The Brilliant - Episode Twelve: To Put it Delicately

  • Posted on: 22 November 2015
  • By: aragorn

From The Brilliant

In this episode, we respond to some of the wonderful feedback, suggestions, and questions we've received from listeners – there is actually so much that we weren't able to get to all of it in this episode and will follow up on it in the next. We are asked about issues of race; discuss how we have very different backgrounds related to this issue; and end up talking about the importance of, and our frustration with, the way discussions of race are framed in North America. Bellamy addresses some feedback about how FRR was better than his current podcast, leading A! to talk about what it looks like to do meaningful projects in our context. A! responds to criticism of an essay he wrote in the past, connecting it to genocide. Finally, Bellamy escapes a dramatically read critique by filibustering.

Recorded on November 13th, 2015

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0:45: Bellamy's same old intro – new one on the way for #14.

2:27: The gap of alienation didn't actually close; torpor – A!'s lack of support for B

3:10: This episode is for the People because the People speak

4:45: Response to e-mail asking us about race; Bellamy complains about local humans; A!'s piece “Non-European Anarchism; limits of North American conversations about race and the term POC; A! "put[s] it delicately"; growing up with good old-fashioned justifications for genocide.

15:00: Beginning conversations about race differently; accusation as time-management; realpolitik vs. complex conversations about race; Bellamy: honkey phallosopher; A! Gets heckled IRL for blogging; framing trumps actual discourse and ideas in most conversations.

22:06: Some friendly trash-talk from The Unterrified; Bellamy already a setting sun at age 28, alongside the ossified A!; The Brilliant is “artsy-fartsy”; How could someone doubt us!?! We are doing things!!; we are not those people, the terrible people with the terrible ideas; Bellamy went from authentic to pompous.

31:55: Benett Freeman on A!'s "Locating An Indigenous Anarchism"; A! gives his first performative reading; Geist and racial realism; genocide as lack of knowledge, death of stories.

38:55: A! gives a second dramatic reading, clearly enjoying himself; Tecumseh, well-known critic of Bellamy; Bellamy gives a near-monologue of seven minutes(!); you might say I'm a casual reifier, not a professional one; ideas as raising banners or being angry about them; A! not-so-subtly implies his perspective is more mature, nuanced than Bellamy's ardent, naïve one.


@news on episode 11
Non-European Anarchism
Locating an Indigenous Anarchism

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FRR before Bellamy (appears to) have went of a self-explosion of ego-trip somewhere on the West Coast (but okay... I understand what it is to be a post-academic in your early 20s, been through this as well ;D) was far better, informative, thought-provoking and more grounded in social reality than the Brilliant. FRR still are doing some great stuff thoough, but I did like the rabid cynicical humor of Bellamy and Rydra pitted together. Was less gay too, I guess...

I'm 28 and have never been an academic - my most reputable job was being a bartender. We welcome feedback like this, though, especially if you could be more specific, at

Why did you leave FRR and will you ever return/collaborate with dj rydra again?

Squee is the new Bellamy on FRR. There is no going back now!

Squee, on his worst day, is far more fashionable than I am on my best. I lack the requisite dandyism for such a comparison.

Funny looking I am - heh. But I stand on the shoulders of giants - heh. And it's all from the heart, bae - heh heh. Y'know ...doin what I doin, heh. I could never replace the brainz of the operation, heh. I uh, heh... this uh... conversation ...heh.

On a less anxious note:

The Brilliant is the most well done podcast in anarchy-land right now. It's only one or two steps away from a professional show. Throwing some guests on there and spending a bit more time networking//connecting with other projects would add the dynamism to carry the show out of the basement. I don't suspect that the goal is to create such a thing, but it has that potential.

this is my hopes for FRR:

J/K! ...k? maybs

I actually addressed this question in Episode 4 of the Brilliant at 14:35. Simply put, Rydra (he doesn't go by DJ Rydra, incidentally - that was just something we were doing at the very beginning of the show because we *actually were* DJs on Berkeley Liberation Radio, where our project got started) and my relationship changed, and I thought it made sense for me to leave the project because of that. FRR was a wonderful project for me, and I continue to support them and wish them well - I actually will be participating in their audiobook project in at least some capacity.

With a little "help" from my "friend(s)".

I want it to be gayer!

This episode is brilliant!

Been bitching at the past episodes, like 2-2 episodes ago, but this one is a great improvement, where A! and Bellamy are going back to Earth while succeeding to take down the highly sophisticated bullshit of the phallosophosy über-klasse.

And course the audio production is top-notch. Nice attempt at dramatizing coments. I know tht Bellamy wanted to do that for a while, so it's getting more like it.

"phallosophy" ma said!!!

glad you appreciate the audio production, i listen to these guys smack their lips and cough directly into the microphone so that you don't have to

...which is actually more quality work than state media in my region, with audio techs who appear to just love making us listen to these ugly mouth noises. I also spent hours just removing these form my own impeded speech when I used to do tal radio. It's called "respect towards the auditors"... something that statists don't care much about.

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