Call for an Anarchist Bloc in #Portland on November 4

  • Posted on: 3 November 2017
  • By: thecollective

From Puget Sound Anarchists

This is a call out to anarchists and anti-capitalists to converge on the Refuse Fascism rally & march at Jamison Square, in Portland, OR at 2PM this Saturday, November 4th.

With full acknowledgement that the RF call to action was published by the Revolutionary Communist Party, we know the local organizers to be unaffiliated with RCP and a mixed bag of people ranging from liberal to radical politics. These are people from our community who bravely endeavor to take an offensive stance against fascism in their city. There have been threats from the far right of violence at these rallies nation wide including threats made to organizers locally and in the past few weeks there has been white supremacist graffiti found on the PSU campus in downtown. We call on our comrades to join in solidarity and community self defense.

If we do not have a presence in these moments, we leave a vacuum for the RCP and other authoritarian politics to spread uncontested. It is important to remember that events such as this are perfect opportunities to spread anarchist and anti-capitalist propaganda and anti-state sentiment to the newly radicalized.

Join us in an anarchist bloc on the 4th!

Let us not sit out the fight against fascism because of who is calling for it, and let us not surrender the antifascist struggle to organizations like the RCP.



even though this is specific to Seattle, it should be easy to exprapolate to other locations. i did not write this. the PDX strategy is seriously flawed. just like that pothole-filling publicity stunt

IMPORTANT: If you're thinking of going to the big anti-Trump/Pence demonstration tomorrow in downtown Seattle (march 12–4, beginning at City Hall), here are a few things to remember.

1) Be careful. A lot of antifa and anarchists, including me, are sitting this one out because the alt-right has distorted the protest into a Civil War–scale showdown. This means you'll get a lot of heavily armed militant wingnuts strutting around, believing themselves to be glorious saviors of the imperiled white race.

2) The hopelessly deluded RCP (Revolutionary Communist Party) is behind this protest and seeking to use it as a recruitment tool, even if new group IYA (Insurrectionary Youth Action) and *apparently* Indivisible are involved.

3) Be mindful and protective of folx from marginalized communities, especially people of color, LGBTQ, and those who practice Islam, Sikhism, and other non-Christian religions. And not just at the protest, but anywhere and all the time.

4) If you see cops siding with the fascists--you know that will happen--and attacking peaceful protesters, film it if you can. This happens time and again, and the more evidence there is, the closer we will get to police accountability.

5) For those I warned earlier about going to Cal Anderson Park, where the protest was originally going to happen, note the location change. But expect to see Proud Boys and their fascist little friends on Capitol Hill, and be vigilant. (Ideally, they'll be 86'd from all the clubs/bars, but that's something we need to continue working on.)

Definitely the pothole-filling of protest strategies

Is this the day of the world wide revolution and overthrowing of the US government by antifa that Alex Jones talks about?

Alex Jones will have blood on his snake-oil-selling little hands if anyone gets killed because of his fearmongering, demagogue bullshit.

You didn't get the memo apparently... Alex Jones is already dead alive. He got publicly denounced by his own precious wife and chidren in a trial that the latter won, and defaced him as an actor for some right-wing cabal. The pig had already lost his credibility early this year and he's cooked in the BBQ these days. Look for actual dangerous figures of the current neofascism (that is actually more Left-leaning than Right, save from a few obvious exceptions) instead of chasing ghosts.

Actually, I did hear about that and I find your weird, red baiting bullshit creepy. Trying to shift the sketch away from the reactionaries?

Unbelievable that IGD would offer up this piece of shit call for anarchists to join maoists in their...revolution. No commentary, no discussion of the front group Refuse Fascism, no mention of the long and sordid history of attempted entryism of the RCP into the milieu, nada. Evidently, IGD has gone completely around the bend in their quest to become the Vox Populi of antifa. Channel Zero, more descriptive than its constituents might wish.

I was shocked to see IGD reposting those calls from groups I'm somewhat certain are sock puppets. everyone be safe out there

Any other suggestions for versions of It's Going Down, given their utterly opportunist alliance with state capitalist-type manipulators? It's Going Downdowndowndown? I'm Going Down on Chairman Mao? It's Going Down to the shops to see what political racket it can buy. There must be something better than these.

*flush sound* Lopez's little boy is about as useful to anarchy as Bob Avakien is at this point.

