Calling All Anons and Anarchists: Shut Down the Websites of Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN)

  • Posted on: 16 September 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

On Sunday, the 13th of September, an article was published on It's Going Down ( detailing the rise of the Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN). TYN is an authoritarian, Christian Fascist group, which tries to organize the white nationalist, Neo-Confederate, and Neo-Nazi white Right-wing together into a united front. We encourage people to read the long article, but in short, it details the exploits of Matthew Heimbach, Matthew Parrot, Thomas Bhuls, and others who make up membership of the group, the Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN), and now, the Traditionalist Workers Party. Heimbach and others from their group, take inspiration from various fascists, including Francisco Francio (who anarchists fought against in the Spanish Civil-War) and others. Currently, they support all fascist nationalists and anti-Semites. They currently are supporting Assad in Syria, for instance.

Read their response to the IGD article here if you want a laugh:

They call themselves fascists, white nationalists, Authoritarian Christians, and Christian Nationalists. They have worked with Neo-Nazis groups like the Nationalist Socialist Movement (NSM), KKK groups, and many others. They are extremely anti-queer, anti-Semitic, pro-patriarchy, and anti-abortion. They call for the rounding up of leftists, anarchists, gays, lesbians, transpeople, and feminists, into re-education camps. Moreover, Matthew Heimbach, the groups leader, calls for America to be dissolved and turned into a fascist state and then A MONARCHY.

Heimbach has a lot of connections. To the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCoC) who influenced Charleston killer, Dylann Roof and to the National Socialist Movement (NSM), everyone's favorite, 'Hollywood Nazis.' He has also spoken on many mainstream networks along with Jared Taylor, a 'suit and tie Nazi' and leader of the American Renaissance Conference. Please, share these with friends and get going!

We need anons and anarchist news participants to be what they always have been: angry, anon, and total assholes! Let's get this shit shut down!

More over,

We are calling on all Anon groups and all anarchists versed in hacking to spread the word. We need action to happen - and to happen now at these websites:

Traditionalist Youth Network homepage at:

Trad Youth on Twitter:

Matthew Heimbach on Twitter:

Council of Conservative Citizens:

American Renaissance:



So it seems Heimbach's done with his "fascism was a historical movement that ended in the 40s" crap...

Isn't Sir Einzige actually Heimbach? I can't remember, but they seem like the same person.

You're not very observant then. And this isn't even funny, or a sophisticated version of name calling.

Where has SE advocated spooks like god and nation?

He did advocate the Anarch and bioregionalism... which is rather close.

Close to what exactly?

That's like saying 'Milestones' and 'Bitches Brew' are close just because they're both Miles Davis LP's.

OP was probably referring to Sir E's habit of only ever linking to longwinded neckbeards on youtube. Tho, to be fair, it might also have something with the guy's uncanny familiarity with, defense of and thinly-veiled praise for various thinkers on the contemporary right-wing fringe (neoreactionaries, MRWs, white nationalists etc). Or maybe all the creepy occult crap. Or his frequently-expressed views on racial politics. Or even possibly his hate-on for anything antifa...

Do I need to go on? Can't we just admit that it was actually pretty funny?

I wrote the original comment. While I have some major disagreements with SE, I think he says things like that because he actually believes it's true. Heimbach knows very well that it's not true, but said that for PR purposes when he was met with a crowd x10 bigger then he brought. At least to a certain degree I can kind of agree with SE, calling someone a fascist when THEY AREN'T (they're some other brand of authoritarian, or just someone you don't like/agree with) happens way to often and just confuses the situation.

I wrote the original comment that replied to your comment, then it was commented on others and now I'm writing a new comment to make a point of clarification which will (hopefully) be commented on.

So you are saying that Heimbach is appropriating Sir Einzige, not that Sir Einzige is appropriating post-left theory for right wing interpretations? Is Sir Einzige in a gray area before anarchist traditionalism and anarcho-fascism or is he merely the fringe of these tendencies, borrowing more heavily from anarchists than other third positionists?

Agreed. It was a cheap move that served no other purpose than a distraction from the topic at hand.

Reminds me of a time i gave an anarcho-punk a ride after we just met. I listen to a wide variety of music. Wider than almost everyone i know. One encounters all sorts of people that don't share one's politics. And while i'd never endorse, listen to, or keep music associated with authoritarianism, fascism, etc...apparently having neil young's 'zuma' on hand made me guilty of liking his 'liberal, hippie' politics. Judged and scoffed at. I much prefer math rock, golden era hip hop, and jazz. One can't just like a guitar sound. One must endure rules, guilt by zuma association.

So yeah, it's really grating what people impose on you for not bending to their made up rules, or disagreeing with them.

