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  • Posted on: 30 December 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)
The Brilliant

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Episode 63 – Jason McQuinn (Modern Slavery editor, A:JODA creator)

The goal of this series is to discuss our critique(s) of technology and how these critiques have changed in the past few decades. Specifically we are discussing new technologies like mobile and Internet technology. Communication has changed. How we access information has changed. How has this meant that we have changed too?

The intention of this series of podcasts is not to do your work for you. It isn’t to tell you what to do or think. It is to examine the weaknesses of a set of thirty year old critiques of technology to our current situation. Especially in the context of the tremendous growth and change of information technologies like the Internet.

The final episode in Season two and in our series on technology is a conversation with Jason McQuinn where we tackle technology but also many other concepts.



Jason danced around the question of technology like a ballerina.

I don't know if Aragorn believes he has discovered anything new, I haven't heard anything new in these tech podcasts. Why didn't you get JZ and or Layla on your podcast or is this whole series just another dig in the spat between Aragorn!/ANews and JZ?

setting the frame so that there are only two options available. nice job. you *have* been listening to jz a lot, haven't you?

Honestly, I'd love to see the existing anticiv/AP critique of tech expanded on - because why not? - but I listened to all of these and I'm not seeing any of that here. Aragon appears to start off with the assumption that the internet must present such a wildly different relationship between human beings and technology that a new critique of tech has to be developed - but that critique never forms in these conversations, and nothing approaching it ever does, either.

For that matter, I'm not convinced of Aragorn's assumption that the internet really demands such a shift or break from the critiques articulated by the likes of Zerzan - I mean, the advent of the printing press was pretty epochal too, but it still served to introduce further layers of mediation in human life, to further stratify that life, to allow greater control over people, etc. What's so different about the nature of tech now? If anything the internet has made tech more intrusive and alienating than ever.

I'm no die-hard Zerzanite and I find plenty to disagree with what Zerzan's written - as I do with pretty much everyone - but I found these conversations meandering and frustrating for the most part.

that we've thought before, coming up with new stuff, is hard. hence why you're not doing it either (or are you, and just hiding it from us?)
assuming that people are going to hand you answers is embarrassing. listening in on other people talking about things you care about is sometimes aggravating and sometimes enlightening, and sometimes both or neither. if all you have to offer is complaints, then why are you posting? oh right, you listen to jz a lot. i remember.

Yeah, I'm only through the first three, and while I find the criticisms of the old AP line interesting, it doesn't feel very new anymore, and could use some expansion beyond "JZ/AP is wrong", and into the world of "and this is what is better". it 'Zerzan-ite' or 'Zerzan-ist' ?

Comments disparaging JZ = welcomed often. Comments disparaging Aragorn! = removed often. Why is that? Maybe I should post something like "Aragorn! doesn't have a fucking clue about technology" just like you guys ran with that inane "JZ doesn't understand nihilism" post earlier this year and see what happens...

dude. jz understands nihilism better than nihilists... and technology better than some multi-part podcasts supposedly addressing the topic.

dude. jz understand nihilism better than nihilists and technology better than technologists?… your jz boner is showing. domesticate that shit real quick.

Great sex can't hold a candle to feeling of finishing a giant essay. Everybody knows this.

And that's because you never have good "sex", troll...

Side note: Life is short and fragile. Really is. Wtf are you doing?

Sex is a spook dude!

as he wants to confess he has a sex robot???

was removed! It was a joke... a bit of light-hearted humour... nothing disgusting or hateful. Fuck, ANews is becoming personally sensitive. Please get yourselves a sense of humour for 2018. Also, you don't qualify why you remove posts so the poster can have a right of reply. Note: derogatory comments can be made against Aragorn's nemesis and those comments stay on thread. One way traffic just like IGD. Finally, anyone writing anything jokey and or negative regarding Aragorn!, make sure you include an explanation clarifying you're having a joke... a bit of banter, because sarcasm will not be tolerated it would seem.

Sex is a bit of a taboo subject with Aragorn! in case you didn't already know, he has erectile dysfunction from too many coke fueled gay sauna parties.

merely shit-talky can be more of an art than a science. (i found the sex robot comment funny, but someone else must not have.)
also, shit talking is usually left up if it says something beyond just the shit. posts that only are derogatory are usually taken down.
as always, if you're looking to anews/the world for consistency and clarity, you might want to reconsider.
thecollective .4

Thanks for replying to my specific point and I'm smiling, for you have a sense of humour unlike the sad git who deleted my post.

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