Call for an Open Meeting Say “NO” to the Neo-Nazi “Golden Dawn” in New York City

  • Posted on: 3 October 2012
  • By: worker

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Void Network invites all friends and comrades to participate on this Open Meeting and organise collective power:

Call for an Open Meeting

Say “NO” to the Neo-Nazi “Golden Dawn” in New York City

Golden Dawn, G.D. (in Greek, Chrysi Avgi), the neo-Nazi, ultra-nationalistic party, which was recently elected to the Greek Parliament under the pretext of concern over unemployment, austerity and the economy, and while engaging in virulent anti-immigrant rhetoric and anti-democratic, nationalistic activities, has now established a chapter in New York City. Several groups and organizations have already publicly expressed their outrage and have called for immediate action.</td><td><img title="Strange times we are living in... and by strange I don't mean good." src=""></td></tr...

For over 30 years, G.D. has operated from the margins of the far right political spectrum using the symbols, practices and methods of a racist, anti-democratic and intolerant neo-Nazi ideology. The recent economic crisis, however, has brought them to the forefront of political developments. They drew the attention of the international media when one of their Parliament members physically attacked two women from Left wing parties on live television a few months ago. Before that incident and since, G.D. thugs have organized murderous attacks against immigrants, left wingers, gays as well as anyone who will stand in their way.

G.D. harbors common criminals. In the 70s, the “Fuhrer,” as they honorably call their leader, was imprisoned for setting off bombs in cinemas that showed films of Soviet production. Around the same period, members of the organization were also prosecuted for committing acts of terrorism against left wing newspapers and organizations. Today, they exhibit particular disdain against Muslims while they also openly deny the Holocaust.

In New York City, G.D. masquerades as a philanthropic organization conducting food and clothing drives. The goal of such activities is to popularize G.D.’s neo-Nazi ideology and raise the public’s sympathy. G.D.’s ‘philanthropic’ activity is a cynical ploy and has to be condemned as such. Alternatively, “Doctors of the World,” “AHEPA,” and a number of other legitimate international or community-based NGOs rely on our help to support the Greek people.

History teaches us that economic crises can breed hatred, racism and ultimately fascism. Capitalism divides us along social, cultural and political lines so as to dominated us more effectively. Few cities in the world other than New York know this better. We therefore invite immigrant organizations, unions, teachers’ associations and cultural organizations to an open meeting where we can freely discuss and decide how we can effectively act against racism, violence and fascism.


Please join us in October 9, 2012 at 7-10pm.
Church of the Redeemer
30-14 Crescent Street (Corner of 30th Road)
Astoria, NY 11102-3249

The event is co-sponsored by:
Act Up
Left Movement NY (Aristeri Kinisi NY)
Occupy Astoria – LIC
Situations: Project of the Radical Imagination
Strike Debt


They have every right to be there. Preventing them to do so would be emulating the State.
On the other hand, you have every right to smash their windows, throw eggs at them, and spraypaint over their offices.

"They have every right to be there."

Uh, fuck the discourse of "rights", you piece of shit. They're a neo-Nazi group and it can only be a good thing to get rid of them. Obviously it would be a mistake to do so through the means of state intervention, but driving them out by other means? Why not.

"emulating the State", honestly. What kind of bullshit are you on that kicking out fascists is in any way related to statehood.

Successful troll is successful... or am I being trolled? Or is this a troll of YOU?

Trolls trolling trolls strolling proles.

No, we got every right to kick them out, as they are not welcome. In NYC, as in the rest of the planet.

Tolerating intolerance and hate crimes is enabling them. That makes you a collaborator.

IGTT 7.5/10

No, chop off the nazis heads. And yours too. Fuck you and eat shit.

Ahahahah leftists whine about violence, then turn around and say shit like this. One thing commies, neo-cons, liberals, and anarchists all have in common is that you have 0 principles or ethical consistency. The ideologies of the modern world are tailor made for infantile minds, many of them too fried by LSD to come up with any tangible political ideology other than "MTV AND THE NEW YORK TIMES SAY LETS GET THE NAZIS, ANARRRCHY!" (a German ideology that ended in 1945).

Go take your medication kid, and stop smoking so much weed. If you don't mommy's not going to buy you that new car for christmas!

They beat and kill immigrants. I don't whine about it. I even the playing field.

Up against the wall, mother fucker.