To speak to Kevin's point if anarchists stayed away from the protests that they invented there really would be a John Galt effect. Ths Maoists and other Marxoids likely WOULD NOT fill the niche. This would actually quicken the enc of the protest era which can't end soon enough.


at least someone is talking about fucking scumbag RCP/"Refuse Fascism" cult members and not just advocating joining their display of idiocy, which only lends them legitimacy:

The activist's poster-boy in mid-life aspic elaining the nuances of protestation, I feel like Curly nyuk nyuk nyuk

If we do not have a presence in these moments, we leave a vacuum for the RCP and other authoritarian politics to spread uncontested.

Wrong. Nobody gives a shit about the protest ghetto. The protest ghetto is one of the signal empty gestures of live in advanced capitalist societies. You pretend to object to something -- nobody pretends to any attention. Wake up and smell the Peets French Roast.

Get involved with something that can really matter instead.

Here are some suggestions:

the initial impetus behind this,

efforts to disseminate this among US military personnel,

and the anti-gentrification Mission Yuppie Eradication Project

have been part of an ongoing effort to establish a new kind of anti-state/anti-market, autonomous class struggle praxis among mainstream working people in the contemporary United States.

Seattle's a big town with plenty of opportunities along these lines. Skip the demo -- almost 100% of the wage-earning class is skipping it. Best of luck!

the continual self-absorbed bullshit from keating brings up the question: can someone be their own sock puppet? sure seems like the answer is a resounding yes in this case. anyone else annoyed by this one-trick pony?

LOL I am in a public space and the free wifi blocked these (heads up)

use Tor (for everything, but in particular here)

Keating do a new project. you can't just refer to the same 1 thing you ever did for the next 30 years dude. come on.

rep shit that is already happening, like Solidarity Networks, GDCs, Infoshops, antifa gyms, etc. etc. that exist RIGHT NOW that people can get involved with or financially support from afar that are putting anarchist politics into practice outside of the idiotic "free speech zoned" protests of the type that Refuse Fascism(aka the RCP Bob Avakian Cult) engage in.

Seattle will be an excellent place to initiate ongoing collective direct action, akin to those San Francisco efforts described in the links above. The field of action is wild open.

Instead of competing with Maoists for the attentions of fascists, a "self-reduction" campaign on Seattle's public transit system could take off in a big way among ever more hard-pressed working people in an ever-more potentially volatile United States.

You can learn from our mistakes in San Francisco. The pitfalls can be easily avoided.

As is said in the article, 'FARE STRIKE! San Francisco 2005: First-Hand Accounts' - the leftist recuperator's version of events:'

"There are three outcomes for a mass self-reduction effort that would have been better than what took place in San Francisco in 2005:

The first one is the most likely one. If effective subversive communications tactics had been used, the immediate results would probably have been the same; the fare hike and service cuts would most likely have still gone through. But many more Muni riders would have heard the message, and heard a clear anti-market relations message with it. And a failure on a higher level can be a foot in the door for a more far-going effort with a greater chance of success the next time around...

..The second is what might have happened if the message had been communicated more effectively, with more energy, daring and style; with enough Muni riders riding and refusing to pay, and enough Muni operators going along with the riders mass resistance, the fare hike, route cuts and concessions demanded from operators might have been successfully spiked.

The third and best scenario would be for the transit system operators to aggressively take the lead, in a city-wide mass action that begins as an on-the-job wildcat of drivers and station agents. This will involve a degree of anger, widespread awareness of their latent collective power, and a resulting self-organization of drivers parallel to and hostile to TWU Local 250a that didn't exist in 2005.

EMPHASIZE THIS: When transit system operators go on a wildcat of this sort, and even if the event only lasts for one day, the event could become something akin to a non-violent city-wide workers' revolt. The economy would be shut down, or slowed and stalled to an overwhelming degree. Everything else in town would be occurring around the event for the life of the festivities. It would set a precedent for similar actions elsewhere, and not just related to mass transit systems. This is hard to imagine now, but as social conditions become more extreme, and the decline of the US is accompanied by unprecedented major shock experiences we may see a number of surprising events take place..."

In Donald Trump's America, the sky's the limit...

first pitfall to avoid: taking keating seriously. about anything. seriously

Here we go again, the Thermadorian pendulum swings and approaches yet another peak event before it reverses it direction on its journey back to its inexorable binary place at the other extreme apex of its reality,,,

We should get involved in fights of wage earners against employers. We should assert direct action solidarity with immigrants against the U.S. government.  We should take part in fights over housing, gentrification and public space.  But our central ongoing emphasis should be on public transit system operators and riders in major cities -- and -- for obvious reasons -- on enlisted people in the Armed Forces.

