Call for Denver Autonomous Assembly

  • Posted on: 6 December 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Denver Autonomous Assembly
First Tuesday of Every Month
Deerpile (Upstairs From City o City)
7-9 PM 12/06/2016
206 E 13th Ave, Denver, CO 80203
Fed-book event

In the wake of Trump’s election we have seen a rise in white-supremacist attacks on marginalized communities, a growing white nationalist movement, and attempts from “the left” to stifle and contain resistance to it. The Denver Autonomous Assembly is a space where people can come together and collaborate on radical projects, campaigns, and actions.

We are done giving power to politicians. This is not a space for electoral politics, campaigning, or NGOs. You cannot vote away bigotry or the latent fascism in Trump that awakens white supremacists. We must create radical institutions in our own neighborhoods and communities if we want real change. Our goal is to remove any possibility of Trump taking power from us by taking power into our own hands.

A few things:

-This space will strive to be strongly empathetic with peoples’ lived experiences, and to be revolutionarily organized.
-The Denver Autonomous Assembly will be a space where campaigns and projects will grow from. It will provide a space for people to recognize that we must agitate, educate, and organize.
-This is a space for intentional organizing, not speeches.
-This is not a space for oppressive behavior, which will be confronted and remediated.
-This is open to the public.
-This is a place where people will collaborate on issues that need solidarity through direct action and mutual aid.
-Please bring thought-out proposals and/or already existing projects that need help.

Proposed Format:
First 45 Minutes – Announcements/Discussion
1 Hour of break-out groups
Closing 15 minutes – report-backs & next steps

(If this format is rejected by the group we will opt for something else)




What kind of silly language is this? This sounds like other silly terms like 'freedom fighters'(see Carlin).
There is nothing autonomous about assembly. Assembly usually entails some kind of organization driven mediation. When I think of assembly I think of those bad morning school gatherings back in Barbados.

Honestly anarchists think of the language you use and don't make it something that a comedian or a humorist(like Carlin or Marx) can pick apart. This would entail an unabashed apolitical aorganizational approach to life which anarchy entails and which most anarchists lack. Thus why we need anarchs.

Hah yeah, like Christian Anarchists. I don't know where the cult originated or whether it is an intentional oxymoron, but for anarchists there's no compromise with any god,

Right, you can't be with other people and be autonomous at once! That's why ziggy hides in a basement, refusing to interact with anyone except his mom, when she brings him down snacks. The true freedom of the Anarch!

Whatever you do, DON'T GO OUTSIDE! It's not autonomous out there! Ziggy has a whole text about "indoor anarchism" that he loves for people to read. Doing anything in the real world is for suckers! Right mom?

I find you to be just as boring as them. Why keep up the good fight when its clear you've lost? Are you the FARC?

I might have checked this out had I known in time. I'd love hear a report back. Also, I get tired of just how "partisanly" people defend their beliefs here on this board. I'm all for a vigorous debate and Anarchist come in many stripes. I get the deference between, Collectivist anarchism, Anarchist communism,Anarcho-syndicalism, etc, etc. Does each party have to be so pigheaded? What makes one better then the other? All debatable. Time has come for Anarchist collectively to support each other.

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