Call for Coordinated Action: Solidarity with Grand Jury Resistors

  • Posted on: 6 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Grand juries and the repression surrounding them are focused specifically on isolation in an attempt to strike fear into the hearts of anarchists and all those associated with them. Whether you are close to those involved in the recent wave of Pacific Northwest anarchist repression or not, its impact has most likely touched your region.

In an attempt to counter that fear and isolation the days of <strong>August 24th to August 31st are being called as a week of solidarity</strong> with anarchists in the Pacific Northwest. Lets turn that fear back toward our common enemies and drive the impact of their repression into expressions of solidarity. Consider acting in ways that communicate the passion for freedom that those in the Northwest have continued to express by their refusal to cooperate with the State's witch hunt.

Remember that the next grand jury hearing is on Thursday August 30th at the Federal Courthouse in downtown Seattle. If you live in the area, please come to the Courthouse on 700 Stewart St. at 12noon for a demonstration outside. If you live outside the area, consider planning a solidarity demonstration in your city or an event about grand jury resistance.

May their attempts at repression only make our aim that much clear! </td><td><img title="meme this shit the fuck up!" src=""></td></tr>...


Typo...Please edit from:

"May their attempts at repression only make our aim that much clear! "


"May their attempts at repression only make our aim stronger!"

I'll poop for you, my comrads!!!


I'll stand by silently for you are oppressed, my comrades!!!!


i'll drink for ou, my comrads,,,,


I will walk around and do something, so that we all know that there is something that can be done, my comrades!



Parent comment is !!!NSFW!!!

worker, please add some sort of work-safe version of Anews for those of us not living on the dole

Did you just ask an anarchist website to become work-friendly? lulz.

Sounds like they just asked for *a version* that they could see at work. And why not read a news at work, its much better than working.

I read a news at work myself, but when you make anarchy "safe" for work, you might as well be a liberal. What next? At marches, two separate versions, one with the black bloc and one for sure that can't have the black bloc?

what if its not making anarchy safe for work but making anarchy available to workers...

also, i think your comparison to marches is dumb...

Hey, I don't know you.
And Grand Juries are CRAZY!
But I follow you on Tumblr.
So Solidarity...


<3 The Trltrt

Stupid fucks. Go get a job!!

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