Call for Anarchist Solidarity in Response to Derek Williams' Murder

  • Posted on: 2 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>On July 6, 2011 Derek Williams was beaten by Milwaukee Police after being accused of robbery, and left in the back of their squad car to die. The police stated to the public that his death was of natural causes, despite his young age of 22. Last week the Milwaukee Journal released a video taken in the back of the car showing undoubtedly that Derek was murdered, as he gasped for air and was mocked by his arresting officer until the moment of his death. The agonizing last minutes of his life and the subsequent reaction by police are all captured on tape and has finally been made public in an attempt by his family to get some sort of justice for his murder.

At this point demonstrations are being planned for Saturday October 6 and details will be made available as soon as possible. Please come to Milwaukee if you don’t already live here to support the efforts, or take action in your city to echo the devastation that this killing and every other killing by the police has caused. As anarchists it is imperative to respond with utmost vehemence and rage each and every time the police murder someone down.

Here is a link to the shortened video:</td><td><img title="sounds like exhausting work" src=""></td></tr><...

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

and the full length video can be viewed on the tmj4 website.

*This video is utterly horrifying to watch, but Derek’s family wants as many people to see it as possible.



^^HA this guy...that was like years ago

This video is brutal to watch. People ought to converge there and help make something happen. It's the fucking LEAST anarchists could do.

yeah it is kind of hard to watch shit like this anymore. not like "omg I can't handle this anymore" hard. more like "how long can you realistically contain your anger at things like this" hard.



(this was supposed to have a comma: "let's fucking attack, wisconsin...")

He's not dead, he's just pining for the Fjords.

people in Chicago should go! its only about an hour away yall!!!

i have a cold.

* * *
# SAT OCT 13 # NOT 6 # OCT 13 #
* * *
* * *
* * *
find me on fb

PLZ make an event page on @News, por favor.

"As anarchists it is imperative to respond with utmost vehemence and rage each and every time the police murder someone down."

I hear this, but if we did/tried, as anarchist, we'd be doing it every 36 hours.

This is the bullshit that happens every day... We should all be inraged.. We need revolution i cant deal with this anymore but it seems still so far

This is the job of the enforce Capital.

Yes the job of the Police are to uphole Capital and help protect the Ruling Capitalist Class they dont help the youth in the inner city... they Criminalize them with facist policys such as stop and search Etc Etc...

I'm 43 years old. I grew up west of Milwaukee. I spent five years of my early adult life in the city proper. The point is I'm very familiar with Milwaukee's history. This is nothing new. Back in the day, they used to kill a black man at least once a year. There have been demonstrations, lawsuits, public outrage, at least one black police chief, etc., etc. Hell, there was even an alderman that liked to burn tires in the middle of the street. None of it has done any good.

You need to find out the names of those involved. Find out where they live. Target their families. Burn their houses. Lynch the dumb fucking pigs themselves. The MPD is the KKK. They are one and the same. You all like kicking the shit out of nazi fucks. Well, go to town. Otherwise, you all just may be contributing to global warming by just expelling more hot air.


No thanks, but thank you for the suggestion.

Seems kind of weird not to include any medical info at all ... why the hell did he die?

Given the way he was gasping, I am going to bet suffocation of some kind. Either internal bleeding filling his lungs up or collapsed lungs.

Yeah, I got some medical training too so I could speculate but you'd think there'd be some solid info by now if this happened in early july? It's a tragedy/outrage and fuck the pigs and all that but definitely light on the info with this call-out. If I search the incident myself, I have to trust the local media's version and usually they use the police statements so ...

the coroners report found that the pigs had broken a bone in his neck, causing him to suffocate

thanks for info

How many times does he have to repeat "sir" and how many times does he have to check his pulse to realize the man is dead? Is this how a human being reacts to someones death? How about giving cpr, or rushing him to the hospital? How about trying to save a life!

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