- implying the people on this site are leftists
- implying anarchists whine about "violence" as a concept
- implying there are not modern adherents to National Socialism who self-identify as "Nazis"
- implying this isn't a troll trolling trolls

they're anti-democratic? LET'S GET EM, I LOVE DEMOCRACY!!!

No they ARE democratic. As a matter of fact, they grew under the protective arm of democracy.

They've been beating and murdering immigrants, street people, and women. This is serious.

Fascists are not against democracy. Fascism usually came into power with the full complicitly of liberal-democrats. After all, its far preferable to the revolutionary rabble!

Might've gotten a bad translation or maybe the phrase "anti-democratic" has a different context/meaning in this instance (or in Greek parlance in general). Orrr maybe that's just some dumb leftist rhetoric. Who can say!

what's with the endorsements?

FUCKING LEFTISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

Fucking fascists!!!!!!!!

like you!

post-left, dog.

Before these comments, I used to think there was a difference...

greek version of socialist alternative in nyc? weird

Dear Neo-Nazis,


There's a lot we can learn from Golden Dawn. They've won the hearts of many Greeks because of their help for the poor. We look like the dickheads if we try opposing some group that appears to be helping the poor.

Fuck mass appeal towards others, they are just either stupid or neo-nazis themselves...we are out here for a cause and if you don't want to associate with taking these fucks out of the picture so they don't make more problems and seperate us, having us fight and such then you can obviously go somewhere else...see if they don't like it then fuck them too...I need to start laceing my combat boots and sharping my axe, it's time to sever these fucks heads ;) ....hahahahaha...

Nobody can ever be convinced of anything, so don't even try.

not sure if skinhead or juggalo...

I am so sad that someone actually took this comment seriously. With great regret, I must GTT 6/10.

Golden dawn can have NYC. Fuck that fascist gates community.

If we let them take over these places, they will spread even more thinking they have beat us...then we will lose...we must stand up and take action now before they decide to try anything, we can and must shut them down. Don't be cowards, don't let them take over as they want to will be the cause of them taking over and doing what they do if you sit back and let them, you are much responsible and apart of them as you think you're not if you don't do anything to stop them and their shit.

clandestine action not open meetings!!

closed comments not open clandestine


Lol, this is down the block from the Hellenic center where they been doing shit. Too lolly.

Self-defensive violence against ALL fascists and neo-nazis!!

fascism is on the rise everywhere. good luck to actual ant-fash people in their fight against these scum who pose as 'helpers'.

I live far, but I'll do my best to be in NYC that day!

Golden Dawn and the older Greek fascists have always been the darlings of the CIA/NATO. THeir "fuhrer" was proven to be on the payroll of the secret service, so it's an even better reason to nail these fucking douches before they even get acceptance.

Nazis, follow your leader! Shoot yourself!

Awww how cute... You got that from a shirt, didn't you?

nah, plucked it from history actually.

And where do you got your swastika from... the people of India, colonized by "Aryan superiors"?

Nazi trolls FUCK OFF.


Drink PBR, throw bottle through window. Anarchy!

Drink a pumpkinbeer and throw a million pumpkins into the street, right inthe middle of it!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget that after elected in the Greek Parliament Golden Dawn recieved "legaly" 4.5 million euro from the Greek state to use them to spread everywhere and doing everything.
Also, the main purpose for the opening of their offices in NY is to organize around them groups of Greek "patriots" and collect thousands and thousands of euros from them that will use to continue fighting in Greece against their main targets up until now, the immigrants, anarchists, leftists and homosexuals. STOP GOLDEN DAWN NOW! THIS IS THE BEST MESSAGE OF INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY....not just a symbolic act, but a real help for the comrades in Greece!

Let them protest, let them be who they wont to be. You can crush any form of 'FASCISM'not by violence, but by strong numbers, individual morality and strength. Not forgetting 'RIGHT' is on your side.

I see small event's popping up all over the world, and like most they all seem to be under the guise of discontentment. But they do have one thing in common ''anger and hate'', People are angery ''YES'' but these are the trappings of our very own system and we all know where that path leads to.. Groups of violent unrest WILL only give fuel to their cause and validate the position of power. Solidarity my friends.. Say NO to the new world order.


This is the dumbest comment. Please leave forever.

So whats the address of there office? Anybody want to stop by with me?

Die Nazi scum

Yes, random person from the internet, i would love to engage in clandestine illegal action with you!

Seems legit!

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