The Callout

  • Posted on: 16 April 2018
  • By: thecollective

From Invisibilia

A lot of communities today are taking a hard stand against sexual harassment and assault. Using social media shaming, ostracism, professional excommunication, whatever punishment is painful enough to shift the moral code by brute force. Through one incident in the Richmond, Va. hardcore music scene, we chronicle a social media callout and ask what pain can accomplish.

WARNING: This episode contains obscenities and descriptions of sex and violence.

Special thanks to the following musicians:

Division of Mind for the song "Brightout"

I.C.E. for letting us use several songs: "Joke's On You"; "Hard Feelings"; "Colder"; "Trust No Bitch"; and "Modern Scum"

Peals for the song "Become Younger" from their album Honey (courtesy of Rough Trade Publishing)

Lucy Stone and Grave Goods for their song "WYGCMA"



cry, cry, cry... Weak assed people. Is this representative of the hardcore scene, or?

apparently being a journalist and describing the hardcore scene is guaranteed cringe!

The election of Trump has unleashed a moral crisis among the liberal establishment and safe suburbs that has led to safety panic after safety panic over and over again. Mostly just them eating themselves alive.

Anarchists are in a unique position where if we have the guts and honesty (and we aren't people like ARR desperate to hang onto his liberal friends) we can be critical of it. And in that critique, just like how many of us did in Ferguson when the left was attacking us for on the ground support, draw a line between anti authoritarian ideas and societal conservatism, white fear.

If you look at the constant sex, guns, violence etc fear panics every week and see it as normal or "finally something is being done" the problem is you. Fuckem but lets make sure to say it.

Glad they fixed the "scene" from sending nudes and doing bad things to people when they were in high school. Good job everyone round of applause. Also you sound like a huge group of scared ass suburban babies. Where the fuck is GG Allin when you need him?

Couple of notes, Herbert get some counseling, the vengeful behavior isn't just gonna go away on it's own.
Emily, don't start a crusade unless you are willing to get stabbed in the back like every other crusader throughout history.

And the rest of the people involved, good luck on your nuclear family life in the near future, it will be great you can tell your kids all about this!

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