaces", the movement is pretty much doomed to fail.

The failure of past militants was to ignore the importance of fighting internal repression and exclusion/identity politics. Now we are learning, but I hope it isn't too late.

i don't get how safe spaces and identity politics comes into this here. mostly you are just talking about it in a confusing way. could you maybe restate your point more clearly?

- an insurrectionary individualist post-left anti-civ nihilist from the future

is that all the self-identifications you have? kinda skimpy, comrade.

- an egoist anarchist insurrectional post-civ anti-left anti-futurist annihilist and hopeless romantic

Lawl you wanna play that game! BRING IT.

- a sometimes petty bourgeois partial nihilist amoral nonegoist practicing polygamist antifascist antiracist antihuman bubblegum insurrectionial disease-free drug-free fun-free cage-free party-mall-anarcho hipsterpunk primitive feminazi-like anti-commie anti-life deep goth resisting radical revolutionary lesbobisexual sometimes gypsy crusty magical witch.

You forgot to list your handedness!

It doesn't. For every manipulative person that cynically uses safer-spaces to slander someone, there's 100 misogynists and 20 manarchists who're just crying about how people won't forget the fucked up shit they've said/done.

The most disturbing thing is how every city is EXACTLY the same with that shit

- post-left insurrectionary anti-civ skinhead white manarchist who's part indian but nobody believes it

Phoenix is a city that is not like this. Just needing to throw that out there.

That's the bet thing I've heard all day. Lucky Phoenix ..ians? Phoenixers?

it's Phoenicians

Like ancient greece! Cool, I just learned something and grew as a person!

That is what is for.....

I thought it was for the trolls and the identity politics

@snooz is a an elaborate COINTELPRO operation just like Facebook.

Don't forget twitter gmail and actual physical presence!!! In fact I'm starting to think everyones a fed but me. Pretty boring horror movie, usually. Lonely, too.

Does anyone have any information on how deep this goes?

How deep what goes? The cover?

so, ready for the red pill eh?

here you go comrade

Get out of here with your fagmeme. BBS is not a meme. Milhouse is not a meme is a meme.

fine, you can take the blue pill and keep on with your dreamworld, man. no skin off my back.

"There I was, just a regular screwed up kid from the suburbs on an excellent adventure. Next thing I know, this kid at a party gave me some funny pills and I'm in the matrix dining cart with chris brown. Guess who's for dinner? Me."

Go Ask Anon, pg 28

When you realize you too are a fed, then you will have attained enlightenment grasshopper.

Touche Crimethinc, touche. This is a well done, much needed article and the image is awesome. Now with that said, get the fuck off my train!

wait, are you one of those guys who hassles us crimethinc traveller kid bageltarian trainhoppers? well booo on you!!

As someone who knows..

I can tell you exactly why these inexperienced people are getting taken down. They are the only ones planning terrorist activity at these summits. Normal summit "anarchists" are nothing more than activists. Sure, some windows get broken. Maybe a few news paper boxes get tipped over. On a good day a cop car may get burned. However, the majority of what happens at these summits is 1st amendment stuff. None of this can be classified as terrorism. In fact it's the type of stuff that is supposed to be protected. Hold your signs and dress in black all you want. You have the right.

Your "experienced anarchists" are so security conscious that they don't dare commit any illegal activity anyways. Not only that, but they are intelligent enough to realize that the summit is a spectacle. Nothing is going to be gained from throwing your life away by fighting the machine at its strongest point. They know this. Summits are all about shaping public opinion, not directly attacking authority.

The people who are getting scooped up are the people who don't even know what anarchism is about. They aren't really even anarchists. They come into town right before the summit with the idea of fucking things up. Unfortunately, the only organizational structure they know to plug into is yours. Because real anarchists spent the last 5 months making posters and stencils showing cops being attacked and molotov cocktails being thrown.

They listened to your hype and they will now become cannon fodder.

