The Cause for the Destruction of the World

I understand that you delete and censor anything that is not exactly mainstream cliche what you want to hear, because the secret services want you to self censor. But here it is about very imortant things, and I would appreciate if we can at least try to discuss for a second in a reasonable manner about these things and that potential spammers and idiots are removed from the topic.

This is about that the monotheistic elite is a international group that is purposely and systematically destroying the world and making extinct all life. To fight this group is moralistic and anarchistic and anyone saying something else is an idiot and propaganda victim.

The monotheistic group is foretelling the world end in their texts of Bible, Thora and Koran. They are also foretelling it via Nostradamus and many other "prophecies" / plans like Breivik. They put their own prophecies into action by violence, murder and terror. 1666 they foretell the fire of London but have put it self into place and were captured and sentenced for it. 64 they foretell the fire of Rome but have put it self into place and were captured and sentenced for it. Nostradamus himself, his son or doppelgaenger was exectud after he put into place his own foretold fire in the city of Le Pourzin. 2001 WTC in the massmedia were all over the world stories spread with titles like "Did Nostradamus forsee the attack?" It was proven by a forged image of "Nostradamus" that was made publix 1995 (and not in 16. century).

The thing is, they are foretelling that, they are putting into action their own prophecies, the papacy is having the world power since the colonisation. They are the cause and responsbile for the destruction of the world and nature. Any attempt or "solution" that is excluding this is in fact supporting and helping to carry out the destruction.

Yeah but what about pirates?

Yeah but should anarchists colonize mars? Whoosh! Spacey ships! Topic of the Week: Is eating dinosaurs vegan in a time traveling anarchist alternate timeline where dinosaurs are made out of cornbread?

Yeah but what about giant gay robots or Robotqueers?

Some things in life come with no answers attached.

I think the author of this topic should read something from bob black, alfredo bonanno, and even classics from kropotkin and bakunin, berkman... then his understanding of some group/elite will focus on those whom we call the system/capitalism (billionaires, their managers, their prostitutes called politicians, cops, judges, prosecutors, secret service, etc). o, and some of them are more, some are less connected with the church.

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