The Case of the Cleveland 5: The FBI, Entrapment & the construction of Terrorists

  • Posted on: 16 July 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" Final Straw, July 15, 2012</a>

This week's conversation features a discussion of the case of the Cleveland 5, anarchists arrested in Ohio on April 30th for allegedly attempting to blow up a bridge. But the case isn't so simple as idealists independently taking direct and spectacular action against infrastructure. As members of Cleveland 5 Justice (the support group for the defendants) share with us information about the accused, what is known about the alleged infiltrator sent by the FBI to facilitate a terror case (Shaquille Azir), and the significance of the timing of the arrests to coincide with May Day celebrations worldwide and the reawakening of the Occupy Movement in the U.S., we see a widened scope of intrigue and entrapment that fits into a bigger picture of corrupt government and self-serving security services.</td><td><img title="and still we sleep" src=""></td></tr><...

This show will be streaming at from 7/16/12 til 7/23/12 and can be found
at by searching the damn show title.

<a href=""></a>
<a href=" FBI Entrapment is Inventing Terrorists and Letting Bad Guys Off The Hook"</a>
<a href=" "Inside The FBI Entrapment Strategy"</a>
<a href="">My boys, The Cleveland 5</a>


Solidarity to the utmost of these young men. I struggled holding a job for years and went from a diagnosis of bipolar to schizophrenic, similar to some of these comrades who are locked up. I was monitored by the FBI myself and had some odd people happen my way with odd ideas... I managed to evade a similar trap. In a way I feel incredibly guilty I'm out here while they're in there. Brandon was a comrade I only had the chance of meeting once, but now I fear I may never meet him again. I imagine I would be seeing him again at the second Occupy the Midwest Conference in August if it weren't for this game of power the State played with five men's lives. Freedom to all prisoners and fire to the prisons! We are all the Cleveland Five.

That's THERE diagnosis, you're just a freedom-seeker dude, like all anarchists(nihilists)

Man I gotta get my soul right I gotta get these devils out my life These cowards gonna make a nigga ride They won't be happy till somebody dies
Man I gotta get my soul right 'For I'm locked up for my whole life Evertime it seems it's all right Somebody want they soul to rise

JUst wondering who sang those lyrics? I can use them, beautiful!

do you lack self awareness?

Damn, I'm so embarrassed, such a religionist and statist. To shoot ones brother over vanity, that's sick! It was the poetry at first, now,,,,nothing.

Hey ummm hal, if you did a google search on those words it would say JAY-Z. You not aware of this mobility?

why should we encourage culture which promotes usage of the n word. i mean there's a position that people of color can call each other the n word, but I'm of the position that no one should call anyone else the n word. something to carry discourse over?

I tire of the contentious debate about nigga as compared to nigger taken out of context.

Why don't you go to the New Orleans APOC meeting and tell them that.

This is an exact example of why Law Books should be burnt. Despite the legacy that history bestows upon its refinement of sensitive cases, and the processes of enabling precedents, which this case is crying out for, with the call for natural laws from the commonalty. All sentiments evolve, an idea about moral or ethical issues is relevant to a region. After all, in some situations cannibalism can become a plausible ethos, not even in the satiric sense as Swift would approach its novelty, which seems to be a re-emerging tendency. In my world the 5 would walk free.

My dime I'm outta here.

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