Call For Submissions For Issue 2 of The Night Forest Journal

Following the response we have received for the first issue of The Night Forest Journal, we are pleased to announce the call out for submissions for the second issue.

As a project that is based online, it is clear that those who want to write with us, and those who enjoy reading our words, share in our sense of being caught between the urbanised technological world of civilisation and the animal primordial world of the wild. This feral state of being caught between 2 worlds, between a reality and what is real, this is the theme of issue 2.

Whether it is stories of pirates caught between ports and the sea; poetry of eco-radical struggles while still a consumer participating in this culture; essays on cyber-primitivism, techno-paganism, or urban-medicine-person work; or savage surrealist artwork, communicating animal desires in forms beyond language; we welcome your submissions.

Anyone is free to submit as many pieces as they want to the collection, but we advise that we will publish a maximum of 3 submissions for the journal – any additional entries that we like will be scheduled to be published on the site.

Max Stirner stated “I am my species, am without norm, without law, without model”.

Renzo Novatore stated “Thus Christianity – condemning the primitive and wild force of the virgin instinct – killed the vigorously pagan “concept” of the joy of the earth”.

Mia X. Kursions stated “One thing I will say with a fair amount of measurable conviction, is that I am not a machine…”.

Mae Bee stated “living in the real here and now instead of in the unreal past/future is a discerning feature of many nature based societies and one of the greatest poverties for us in mass society” and “happiness is also located in the here and now, in the moment”.

We are becoming-animal. Our post-human adventures might be absurd, as they lead to no salvation/future. The nihilistic destruction of (y)our humanity and the creativity of (y)our becoming-animal belongs to no future though.

We will be accepting submissions for the journal until Samhain/Halloween, via email and facebook messenger.

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Forget email- apparently one can catch them inhabiting the here and now of ferocious joy on Facebook, beyond norm or law. (Maybe tumblr was full?)

looking forward to another 200 pages of pretentious bullshit written by Facebook page hipsters posing as feral eco-warriors.

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