Building The "Commune," Veganism, Civilization & Anarcho-Homesteading

  • Posted on: 27 July 2018
  • By: thecollective


Listen here

In this episode I took topics from patreon subscribers. Originally this was going to be another "exclusive" episode but I had so much fun doing it I decided to release it.

In this interview I talk about:

Spotify/ streaming servies & their impact on artists
New music plans
Plans for our farm & little fun facts about permaculture plants
"Desert" and "environmental nihilism"
Small communities vs mega societies
The Singularity Web Blog
Exodus from Denver
Political shifts after having a child
Veganism vs Animal Rights

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Gotta love all these “exclusive patreon” content creators. I get they’re poor and need the money but charging for digital content while pirating books is pretty funny. Doubt this dude bought a copy of Desert from anyone.

Towards the end of this interview, Hribal fesses that he even vegan, not even vegetation but an animal product consumer, andthey're discussing the shit treatment and use of nonhumans! Even Solecast refers to nonhumans as 'it.' Never heard this Solecast guy before and I won't be listening to him again. It's like, yeah, it's really bad this racism and sexism but hey, I still do it....just a bit...that's OK, right? Just a bit, now and again? Fuckin' Jokecast.

Fuck Marx. Not even he was dumb enough to self-label as a Marxist

Thoroughly capitalist dumb white-people shit going on here

Acid is groovy -- don't kill the pigs...

Communes are cultists

One can live a very healthy and fulfilling existence like this if one has a choice of the people who live in the commune. Better if its an extended family affair in the indigenous form without politics, religion, alcohol or drugs allowed, otherwise things can get strained and Western Idpol ugly.

how do you figure indigenous peoples don't have politics or religion???

Any collective union of relationships bound by common needs and affections has transcended the social structurism of politics and institutionalized religion. One may share a common symbol of supernatural power which represents a mysterious "Unknowable" without it being defined as religious belief or ideology per se.

So you think religion is just “symbols”?

If you don’t know who Sole is then you never listened to late ‘90s early ‘00s art school hip hip. Anticon idiots!

Any text with the word "veganism" in the text is fucking unreadable
Change my mind

*in the title

i just read your comment, which is a text containing the word veganism

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