When these inexperienced kids do roll into town, they immediately get shunned by actual anarchists. They are usually macho, sexist, violent towards other activists, and a little off their rocker. They are the people who could probably benefit most from spending some time around real anarchists, being shown that they have issues that they really need to work on. Nope. They get kicked to the curb and shut out of activist communities.

So guess what? They are fair game. These pseudo-anarchists are violent. They will fuck shit up. They are also easy to detect. They roll into town, alienate all the activists with bad behavior, and start talking about terrorist shit at public meetings. They will also usually trust the first person that will actually tolerate their them long enough to listen to their fucked up plans.

So you are going to sit there and tell everyone that these messed up kids were "entrapped" Like they didn't come into town with these plans in their head already? Why don't you just own this. Why are you trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes crimethinc?

Even though we will always be mortal enemies, I would respect you much more if you owned up to the truth. Anarchists hyped the conventions as a riot. They put out propaganda calling for molotov cocktails and arson. They built housing/transportation/etc infrastructure. They say that even if people end up in jail that they have bail money, jail support, and the NLG. A safety net that won't be there when these people fall.

Real anarchists know that this is just propaganda for the spectacle. These kids don't know that. You are doing everything to set these people up for failure. You roll out the red carpet for them. When they do come into town ready to fuck shit up, you wash your hands of them. They get taken down. All it would have taken to keep them safe is pulling them aside and spending some time with them, showing them what real anarchism is not some 80s post apocalyptic movie stereotype.

Even as shitty as this dynamic is, you are never going to address it. It plays into your agenda. If you didn't have these messed up "self-proclaimed" pseudo-anarchist outsiders getting arrested for stupid shit, you would not get these news headlines. The real power these sacrificial lambs give you is the ability to communicate to the public how "unfair" the world is after they get taken down. All the sudden the people you asked to leave public meetings become champions and martyrs for your cause. The whole time you sit in back in a safe cushy chair disguised as "security culture" and watch it all go down.

If you don't believe what I am saying, ask the arrested people in your article. I am willing to bet that my words will probably hit home for them. if you want to talk about it.

wat the fuck ddid i just read?

You had me when you talked about anarchists not being welcoming. You lost me with the rest of this bullshit.

Do you really, honestly think that the feds just so happened to stumble upon the only two groups of people to ever use a molotov cocktail at a demo in the U.S. at the RNC and in Chicago? Do you really think the feds just so happened to find kids in Cleveland that were going to plan the most out there attack by anarchists in over a hundred years? No dude, they were set up, read the documents on the Green is Red blog that came out today. This is their tactic to destroy the wider movements.

That said, you are on the right track when talking about new folks, them being stupid and a lot of anarchists (not all) having absolutely no ability to deal with behavior they do not understand. This is due to the @ ghetto that developed post anti-glob till Occupy.

Seriously, yes. You hit the nail on the head.


Really? FBI entrapment is the fault of the wussy little NA anarchist milieu?

You're seeing a legitimate dynamic that's way beyond anybody's scope of actual agency and trying to assign blame.

Respectfully suggest you point fingers less, take your own advice and try to run damage control in your spare time like I do. If you really want to try and pin some grand causal theory to the summits like this, it'd make more sense to me that the spooks were sitting around in one of their strategy meetings, and one of their intel guys who isn't a complete fucking moron says something like ...

- ok, there ARE NO legitimate terrorist threats from the anarchists in north america but they're radicalizing all the middle-class kids at occupy who can't find jobs, so we need to bring the red scare back like the old days. Lets find some dumb angry kids that fit the profile like we've been doing with the muslims since 9-11. -

You think most anarchists around here are aware of this and cynically letting it happen to grab headlines? As in, they could DO anything about it even if they knew? Bad joke. You're giving the @s waaay too much credit as machiavellian PR engineers.

you rock, anon


I am going to show my love for people whether you are able to or not.

You mean "damage control"?

No love for troll provocateurs. Seriously.

I hope someday you learn to love yourself. Seriously.