A well-organized group of anti-capitalists can spread its message, with an effective reach out of all proportion to its small numbers, and reach a strategically significant segment of the wage-earning class, by maintaining an extremely narrow focus among employees of public transit systems. Along with this, we can reach the widest and most diverse working class audience possible through low tech mass communication among transit system riders. 

A widespread self-organized movement emerging from joint action between transit system employees and riders can effect an entire urban region. Good ideas of this kind can spread from transit system to transit system, from city to city, and into non-transit workplaces.  

 We need to think big. This is about the working class recovering the political autonomy from capital that was lost in the U.S. eighty-plus years ago with the New Deal.  And we should be wildly visionary: self-organized and extremely self-aware mass wildcat actions growing out of labor strife in metropolitan transit systems could conceivably develop, in depth and breath, and in ways that cannot be predicted at present, to create a working class-propelled political crisis for the regime we live under.  A combative working class must become the central force in the unfolding crisis in this society.  Mass action on mass transit could be the way that a new social movement begins.

stfu already. antifa has a thousand built-in problems, but appealing to working class and poor people isn’t one of them. your commie bullshit, on the other hand... face it kev: you’re a tankie without the tanks

let us one day converge just to play anarchically


I've been trying to think of anarchist field-day games for this dream.

Antifa should go back to fixing pot holes.

At first glance, it is exciting and encouraging to see people who call themselves anarchists violently attack politically organized racists, anti-immigrant scum and militant homophobes. The contemporary ‘antifa’ phenomena is not strictly speaking an expression of the anarchist subculture, but the two overlap, and antifa is the most visible public expression of something close to the anarchist subculture in today’s United States. In this the antifa phenomena also parades the worst aspects of today’s anarchist scene. Violent protests against the extreme right are always short-lived. They do not demand a long-term committment to anything with deeper social roots than the scheduling of more spiky anti-fascist entertainment events. As an extreme left fringe culture fixated on an equal marginal extreme right fringe culture, antifa cannot contribute to the rise of anything more enduring and substantive than an endless series of public brawls with extreme right-wing creeps. A significant unspoken motivation here is that antifa actions don’t tax short attention spans and allow scenesters to accrue subcultural capital with their fellow scenesters.

As the UK libertarian socialist group ‘Solidarity’ put it in their statement, As We See It in the 1960’s:

“Meaningful action, for revolutionaries, is whatever increases the confidence, the autonomy, the initiative, the participation, the solidarity, the equalitarian tendencies and the self-activity of the masses and whatever assists in their demystification.
Sterile and harmful action is whatever reinforces the passivity of the masses, their apathy, their cynicism, their differentiation through hierarchy, their alienation, their reliance on others to do things for them and the degree to which they can therefore be manipulated by others -- even by those allegedly acting on their behalf.”

On terms like these, antifa fails. We live in a time that is more conducive to the rise of a mass anti-capitalist movement of working and poor people than any other period in American history. Brawls with fascist and racist scumbags may paradoxically sometimes be necessary but they are also an entertaining distraction from much more important efforts that are going completely neglected. Antifa stuff feels good. This is its main appeal. The most that can result from antifa actions in the world outside of sporadic confrontations is enthusiastic spectatorship or passive approval on the part of working and poor people who will themselves never get into public fistfights with Nazis and College Republicans.
Antifa is not a threat to anything because both antifa militants and the fascists they confront are fringe phenomena and both will always remain a fringe phenomena. The antifa phenomena is not anti-capitalist; it does not have an anti-wage labor and anti-market relations component and it is not geared toward social struggles in the larger society around us. A long-term movement for revolutionary change can only grow from conflicts between exploited people and the larger commodity society that we reproduce and confront in our daily lives. Efforts relevant to this lack the high drama of violent protest ghetto events, as they should. The terrain of the mundane is the only terrain that matters.

Why do I keep encountering this nonsense argument? It's suspicious how I see it everywhere. To suggest that Antifa activity somehow detracts from other struggles just by having the visibility it clearly has, is asinine. Damn near every single antifascist I know spends a ton of their time doing other kinds of activity and all of us are telling you to fuck off with your weird, passive-aggressive edicts about how we should be spending our time.

