Brazil: Police Raid Anarchist Residences & Spaces on the Eve of the Anarchist Book Fair in Porto Alegre (RS)

  • Posted on: 26 October 2017
  • By: thecollective

via Insurrection News

This morning (October 25th) the civil police in Rio Grande de Sul executed several search warrants on residences and collective spaces in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre (RS) to collect materials for investigation. Police allege that the addresses are linked to a group that would have carried out attacks on vehicles, political party headquarters, police stations, banks and car dealerships. The action was violent and the police assaulted the people who live in these spaces and took some of them to the police station.

There were a total of 10 search and seizure orders, where anarchist material (posters, books, banners, etc), fantasy masks, spray cans and other common objects, including plastic bottles filled with plastic bags were seized and reported as being molotov cocktails. Not even police officers are so ignorant as to think that once can make molotov cocktails with plastic bottles and without a flammable liquid. In fact these bottles were going to be used as ecological bricks for bio-construction.

Police are trying to file charges of attempted murder, criminal organization and gang formation without any evidence linking the targets of the investigation with the alleged crimes. As on previous occasions, they plant evidence and distort the facts so that the public opinion is in charge of judging and condemning without any proof. They seek to base serious accusations on circumstantial evidence such as having anarchist books or materials.

The action of the police took place just two days before the 8th Anarchist Book Fair in Porto Alegre, in a clear and intimidating manner.

We write this report to make a call for solidarity with the people affected by this operation. Repression is not local, it is not limited to spacial boundaries. Whether in Europe, with the repression of those involved in the protests against the G20, or in the kidnapping and murder of our comrade Santiago Maldonado in Argentina, we will be facing these state assaults together. Our fight will not be weakened, tamed or restrained.

We are everywhere!

ANA-Anarchist News Agency

(via Agência de Notícias Anarquistas-ANA translated by Insurrection News)



Porto Alegre has a sizable and active black anarchist contingent and it seems like many of the residences searched belong to them. It also shows the close collusion of either US or Western European police agencies who have taken to swift arrest and search prior to anarchist events. I'll try and stay abreast of events and get stuff to the english speaking anarchost community in a timely fashion.

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