Brawling at the Wake: Syndicalism Makes a Cameo Plus Moral Superiority

"Financial institutions hate this but you can eliminate student loans with one simple trick! *image of rich people getting decapitated by guillotines*

I am so horrendously bored at the tired bickering of syndicalists and insurrectos (who in their grand maturity have become antifascists and prisoner supporters, love ya). However, for you my lovelies, I have peeled my forehead from my computer screen without even wiping my greasy sweat, to type a bitter epitome about my love for the beautiful idea. Aside from the german comrade (shout out), I would argue that the different sides of this debate seek to play the role of manager in social struggles. Do you know how I feel about managers? ...DO YOU?!
Within this conversation you want to sway us to abandon the corpse of syndicalism or to hold our heads high in solidarity with our commrades in the struggle. Personally, I've abandoned enough corpses this week and I'm tired. My head is fine where its at. Maybe don't tell me what to do with my body, O.K.? Outside of this conversation you want to sway us in terms of how we engage with or intiate a struggle, the tactics we use, the people we associate with, the attitudes we bare, and so on. The thing is, that no one needs an extra uncle to wrecklessly throw us opinions about how we should live and feel. We already stole something from that asshole, belittled him in some way, or otherwise undermined his efforts. And, damn, did we have a good time doing it.
All I'm tryna say is, maybe its time to decolonize, bruh. I think this tendency is the sour leftover muck of an anarchism which is still trying so hard (finally) to relinquish its roots as a eurocentric middle to upperclass philsophy. An anarchism in which each of our factions boil down the juice of a struggle or an outburst in order to triumphantly drink the gravy of our respective political outlooks. I have arrived to tell you to add some goddamn spice, because all this salt is fucking with my blood pressure. Also, get me some water.
The crafty ghosts person accuses IWOC of supplanting FAM's efforts to spread state by state as if these things can't happen simultaneously or seperately. IWOC might be annoying, but we don't all have to do the same thing. We don't even have to act in concert to be effective (whatever that means). There are ALLOT of people locked up, I'm sure they can pick sides and form alliances with who they like, the way they probably already do in day to day life like any of us. What do they call that? FREE ASSOCIATION? I mean, why should I care if unionists are still in the mix doing their thing?(This is not a rhetorical question) Surely, some of them have sense and will be exposed to other ideas, see the petty politics, and jump ship. Just the same, people will do this within the dominant ideologies and social circles of IGD.
People are bound to switch up, because this is a political evolution we're all taking place in. Its a process and there is LOTS of process. Like we makin' american cheese, baby. Mmmmmmmmmm... YUM. Put THAT on your big mac and smoke it. How and when people make these transitions in their thought proccess is unlikely to be deeply influenced by uncle whats-his-face the street politician, but rather by the actual experiences which make up their lives. The same way they got to where they already were. Because, hopefully, people have their own sense of agency. Hopefully, they have... What do you call it? AUTONOMY? SELF DETERMINATION?
I was really into the jabs and pot shots of crafty ghosts. I was like "Finally, some action!", but at the heart of it I felt their was quite allot of moral superiority going on in their arguement. To be clear I don't think the author is unique in this, but it felt cheap to me. Like, how the hell are we supposed to become better more liberated people who fight for a better more liberated world if we're still trying to distract from our deeply flawed personalities and subconcious motivations by trying to blame our problems on other people who, at this stage of the game at least, want pretty similar things. Things like freedom from domination, oppression, hierarchy, capitalism, and a whole shitty soup of -isms.
Heeeeyyyyy... I've got an idea. How bout: They do it that way, we do it this way, and we employ a DIVERSITY OF TACTICS. Those grimey bosses, managers, landlords, pigs, jailers, etc will NEVER see it coming. They'll be surrounded on all sides by people who, get this... don't even like each other... but have the sense to see a real enemy when they stand before them.
In conclusion, more guillotines. LE FIN.

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*round of applause and a few affectionate empty beer cans thrown at the head*

Was funny seeing a post from libcom today about how syndicalism is still relevant because people are arguing over it. The state of anarchism is so sad y’all.

such a generous concept of immortality. if a few nerds keep your name on their lips, you're not truly dead!

"They do it that way, we do it this way, and we employ a DIVERSITY OF TACTICS. Those grimey bosses, managers, landlords, pigs, jailers, etc will NEVER see it coming."

Oh WOW it's like SPAIN 1936 all over again! Yes, let us black flag anarchists link up with those innocent red flaggers and create a flag together and AND- destroy fascism together! and AND- get slaughtered by the red flaggers when they take power!

Not a chance.

They will do what they do. And the few of us will set the world on fire *along with* them and their plan for global communism. So just sit back and watch the fireworks.

sincerely hope you're just trolling and not actually that deluded ...

No really. Fuck communes. And fuck you too if you support them. Keep anarchy black and dangerous.

You ever hear of the makhnovtchina, ya fukin idiot? If I turn the clocks back to …basically before the dumbass americans fucked with the definitions, the commune was pretty damned black flag dangerous. More dangerous than you've ever been or ever will be.

I and many others of the beautiful idea have profound admiration for that revolutionary insurgent run. It need be noted that it was a communist-mutualist mix and most of the free territory still had money. My own dialectical compass is that you start with mutualism and you culminate with egoism not communism(which is also anti-exchange but without the bullshit). Communism in this context was fine but that was because of its surrounding anarchist libertarian ecosystem. Communism on its own is what ENDED that experiment. It will always reek of reified collectivity which ends up being a key ingredient for political statism and state capitalism.

The federation is better then the commune and from their you have your break off egoist unions and affinity groups.

I wasn't talking to you ziggles, the reply just appeared in the wrong place .. which I imagine is how lots of people end up talking to you, in spite of themselves. Mahkno's crew would probably have shot you and laughed about it.

The guillotine was invented and deployed by the bourgeoisie in the French Revolution to deal with their enemies. Sure, nobles and priests were killed this way, but so were common criminals and leaders/agitators of the Parisian poor when the most radical faction of the bourgeoisie was in power, Year II.

The guillotine, and the Revolutionary Tribunals that sent people to their deaths, were institutionalized by the bourgeoisie in response to mob violence. Though these bourgeoisie understood that they needed the poor to put them in power, they centralized the revolutionary violence into their own hands both out of disgust of the mob violence and fear that it was uncontrollable, and could eventually be turned against them.

Therefore, the guillotine is not a good symbol for anti-state insurrection or revolution.

Hmm, okay, then we'll use a peasant's scythe or knife, or a shard of broken glass from a bank's window to severe the student loan debts, is that more accurately symbolic?

not engaging in elective collective revenge and punishment in the first place.

those things are more accurately symbolic than a device invented and used by the bourgeoisie to kill petty criminals and revolutionaries, and to protect themselves from revolutionary violence, yes.

Yes, more accurately symbolic, but horribly painful and inhumane. I mean, the bourgeois ARE genteel, no?

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