It's like this bit of rhetoric was designed for anyone with half a brain that immediately sees through the even stupider talking points deployed by all the rabid anti-leftists.

Antifa super soldier here and I agree with ^ how is antifascism detracting from other activities and projects? Yesterday we had a city wide day of action with 19 different issue protests on 19 street corners, protester stuff. So I took off on my bike and held signs on 3 different corners on my way to the rally in the park. I met some cool people along the way and at the rally met 2 actual anarchists from Asheville with a school bus doing food not bombs stuff which is rare in this town. Some of these critiques sound like moribund people who are envious of the combative protesters who are getting publicity at the moment but hey, it's just one thing.

A good faith assessment of this criteria cited by this writer and you pretty much have to conclude that Antifa activity DOES increase the confidence, the autonomy, the initiative, the participation, the solidarity, the equalitarian tendencies and the self-activity of the masses AND assists in demystification. There's a ton of evidence to suggest this over the last 2 years alone.

I'm an anarchist so I'm only lukewarm on appeals to the masses for tactical reasons but this writing is suspiciously disingenuous and being very deliberately broadcasted.

Damn near every single antifascist I know spends a ton of their time doing other kinds of activity and all of us are telling you to fuck off with your weird, passive-aggressive edicts about how we should be spending our time.

Like what -- a bike repair co-op? There is nothing happening in the U.S. right now that has the better aspects of the flash in the pan phenom that was Occupy:

1. That emerges out of a growing awareness and anger at the profound structural social inequality that can be the lethal downfall of capitalist America, and,

2. Emerges out of the mundane everyday life concerns of mainstream wage earners, as opposed to short-attention-span suffering compulsive protesters.

Antifa is all acting out. It is harmless. It leads nowhere. It has zero material impact on the larger society around us. On top of which, there are only so many hours in a day, and people pissing away time and effort in antifa rituals will have no time or energy for more relevant and substantive efforts, like the ones around big city public transit systems suggested above.

Utter bullshit and noise, willfully ignoring all the events of the last year and you've been hanging around here like a bad smell the last few days. What's your real agenda trollface? I smell bot bullshit. Fuck right off, k sweetheart? Nobody reads this site anyway, you're wasting your employers money.

"It has zero material impact on the larger society around us. "

Inst it just supposed to be about punching nazis for the sake of punching nazis?
Like they say im a dirty race mixer so why not punch em?

People have been choked out for less. Like ripping up a boring book.

A predictably worthless defense of worthless pseudo-politics. From an inarticulate posturing slob who will go back to being openly a-political within the next six months. I think I hear you Mommy calling -- she wants her laptop back...

I've seen almost this exact wording waaay too many times. This isn't a real person posting this garbage.

Antifa IS crudely political, that's why it sucks. It's the opposite of what anarchists do in better times (1886, 1968).

Too articulate for the circles you move in?

You have yet to achieve an actual discussion with anyone. Sorry to make you earn your money for a change ;)

"It has zero material impact on the larger society around us. "

Inst it just supposed to be about punching nazis for the sake of punching nazis?
Like they say im a dirty race mixer so why not punch em?

The crushing empty cans of P.B.R. on your forehead school of fake radical politics.

The antifa boys are doing a bang-up job of making my argument for me about the vapidity and uselessness of antifa stuff. Atta boy! Go get 'em, tiger!

"A good faith assessment of this criteria cited by this writer and you pretty much have to conclude that Antifa activity DOES increase the confidence, the autonomy, the initiative, the participation, the solidarity, the equalitarian tendencies and the self-activity of the masses AND assists in demystification. There's a ton of evidence to suggest this over the last 2 years alone."

Okay, where? How? Where's the sigs of this leading to other social struggles of exploited people against capitalist society? Be specific and take all the space you need.

Nah, not going to play your little game. You're about as bad-faith as it gets and I have much better things to do with my time. If you were sincerely interested (which you aren't), there's plenty of quality analysis and documentation available.

To anyone falling for this troll's garbage, watch some Mark Bray videos or something, I don't fucking care. Mostly, notice that the argument this "person" is attempting to float is almost exactly wrong.

There's no denying that the antifa tendency is resurgent in the US and has drawn out, activated and empowered new people, unless you willfully ignore reality.