I masturbate furiously every time someone feeds the trolls. MUCH LOVE TO MYSELF

You've got it closer than Crimethinc. I wouldn't even say anarchists are radicalizing anyone necessarily. The desire for a threat is multi-fold, but the easiest one is they need to make their budgets relevant.

War on Drugs serves the same purpose as the War on Terror (pumped up military-styled budgets), but to justify the sizable budget the War on Terror has, they need threats and they need results.

Austerity threats in the U.S. government threaten to cut the military, law enforcement and the intelligence community's budgets.

Politically speaking, if anyone is worried about anarchists, it is the Democratic party, as a strong anti-voting movement that anarchists can offer might threaten their re-election bids. Unlike the Tea Party, Occupy has proven to be less pawns of politics and this is partly due to anarchist intervention.

Instead of this fear mongering crap and conspiracy theories, anarchists should provide the threat they fear...preventing Obama's regime from re-election through Occupy.

Obama is wed strongly to the military, law enforcement and the intelligence community, as they made his credibility as a war president high (as I said would happen during his aim for election last time around).

Romney might very well offer the same stuff, but either way, budgets have to be justified and the tea party doesn't have a fringe that threatens Romney's election.

This is a whole bunch of stuff...there might be something else going on besides the givens I'm looking at. I'm not saying Crimethinc is wrong, as they do see a strong correlation in how law enforcement is behaving (and I thank them for bringing it forward in a well communicated way), but I do think there are more things going on than just what they suggest.

OP here, you've pretty much convinced me. Although I do think there was (legitimate) concern from the forces of order that all those middle-class moderates were chatting long in to the night with the radicals in the occupy camps, you're still probably right.

If I understood your point, it barely matters whats happening in the outside world because justifying bloated security budgets has become a closed loop and creating a perceived threat and then contriving some proof that the money went somewhere.

It's so stupid and simple ... probably fact.

"I wouldn't even say anarchists are radicalizing anyone necessarily. "

Strongly disagree, inasmuch as I can think of 7-8 people who, in the course of their involvement in Occupy Seattle have not only become increasingly radicalized (and I know probably dozens more of those, contingent on how involved they've been), but who have also come to increasingly identify as anarchists. That's not to say that "anarchists are radicalizing" them, necessarily, so much as anarchists and anarchy are increasingly providing radical means for framing their new experiences.

There is definitely a radicalization process happening here and likely everywhere. It's more than just abstracted social dynamics, as I feel some have suggested in this thread. These middle-class kids (among others) alluded to in this thread are actually experiencing the radical reframing of their worldviews, not just unemployment and the ramification of dynamics far outside their control. It's happening. Let's not undermine our own relevancy to others.

(Oh, and I agree about all the stuff about Democrats/Obama.)

"Why are you trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes crimethinc? ... Even though we will always be mortal enemies, I would respect you much more if you owned up to the truth. Anarchists hyped the conventions as a riot. They put out propaganda calling for molotov cocktails and arson."

1. Did you see ANY Crimethinc posters promoting the NATO summit? They slept on that shit. You, of course, don't care about precision, since your whole goal is just to shit-talk your "mortal enemies."

2. If your mortal enemies are anarchists, what does that say about you?

3. You think experienced anarchists don't ever get arrested ever for throwing down?

Sure, we have to be friendly and look out for the new folks. Your blanket statements are not helpful and not even up to the usual low level of discourse I expect in these forums.

"low level of discourse" Is that what you say to the militant kids right before you shun them, or do you call them Child Predators too? Maybe you just want to label someone's legitimate feelings and speech as "just shit talking"

Stop de-valuing what others say just because it is not what you want to hear.

If you think that what I wrote is far reaching, why don't you read some of the articles coming out of anarchist outlets? The gate swings both ways.

I said "Anarchists hyped the conventions as a riot." Not crimethinc. What I am accusing CT of is coming in after the fact and using these clueless kid's arrests as propaganda material for your/anarchist's fight against the state.

