The Casual LBC Tour

  • Posted on: 12 April 2016
  • By: lbc

From Little Black Cart

This Spring we (a two wheeled subset of LBC) plan on a big trip across the US. We'd like to visit your town. If you are in a town near where you see a gap of time please drop us a line at
the Little Black Cart email address. This trip we are doing presentations on nihilism, anarchist decision making, and a new networking project.

Our hope with this tour is to stop at the places in between the cities. If you live in one of these places drop us a line and we'll stop and have coffee or a meal or something.

Here are our dates and the places we know we are stopping

April 17th - Portland OR: Anarres Infoshop
April 18th - Seattle WA: Left Bank Books
April 24th - Victoria BC: Camas books
April 25th - Vancouver BC: 38 Blood Alley
May 2-3rd - Minneapolis MN
May 6th-10th - Western Michigan
May 12thish - SE Michigan
May 16thish - Toronto
May 18th - Rochester NY
May 21st - Boston MA
May 28th - Montreal QC
June 2nd-4th - Ohio
June 5th - Bloomington
June 6th-8th - Chicago
June 9th-11th - Midwest
June 11th - Oklahoma Bookfair
June 12th-on - Somewhere West of OK near the I40



I love the diogenes as oscar the grouch photo. Lol!

Anarchist writing/actions/projects on mental illness, specifically related to medication, links?

Guide to kulchur 17th? Or buffalo...

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