That's what happened in the 30s that's what's happening right now. This is the worst epoch of anarchism and anarchy since the 30s. Antifa helps liberalism and the left and reflects a reactionary epoch. The antifas of today will not be looked back on fondly by a better age of radicals.

Antifa is a coalescence of privileged neo-Marxist bourgeoisie selectively classed groups who share a common set of inclusive Western values unique to their socio-economic demographic, They possess an arrogance which is reminiscent of neo-colonialist missionary purpose, their religiosity is obvious, yet not in their perceptions, which distinguishes their lack of self-aware , thus depth in social and political maturity,,,yes, the new reactionaries,,,,

The dynamic of the exchanges on here ran away in a typically hostile and unproductive direction. Some of what I posted was a part of that, and in retrospect I wish it hadn't been. I'm sure that virtually everyone drawn to antifa efforts is sincerely motivated by a desire to combat and destroy the rising forces of racism and fascism in the U.S.

But the substantive aspects of my criticism still stand. The way for fascist scum to be combated and destroyed was best shown in Boston some weeks ago, where the racist and anti-immigrant creeps were outnumbered by literally a thousand to one in a mass rally, and the right wing trash had to just fold up their tents and go home. Politically organized white racists are going to remain a toxic fringe phenomenon, but just that, a fringe phenomenon, and these creeps will ultimately lose the demographic battle as the U.S. -- or perhaps more hopefully the by-then-former U.S. -- becomes predominantly non-white in decades to come. It's encouraging to see huge numbers of people turn out against those creepy clowns, and this highlights the fact that the time and energies of subjectively combative individuals should be focused narrowly on specifically anti-commodity society efforts that thousands of people at present aren't going to be focused on.

The problem is contemporary capitalist society itself -- wage labor, market relations, and all the forms of politics that this mode of production generates to defend itself, not just the most visible worst bi-products of commodity society. The way to combat the right is by fighting for the emergence of a new kind of mass revolutionary politics rooted in the everyday life experiences and struggles of mainstream working people. Small steps towards this are critically examined in the links from above. That is the way forward.

I like to see a Nazi get socked in the head as much as the next guy. But what's needed is something much different and more than that.

Most fashion trends are recycled periodically and maybe the punk, antifa, black bloc aesthetic will catch on again. Punk was a big hit back in the late 70's so maybe it's that time again. I'd like to see antifa promote the points of unity a little more vigorously in their media so the masses get the message and not just the mess.

Can't wait to see the bourgeois antifa with safety pins as nose and earings with moth eaten ermines keeping their double chins out of the wintery chill air,,,,,

When there is a mass protest every week, and there are 20 different groups protesting 20 different things at the same protest, you know protesting has become completely meaningless.

It was an ambitious strategy that increased our visibility and raised awareness and is probably more affective than marching downtown.

Well it was neo-Dada for want of a better term, the whole anti-art anti-fashion anti warmachine, inverting disgusting bourgeois aesthetics, Debord wasn't the original detournment theorist, maybe Duchamp gets the title, though he'd probably throw any accolades onto the ground and grind them into dust, where they originated from, stardust ultimately,,,,

Detournment is overrated and a stupid word for flipping the script on the authorities using their own imagery. I think people want to sound important and make things bigger than they should be. Just get a can of spray paint, find a Stop sign and spray paint "AUTHORITY1!11" and you win. That's detournment 101.

I drive over stop signs in my big V8 my dick is small though hmm

That's not detournment tho. That's like, just knocking over a stop sign and just can be written off as an accident. Spray painting "Police Brutality" below the stop sign, while there have been police killings in the area, that speaks far far more than simply running it over. I'm not saying detournment is the revolution nor is nothing, I am saying detournment is easy.

From what I've seen driving vehicles through detours,,,umm,,,,that whole protest mentality, the rev and the binary Thermadorian pendulum, not my scene, actually, spray painting is Neanderthalic to me, do it in a cave, it doesn't mean anything to me, sandblast it for all I care, I'm a Duchamp anti-art create for the Now,,,,,now,,,,,

PS I was joking about driving V8s, Cro-Magnons whine about police brutality all the time,,,,.,,

Don' do the assumed criminalized act unless you can endure the time in a neo-liberal minimalist cage full of councillors,,,,,

Do any of you dolts have anything meaningful to say?

you do know this us the internet right? 99.9% of the traffic online is meaningless? if you want meaningful conversation, you need to look elsewhere. hasn’t anyone ever explained that to you? smh

You are right. Good points.

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