So basically cuz some dumb kid came to a spurious conclusion one time all conclusions must be wrong?

This whole thread started with a crack about Heimbach giving up on the "fascism was a historical movement that ended in the 40s" excuse and embracing the full fucking fash within himself. This is an excuse Ziggy often uses (especially whenever antifa comes up) to explain why neither he nor any of his alt-right heroes "aren't really fascists". How many "anarchists", I wonder, would live up to a similar standard? I don't know about y'all, but I'm certainly not a CNT member...

If you're arguing that people shouldn't throw around 'the f-word' or use it as a slur, I wholeheartedly agree. Like any other loaded term, it should be saved for times it actually applies, or one runs the risk of rendering it meaningless. If you're arguing that the label doesn't apply to Sir E., however, I'd have to disagree. I'm not saying that because I don't like him (which, to be honest, I don't), I'm saying it because I spent a couple of years studying fascist history and rhetoric and the shit he spouts sounds terrifyingly familiar. Whether you're looking at the early years of the NASDAP and similar parties (outcasts obsessed with Nietzche, the occult, etc, courting elite favour) or contemporary alt-right movements like neo-reaction, there's just too many similarities to ignore. Maybe he isn't a swastika-waving blackshirt or chrome-domed bonehead, but the origin of the ideas he's spouting is pretty fucking clear.

what does Sir E borrow from anarchism in his rhetoric ? i thought he was just an individualist-egoist who declares himself the "anarch" while denying the existence of civil-privilege and the notion that political and economic capital are unified in their dominion of civil politics (he denies that fascism is ubiquitous in municipal government the world-over). he admits an eagerness to deface the currency of humanity, he doesn't give a fuck about other people or what they do unless it be to call them a stupid retard. what does he borrowed from anarchism? he is a fascistic authoritarian by default, according to necessary implications of his choices in the context of current social conditions . or maybe it's an anarchist black-flag operation to encourage us to articulate the ubiquity of fascism and proclaim the wild nature of humanity and it's inherent tendency to intuitive compassion, peace.

I actually wasn't going to post a thing on this thread.

I don't know or care who this clown Heimbach is. On the issue of the fascist content of his ideology, that has no bearing on his ability to make fascism. It's know different then Kevin Keating's ability to bring back the pre WW1 forces of revolution for his binary projects. Once again you conflate reactionary and right wing ideas with fascism which is of course inaccurate.

Honestly, you guys are to me what Fundy Xianity was to Barry Goldwater and his republicans. You're radical fundamentalists who bring NOTHING of value to anarchy. Just more leftard ideology.

He's always been about the obscure ones. Codreanu was an early favorite (he even trolled DC May Day page with quotes from him), but recently, he's been talking about Julius Evola who was an anti-fascist because he felt that fascism didn't go far enough.

Heimbach is an obvious dork. Instead of doing the "bed sheets of victorian censorship" routine around him just like liberal antifas did, you could just drop his pants or throw putrefied milk at him. Stop being so civilized with proponents of barbarism.

I know this probably doesn't matter to you since you're a tough internet warrior, but do you know the context of that photo of people holding up sheets to block him? Like how, 20 minutes before that, Thomas Buhls got attacked by a demonstrator? Or how Matthew Heimbach got kicked out of the local Orthodox Church for hitting the attacker over the head with a cross? Or how there were dozens of cops surrounding the area and watching the "liberal antifas" like hawks? But I suppose people should attack these people in even the most inopportune times, leading to certain arrest. We should all be as brave as you.

Dear Anon,
Your personal army request is: Denied.
Anonymous is not your personal army.

If you wish to sink these nazi boats. Simply launch an attack. If there is sufficient lulz there will be cake.


How is that you speak for anonymous?


this is awkward.. so wheres the motherfucker live i got 4 man-eating hogs numbered 1, 2, 3, 5 and i'm gonna let 'em loose in this prick-fucker's nazi bunker. maybe they eat him or maybe he just figures that the one missing pig is forever lost, haunting him in the shadows at night when he jerks off. it would be the ultimate insult, caught on hidden camera, fascist humiliation porn. pulls his pants down. his penis is weird like a dog,s erect and slimy. a hog suddenly appears and the nazi oaf starts cumming on himself when he sees the litle pig utters, and pig asshole, and his hitler stache gets splattered with his own dehydrated goop. then the pig eats his skull and fucks his gaping diseased asshole at the sme time. the pig is like 400 lbs. lol one love

IRC: #antifa on

This is current meeting area and discussion place for this.

can somebody adept to twitter respond to this, please?

maybe that journalist doesn't know the guy.
anyway, this Matthew Heimbach troll should be exposed. and beaten

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