Call for Submissions to High on Crime

Individualist Anarchy, Illegalism and Straight Edge

This is a call for submissions from those who relate straight edge to anti-civ, individualism, nihilism and illegality.

1. How is your Straight Edge critical of mass society, industrialization and domestication?

2. What does individualist and or nihilist Straight Edge look like for you?

3. What are some fun criminal activities a Straight Edge anarchist enjoys if not at parties gettin' "Fucked Up"?

4. What is the Straight Edge individualist response to accusations of "purity" and "moral elitism"?

5. Is there a such thing as a Straight Edge oogle? If so, what is the train-hopper life like being Straight Edge?

6. Is there really a such thing as Straight Edge individuals who are NOT into punk and hardcore?

7. Does your Straight Edge see a relationship between medication/psychiatry and the State?

8. Is being Queer and Straight Edge really an oxymoron?

9. Straight Edge individualists and nihilists: Are you going to Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair 2020?

Deadline is October 15th

Send essay submissions to warzone_distro (@) riseup (dot) net

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This is the sorta zine that would steal all the copies of that ITS book and brag in twitter about it.


this heckle is pretty lame tho. very uninspired. read the post again. also read their zines, some good stuff is there even if it gets repetitive and straight edge vegan needs a rebrand. it's hard to make adamant abstinence look cool. obviously it's not done for cool points, but the names don't help.

1. what
2. it looks like a tack-on
3. u want me to snitch on straight edgers? i don't know any.
4. write a long-ish zine
5. i've seen some on twitter. that counts right?
6. i guess
7. the relationship is there, whether you drink or not.
8. only if ur very literal, don't take context cues, and don't know the meaning of each term.
9. i wish. never been reprimanded in person for drinking beer and eating meat. no, but really, spicy tents are my kink.

You're pretty sure it's "not a joke" when Warzone Distro is behind it. Some intense brodude related to them, who likes to show his weapons because he's siiiiick, might get really pissed off that you don't take it seriously, or else he might keep trolling the anarchyplanet IRC randomly.

but i don't really get this whole identitarian approach to it. I get a little sick of a lot of people's insistence on drinking as a social activity but does not drinking make you special or something?? Perhaps just a non-interference self-righteous method of getting people to stop doing drugs??

Is it really “abstinence” if you’ve never desired or enjoyed alcohol, nicotine, chemical amusement aids, and meat? This is part of why I can never identify as a Straight Edger, even as I share their aversions. I can see a championing of self-denial in many SEers, a trait they share with and other moral crusaders. But just because some substance is widely available and promoted/celebrated as socially acceptable and desirable to consume doesn’t always or necessarily make not partaking in it some kind of self-denial. My own refusal to eat/wear animals and animal-derived products is an affirmation that my circle of compassion includes more sentient beings. It’s an expansion, not a restriction; acceptance, not abstinence.
Fully prepared for attempted skewerings by the anti-SE brigades.

i suspect talk on crime on the web is in inverse proportion to actual big crime done irl

an interesting way to take this discussion is what can of lifestyle can you envision that's as an accessible and effective escape from drudgery and misery as opiates are for many

one of Flower Bomb's zines kind go into that direction

is what is a drug to a straight edge person? Food is certainly a mind altering substance. It just seems to me that straight edge is just using the same sorts of categorization used by puritans and cops. I'd definitely like to see less people drinking and smoking cigarettes, but does this mean that enjoyment and exploration through substance is all inherently bad?

What are some ways that people can change their own behavior without being so self-critical and moralistic? How can life itself become more revolutionary and interesting?

And when are anarchists going to stop using crime as a marketing tool while at the same time stripping the law of any philosophical importance??

lol, how is "stripping the law of any philosophical importance" a concern?
what course are you worried will not have a quorum?

"stripping the law of any importance", but as it stands yeah if you break the law you still go to jail when caught. Philosophical, i guess it would have been better if i said "moral importance".


is this directed at teenagers? i cant imagine someone that're 20 and up that don't ingest something on some list calling themselves straight edge.

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