CAPR suspends support for Leah-Lynn Plante

  • Posted on: 29 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" Against Political Repression</a>:

The Committee Against Political Repression will be suspending support for Leah-Lynn Plante.

Leah was released from prison on October 17 after appearing before the grand jury investigating anarchists. We do not know what was said at that hearing. In the time since her release, Leah has not offered details regarding the subjects of the hearing, her response, or about her release. CAPR is withdrawing support for Leah until we get information regarding her grand jury hearing.

Meanwhile, Matt Duran and Kteeo Olejnik remain in prison, steadfast in their refusal to aid the government in its persecution of anarchists. CAPR will continue to do everything we can to support them, and we urge everyone who wants a more free, equal, humane society to do the same.</td><td><img title="All power to the resistors. Our job is to shrink the voltage." src=""></td></tr><...

1) Write to them or send them books
Katherine Olejnik #42592-086
FDC SeaTac,
P.O. Box 13900
Seattle, WA 98198

Matthew Kyle Duran #42565-086
FDC SeaTac
P.O. Box 13900
Seattle, WA 98198

2) Donate funds for legal and material support

3) Have a solidarity action in your community


It seems to me that someone shitty enough to snitch would get out of jail and make a public statement right away, and just lie to everyone and claim that they didn't snitch. I mean in this very thread, people are basically saying "OF COURSE WE SHOULD JUST ASSUME SHE SNITCHED, LOOK AT THE FACTS, BESIDES IT WOULD TAKE FOREVER FOR PROOF VIA TRANSCRIPTS THROUGH THE FOIA, IF WE EVER EVEN GOT THEM!!" If that's the case, and we have to take her on her word (or lack thereof) then don't you think she know....just lie? Like, right away?

On the other hand, someone freaking the fuck out re: prison, cops, media attention, demands to "EXPLAIN YOURSELF AND MANAGE YOUR PUBLIC IMAGE AND CHECK ALL MEDIA COVERAGE OF YOURSELF PS ARE YOU A SNITCH?!!" might just react by disappearing for awhile and not getting online every day to avoid a complete mental breakdown.

+1 to this.

All of this makes me so sad. The lack of basic compassion, the jumping to conclusions, the splitting between "pro-Leah" and "anti-Leah" factions, the terribly uninformative statement by CAPR (seriously greenisthenewred was so much more informative in their short statement) inviting speculation, etc. I'm all for shifting support efforts to the people still in prison, but no reason for the vicious hate being spewed here.

Don't dare try to use critical reasoning skills here! Out with you!

Harm Leah.
She is a snitch.
She deserves nothing less.

Neither her pretty white girl activist charm, nor her continual reference to her "totally not being ok" as an excuse for her snitchery will change this.

you are doing cointelpro's work with this kinds of comment. you think this agressive empty posturing will do anything but push her further into the arms of the prosecuters? what if she hadn't told all- what kind of ties would YOU feel to a community that would condemn so righteously with this very unclear amount of evidence- remember the g20 cases- those people couldn't talk about thier process for over a year and a half. if you are an anarchist you are a stupid one.

That's one of the many cops/feds posting here. Don't let it get to you.

The argument you just made is as follows: Leah cooperated, but maybe not "fully" therefore we should be really nice and she shouldn't face any repercussions because then she'll get more mad/upset and snitch more.

In other words, Leah is holding us hostage and we should be nice to our hostage takers so they don't do more damage than they've already done.

Your argument is empty and makes no sense. Also, I can almost guarantee you that the comment you're responding to was not posted by a cop and that this is not "what the government wants."

"...I can almost guarantee you that the comment you're responding to was not posted by a cop..."

Oh, good. That reassures me. I already knew that were a bunch of fucking misogynistic bros on this site who like to beat up women, but I wanted to be charitable and attribute it to a pig first. I withdraw the charge.

white ppl.

You're right, beating or doing anything negative to any woman is inherently misogynistic. I'm so glad female cooperators and informants from other anarchist cases continue to walk around unscathed. It's really a testament to how anti-sexist we are!

Female cops deserve whatever male cops get.
Bourgeois women deserve whatever bourgeois men get.
Female cooperators and informants deserve whatever male cooperators and informants get.

No one should be protected by their identity or not have to be responsible for their actions because of their identity, ever.

SPREAD WIDELY Ariana Tanabe is confirmed to have cooperated with a grand jury harassing local vegans and those associated with the local animal rights movement.

It is confirmed by attorneys that Ariana Tanabe has cooperated with the active grand jury, ostensibly investigating a 2008 arson on the property of UC-Santa Cruz vivisector. In reality, the grand jury was convened as a fishing expedition to harass local activists and destroy our movements and networks.

She plead the fifth at her first hearings. But when the government threatened to hold her in contempt, she acquiesced and testified. It is unclear what questions were asked. Collaboration with the state is never acceptable.

It appears she be working for the CANTEEN in portland, a restaurant catering to vegans. Makes sense. We all know vegans can't handle interrogation.

Oh come on now.

Jesus Christ! How many fuckin comments are there? GET OUT OF HERE! Too many people coming to this website! GO AWAY!


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