I am frustrated. I see the world ripping itself apart. I see hate coming from all corners. Including yours.

CT is coming in here trying to look at why this is happening and what can be done. You see yourself as trying to do the same I think. But you came in talking mad shit, and now you're complaining that people are brushing you off because of it. Worse yet, you're complaining about hate coming from all corners, when your bullshit blanket statements allege all sorts of nasty shit about "anarchists" as a group. Step back and think about why you're getting these reactions.

Looks like someone need a-talking-to. Maybe solitary confinement while they contemplate their profound thought- crimes against the group?

Don't be ridiculous.

I truly wish it were less ridiculous and ugly - but its not.

If people legitimately think what I am saying has no value, then let them. However, I would appreciate if you didn't label my thoughts as "just shit talking" They are real, and I feel them. It's not just shit talking to me.

Maybe what I wrote is not perfect. I wish I could have refined it to the point that is was perfect and didn't have any unfair or undue criticism, such as lumping all anarchists together. However, It is the best I can do at the moment.

OK, that's humble and sincere. Thanks for that. It really is easier to hear the things you're saying when you're not wilding out.

I am really not trying to attack you when I say this but you seem super conflicted about a lot of things, including your relationship to the anarchist/radical movement and militancy in general. I would suggest stepping back for a moment, listening to some of the criticism leveled here and taking it to heart.

My guess is maybe you were ostracized at first, maybe you were in Chicago and saw some of this go down in the way you are trying to relay it to us. Personally I have been upset about and acting against the subcultural bullshit in @ for as long as I can remember. There have been times in my own city with people coming into town treating me with suspicion because I do not look or play the part, I know what you are getting at and how dangerous it can be. Your criticism though definitely goes a bit overboard and the stuff about them being "there" to "commit crimes" rings as just weird and off putting.

I will leave this convo with this though: If you have inside info on these kids being ostracized and then picked out by these undercover shitheads if the arrested are ok with you telling their story it would be pretty damn worth it for a lot of people to hear.

Hahahaha. You're insane.

So clarify your comments then instead of defending blanket generalizations that can't be defended. A lot of what you're saying has some degree of truth, at least in terms of how activisty anarchists treat folks who don't belong to the scene or understand it's norms. People prefer to act self-righteous and call each other out when some cultural taboo has been broken, because maintaining those codes is really about bolstering feelings of moral superiority. A lot of latent anarchists are beginning to be awakened - and veteran anarchists really do take more responsibility for providing some guidance to these folks rather than shunning them because they didn't have the opportunity to study the latest theories in patriarchy or white privilege at some bourgie university. Most of the faux pas have more to do with language than actual intent or malice to begin with.

obviously the feds are child fucking predators. are you slamming the authors for saying that? wild.

Holy shit I just realized CrimethInc. is like "Crime Think" Now I'm not sure whether that was intentional or not, but I can't believe I didn't catch on to that years ago. Mind = blown.

not sure if srs.jpg

Totally serious. Do other people see it as "Crime Think" also or is it just me? And is it intentional? Maybe I never noticed it for so long because I just see it as a brand name like Lamborghini or FedEx and don't read it but rather just see "CrimethInc." as one monolithic symbol and not as words or even letters. Like I said mind = blown.

we have a serious troll? or a joking anarchist? ive known pothead anarchists who put two and two together on their own regarding crimethinc, just saying.

OP of this thread here. It goes deeper. I found out with Google that "Crime Think" is a concept from some book called 1984 just in case you haven't put that together. I'm making some good progress on this puzzle. Does anyone else have any info on how deep this goes? Still searching.

glad you've finally decided to join us, comrade. here's some more info if you want to see how deep this rabbit hole goes...

I told you to gtfo with your failfagmeme.

have it your way. there's a whole world of mindless distractions to entertain yourself with, if you insist on refusing to see THE TRUTH...

dude ... faildandymeme

stop confusing the fbi

Ummm, are you familiar with Shakespeare, he wrote the following sentence a long time ago.

