Call For Proposals for ACAB2017

  • Posted on: 20 March 2017
  • By: thecollective

Call For Proposals for ACAB2017 ends March 31st. 2017

The first ever Another Carolina Anarchist Bookfaire in Asheville, NC, will be held on May 6th as a part of a weekend of events.
So far we have over a dozen workshops, author events, and discussions planned for the bookfaire proper alongside herb walks, waterfall hikes, concerts and more. And we wanted to take an opportunity for a last push and solicit once more for folks interested in presenting skills & knowledge, engaging in debate and deepen their friendships-as-forms-of-life at the ACAB2017. We'll stop accepting submissions before April 1st, so if you're in a band or DJ and want to play one of the concerts or an author or activist and want to share your experience and thoughts, please visit and fill out a form.

So far, the presentations that have been submitted include:

Building Resistance Skills: medic, legal rights, self-defense and more
Creating Resistance Through Making Media
Student Radical Organizing in upper education
Radical Reproductive Care in Appalachia
An intro to Digital Security
Building strong movement defense.
Democracy or Freedom (CrimethInc)
Building Resilience with Herbs
Prisoner Letter Writing Workshop
Self Defense for Women, Trans*, Gender Non-Conforming, and Femme Folk
"Savior/Spectre // Democracy/Fascism: Some Notes on the Political and Aesthetic Limitations of Antifa"
LGBTQ Advocacy as Abolition: The importance of supporting queer & trans inmates
Strategy and in Anti Authoritarian Struggle
"Nonviolence Ain't What It Used To Be" by Shon Meckfessel
"A Tilted Guide To Being A Defendant" by a member of the Tilted Collective

& more!

Also, if you have housing needs or can provide space for out of town folks (primarily bands or presenters), please fill out the appropriate applications on . There's room on the forms to express your needs and desires to help find the best fits possible. It's a great opportunity to make lasting friendships with folks from outta town without EVEN LEAVING YOUR HOME!


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