• Posted on: 6 June 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From MTL Counter-info

In CamOver, you play a group of humans confronted with an invasion of cameras in a gentrified neighborhood. The struggle against the cameras is important, but your own survival is essential! To win you must form teams with friends in your neighborhoods and destroy as many cameras as possible. The game takes place throughout the summer. At the end, the neighborhood with the most points wins the game.

Let the vandalism begin!
Let’s make our summer nights magical and vibrant!

Terms of Engagement

1. Preparation
Speak with your friends and gather a small affinity group. Walk around your area and identify the potential targets. During the scouting, take care to note the following aspects for each target: where to mask up without being seen, where to position the lookouts, and where the exit route will be.

Gather the following items:
mask, gloves & unidentifiable clothing
extinguisher / hammer / rope / spraypaint / rocks

2. Sabotage
The night has arrived. Choose the right tool and be on your way. Position the lookouts, mask up at the predetermined spots and check that no one sees you. Carry out the act of sabotage and then take the exit route as quickly as possible.

3. Let people know
Count up your points: one for each camera. Write a short text recounting the actions and send it to mtlcounter-info•org. You can also attach an image or video to the text. If you manage to leave with any of the destroyed cameras, get creative: pose with them, dance with them, turn them into puppets or an art installation.

Why play?
• To develop skills that can be used in many situations: using certain tools, planning actions, becoming unidentifiable, escaping from the police, communicating during these types of moments.
• Developing and nourishing complicity and affinity between friends through action.
• Transform our relationships to our neighborhoods: develop an intimate knowledge of the streets, the buildings, the alleys, etc.
• Make the neighborhood safer: for people whose daily activities are criminalized (drug dealers, sex workers, etc.), for graffiti writers, and for those who wish to struggle against systems of domination.

For camera mapping in Montreal:
To post communiques of your actions:

Using rope
• Attach a small object, such as a piece of wood, to a rope.
• Throw the rope over the camera arm.
• Grab the two ends of the rope and pull!

How to fill an extinguisher with paint
• The right extinguishers are silver and have a nut and a valve. They can be found in apartment buildings and restaurants.
• Empty the extinguisher by squeezing the trigger, and remove the top by unscrewing the nut. Pour in a mix of latex paint and water, with a 1:1 ratio.
• Replace the top and pressurize the extinguisher with a bike pump or a pressurizer, to 100 PSI.
• Use gloves while touching the extinguisher to avoid leaving fingerprints on it. It’s a good idea to wear a raincoat to keep the spray off your clothes.


11 x 17″ | PDF



Fan, fuckin', tastic.

Still, how the duck can you manage to pump a fire extinguisher with a bike pump, and up to < 100 psi?

Looks easier to just fill it up with ANFO, put a fuse through the valve and drop it at a place with people doing stuff you don't like, but that's just me.

Hi officer. Kill yourself instead, mmk?

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