' And my King, howst would thoust explaineth the beheading of thowst subjects for not committing any crimeth whatsoever'

I hope this goes deeper into the semantic hole you are starting to dig for yourself.

Hah, Gloves and Mo are sooo obviously cops from their body-language, and jeezus, how can an anarchist look sooo smug and unweathered! Us individualist-nihilists have the edge in reading these signals, hah, but I admit that to an individualist-nihilist 95% of people are cops.

This is the 69th comment

I love sex

Sex is boring, dirty hippie shit.

-An anarcho-curmudgeon

I love being fucked up the ass with plastic dildos by people with bad hygiene

Thanks for doing this again.

If only the FBI would quit it already so I could get on with my career as a novelist. FML.

That is really funny. Wow.

After being actively recruited by the FBI...I have been followed surveyed on a daily basis. I've had my family members working with the government. I have been harassed by my school about any form of anti-capitalist politics and earth first/simple environmentalist politics. I have been harassed by the media. I have been harassed by other activists. I have been harassed by my entire community because of a picture of me on the internet that is a bunch of bullshit. I am an anarchist alone in need of help who has been abandoned and separated from this community for years. Harassed by republicans and tea partiers. Harassed by democrats. I have had my mail intercepted because I am interested in herbal medicine. I have had a direct campaign to ruin my reputation and I AM NOT EVEN ACTIVE!!!! So tell me to get over it, tell me its not true, tell me whatever ever the fuck you all think about me but I am not a snitch and when someone in your community tells you they've been followed to a house, instead of telling them they should be put in a mental hospital why don't you believe them. Instead of spreading rumors why don't you all try fucking communication. I am tired of the elitism, I am tired of never being good enough for you, I am tired of being harassed by homeland security and I am tired of having my life ruined for a movement that is going nowhere and doesn't even care! I am tired of having things stolen from me and being taken advantage of by my comrades. I am tired of being treated like I am rich when I am not! I am tired of never being good enough for you. I am tired of being harassed by those I love most and treated like a criminal and a terrorist. I am tired of living in a country where I can taste the blood of people all over the world on my lips. I am tired of hearing the animals screaming all around me in the daily holocaust we create. I am tired of working with people who constantly tell me everything I believe is wrong. I am tired of being followed around, harassed by the government, fire fighters, gangsters, bank workers, random people and not being believed about it. Subculture will always remain a subculture and your elitism will only ostracize you ever more. I am tired of having no fucking community and feeling completely alone...sorry if I am not good enough for you all to want me to call myself an anarchist...I am just goddamn sorry and I wish I could release everyone from jail and stop getting harassed!

I also had books I ordered from AK press and crimethinc that were intercepted by the government as well and had delayed mailing to me and were opened when I finally got them.

I have also recently received opened mail forwarded from my old address.
I have been stopped by police and run for warrants twice last week, after the cops ran my I.D. the last time I continued my walk to the store and on my way back I noticed an unmarked car slowly following 3 blocks behind me. I also noticed when I crested a hill, the car would speed up so it could maintain line of sight.
And I'm not active in this location.

I have experienced the same isolation that you describe, I just accept it as necessary.
I think many of us could benefit from re-connecting with our community, but forming new connections is very risky, this has always been true, but now its more obvious.

We may feel alone, but we are not alone, sometimes just a smile and nod is enough to remember this fact.

