Bulletin 93-94 from Kate Sharpley Library

  • Posted on: 31 March 2018
  • By: thecollective

from the kate sharpley library


The latest bulletin by our favorite anarchist history project. Excerpts with annotations from some of the contents of the library.

Here is Louise Michel (by Louise Michel)
"She is a menace to society, for she has declared a hundred times that everyone should take part in the banquet of life."

The Princess Casamassima by Henry James [Review].
"The idea that it is the sheer usefulness of the poor that makes the rich determined to keep them poor was evidently beyond Henry James."

Mr Batllori’s Death. The Friend of Ferrer
"the kind and modest comrade whom an imperfect knowledge of our tongue rendered very coy, and whose face bore the indelible imprint of the torments he had previously undergone."

Tom Keell by Oscar Swede
"And what good did all the talking do? Well, it kept the torch alive and has handed it on."

Transition and the right to well-being by Albert Meltzer
"If the community advances all are responsible – if we are not now in the conditions of the Middle ages everyone has contributed in one way or another to what is, and the right to well-being is universal. Not just for the famous, or the rich, or the well connected; not just for the proletariat or for all those who work – but all."

Gig economy, pig economy by Richard Warren [cartoon]

The Price We Pay
"The social wealth created isn’t used to benefit all of us equally – far from it! A large slice is constantly creamed off by a small section of the population who do no work at all – the ruling class."

Anarchy and the art of motor-cycle maintenance [Or, Squatting in Ilford] by Chris Broad.
"It is as though we are separated by a wall, one side painted blue and the other green. We both agree that the wall must be destroyed, but at the moment we are fighting each other over what colour the wall is."

Looking at Anarchist solidarity with prisoners and exiles in the Soviet Union
"Not only did they stop people from starving: there was the psychological support of being remembered."

Anarchist Solidarity : An exchange between Lilly Sarnoff and Alexander Berkman
"Well, you are at liberty to have your own opinion on the matter. That is why I call myself an Anarchist, leaving others free to act and think as they believe best."
Library News (March 2018)
Book news/mini-reviews [March 2018]



Anarchy may not be the best form of government that there is, but it's better than no government at all.

i feel bad having lived my life in various towns within 50 miles of ann arbor, visited like it was a playground, and never stopped in the labadie library. fuck is wrong with me? (clue: lots).

as a stirnerian places that hold memories and tell stories like labadie and ksl are important. the attention driven corporate space known as the internet distorts memory, sense of place. we sometimes need reminders that we are strong, that we have spent time together creating stories rather than fighting ideological battles.

these places are important for understanding the poisonous dead ends that are right and left ideologies, and that their utopianism has been a constant foil to the real powers at play below the surface. marx got us as killed off as any counter-revolution (although the cynical part of me believes people still will wax bible bumping levels of poetic over daddy authoritarian krusty karl marx for the religiously foreseable future).

i’ll gladly invite all of the ad homs and straw men of the constricted imagination to put forward not the concept progress, but ongoing transformation (nothing created and nothing destroyed) of changing and learning.

always wondering how many novatores we’ve not unearthed...

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