Call for proposals for the BASTARD conference 2018

  • Posted on: 7 August 2018
  • By: thecollective



Another East Bay summer is here, and with the lingering days come street clashes, sweaty leather, and of course, DIY anarchist conferences. Yes, the 2018 BASTARD Conference will be held on Sunday, September 16 at the Long Haul Infoshop in Berkeley, CA and we want to hear your proposals for presentations. The BASTARD (Berkeley Anarchist Students of Theory and Research & Development) Conference is an annual day of discussions about the beautiful idea, organized by participants in the Berkeley Anarchist Study Group, which meets every Tuesday at 8:00pm at the Long Haul and is open to all.

Our theme this year is “Hyphenated Anarchism”, a reflection on how our identities and proclivities shape our particular concept of anarchism, as well as what happens when different notions of anarchy collide. What happens to each term when we construct a binomial, like queer anarchism or anarcha-feminism, and how do we find a balance between the two components? How does having a multitude of anarchist tendencies both help us find potential accomplices and create opposition where there might otherwise be solidarity? What areas go overlooked or occluded by particular anarchist tendencies and how does the impulse to subdivide or specialize create these oversights? How does grounding anarchism in individual desire place limits on our ability to articulate a shared set of ideas and practices and, when the two conflict, which should take precedence? This topic is intended only as a point of departure; we encourage you to make the theme your own and find ways in which these ideas relate to your life and struggles.

Please send your proposals and any questions to; the deadline for submissions is Monday, August 27. We look forward to seeing you there.



It's being hosted in the Long Haul? Has BASTARD gotten significantly smaller since I left or something?

Yes. We miss you very much.


Not small enough for my liking.

also, close to public transportation.

You could say BASTARD has gotten smaller, but better to say it has become more concentrated, less diluted. Careful! A little dab 'll do ya!

BASTARD used to be a good place to hear a wide range of interesting opinions. "Concentrated" makes me concerned.

"Less dull"? If they were any more self-involved they'd disappear into their belly buttons.

Yes! What you said! I mean why would an anarchist think about their individual life or the nature of their existence at all, right?

O wait

Some of the most provocative conversations I've had over the last ten years have stemmed from talks I went to at BASTARD. I am glad that folks in the bay area continue to put effort into this conference, which often seems to be a thankless task. Here's hoping I can make it this year.

You guys interested in Skype-ins (or non-panopticon equivalent) or just people who can actually get to Bay Area?

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