All I know is Earth Firsters and Anarchists do not deserve to be treated like terrorists do not deserve to be harassed by institutions such as I have been and do not deserve to be followed around and watched constantly. We are not schizophrenics! I am not delusional and I am tired of being treated like it. I am being told I am crazy because I look for alternatives to our destructive lifestyles. I was forced to take medication by my own family or be put in a mental hospital...I have been harassed by the groups I am defending and this community has so many problems it is not even funny. What the fuck is wrong with everybody!!! I can't even speak my mind without being told that I hate America or I am a racist or that there is something wrong with me. I am threatened at jobs I have that I will get fired or not even hired if I try to start a union...i am struggling to be able to support a future family...there is no support....there is no fucking movement. People working for my father and then wonder where the I have been for years than when I see old friends I am given the third degree over everything. I have old friends call me and lie to me...I am being harassed so much at school at this point I think some of my closest people could be cops....what the fuck is wrong with you people cause if someone is hacking my computer they need to fucking stop cause I am telling the goddamn truth! I've had money given to me and you people think i am lying to you and that i am crazy or something wake to the fuck up.

I think you're having a breakdown comrade ... This is not really the place to seek help or even sympathy.
If it's any consolation, most other social milieus are just as fucked. It's a human thing.

Also, if you're a troll, I got got and you win.

thats exactly what they want you to think....wish i was a troll...

This really isn't funny. You are complete scum.

And while were all laughing at this bit of "damage control" I'm going to go ahead and go out onto an anon ledge and say in fact I have been stalked for three years - my gmail has been hacked, and possibly my cell. I have been contacted repeatedly on social media and dating sites by the same person under different aliases and I have seen this person lurking around my neighborhood, and outside of places where I made specific times on gmail to go. This person also 'encouraged' at least one other person to harrass me in various other ways. Like a lot of cases of stalking, this cannot be proven, and I already know that if I tell anyone they will think I'm crazy. The only damage has been psychological, and I do not plan on taking, nor have I ever taken action against this person regarding this behavior for various reasons. This ws written and overexaggerated as damage control, or by a clueless outsider. I don't expect anyone here to believe me or support me - so there you go.

That wasn't damage control, it was courtesy. You've heard of this?

It must be cool to be a bored housewife in the middle of nowhere writing fake evil fictions with no consequences. Clueless.

Here is what I will tell you people...I used to be active...I have been watched for years...ive been tricked, ive been abused, if I tell you all the whole story you would probably put me in a hospital...i have received money i was being recruited....i was given money when my phone was tapped and I didnt know it. Bottom line...after a good nights sleep while i do not appreciate everything that the activist community has done to me I can understand cause this shit has all really happened and you should not trust an old activist friend who has been gone for a while and comes back....cause while I am not really a snitch that is exactly what they have been trying to do. I have been followed by cops, they paid homeless people to harrass me, to steal my wallet, i found out i have had a warrant out for my arrest for years...even though i have worked in a residential group home and a hospital with nothing ever coming up on my background check. I have been on some sort of tea partier list for years....just please no one get themselves thrown in jail right now cause it is hot to hot to fucking hot and they are actively recruiting people to try to do more entrapping. I have reason to believe I have been watched a lot of my life actually....and they are not just trying to get to crimethinc....but anticapitalist groups in general....I have to try to get back to my immediate goals and try to not let them distract me as i have been harassed out of classes at school is not right the terrorists are our politicians allowing the rape of our planet which is going to kill us all, allowing drones to go drop bombs on innocent people, trying to police the world they are the terrorists...not people feeding people for healthcare for free, not wanting to save an endangered species...i am tired of people trying to brainwash me telling me i am crazy or there is something wrong with me...i am tired of living in a system of state control where in order to further my education i am forced into standardization and being a slave to pharmaceuticals...i am tired of being harassed by republicans and i wish the revolution would come already so i can go bathe in a river and climb a tree!!

Revolution is not needed to bathe in a river and climb a tree, you might be harassed by rangers if you stay in one spot too long, but the parks are still fairly open to those who want to use them. In fact I suggest you go for a lengthy camping trip and relax a bit. none of us should stay in urban guerrila for extended periods. Go hang out with nature and remind yourself what you are fighting for

Wow, I'm going to take my own advice and go relax in the woods a bit...i feel like I just got trolled hard....and trolled deep

Yeah we all know this we're all under surviellance, that's society so get over it, the more paranoia you project the more they win,,,


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