To Change Everything US Tour

  • Posted on: 15 June 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From CrimethInc.:

We’re organizing a US tour for this September and October including anarchists from the groups that have produced versions of To Change Everything in Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the Balkans, as well as North America. Together, they will present a panel discussion comparing experiences from the recent global wave of uprisings and exploring the significance of anarchism in the 21st century. We’re excited to facilitate this exchange of perspectives across different continents and struggles, in hopes of helping to foster more global connections and solidarity.

But we need your help! If you are able to host an event, please contact us at We’re especially interested in setting up events outside the usual venues. We would love to hear from student groups, community centers, and anyone else with a good idea.

Here is a description of the presentation:

To Change Everything: Anarchism and the New Social Movements

An International Panel Discussion

This panel brings together organizers from Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and North America to discuss the significance of anarchist ideas and tactics in the 21st century.

The participants will compare experiences from the wave of protests and uprisings that has swept the world since 2010—exploring the role of demand-based politics in both catalyzing and limiting movements, examining a variety of forms of repression, and critically evaluating experiments with direct democracy. They will conclude by assessing the prospects of contemporary struggles for self-determination in an era of globalized capitalism and state control.

All of the presenters are contributors to a recent outreach and dialogue project, To Change Everything, which appeared earlier this year in over twenty languages:



Let's take worker's proposal seriously--should anarchists be mobilizing to oppose the 2016 elections? Is that a strategic thing to focus on right now? Trolls not invited--ignore them if they chime in.

I don't think so.

What... you mean like doing that same old anti-RNC/DNC convergences? Was it so effective and empowering that it's worth putting your energies on such a spectacular exercise? Furthermore, this would be a strictly US thing...

Why not instead spending your energies, wits and monies doing a supermassive "Lamar/Swain 2016" campaign? Would Crimethinc mobilize their resources and themselves for this!? I ain't sure.

Or you could instead cause a huge precedent by opposing Keystone XL before and during the campaign. Or do anything else practical...

How about oppose all fracking, oil pipelines and all other destructive methods of civilization before, during and after the campaign. Some other options would be to ask an indigenous person to want to advocate for presidency. I would much rather campaign for a willing indigenous person as president then Lamar or Sean Swain.

-an anti-civ anarchist

Aw...yeah... coz Evo Morales did such a good job to support grassroots indigenous resistance.

As clarification, the "Lamar/Swain 2016" thing wouldn't be to get them elected, foo!

Anti-election stuff is exciting in Mexico (and other places, but currently our comrades in Mexico are battling on this front) because they have the material capacity to (at least significanly attempt to) prevent the elections from happening in certain regions entirely. In a US contexr, what could possibly be accomplished against elections aside from boring "consciousness raising" and maybe a disruption or ttwo at a polling place in a particularly rebellious city—I could picture it in Seattle or Oakland or maybe Durham or somewhere along those lines— but none of this is worthy of being our primary objective. Then again, I am unfamiliar with the proposal you mention so maybe there was more to it than that.

The elections themselves? Probably not but leveraging what looks to be the most farcical match up in history against our common enemies locally seems to be a pretty big opening.

This of course requires anarchists in the USA to actually have some on the ground traction and support within their localities. You know the Black Lives Matter people are gonna hit the Democrats hard. What if the radical queers (Clinton believes the rich gay population is a huge money and effort machine for her) acted against the class interests within their sphere as well?

A lot of potential to separate ourselves from the really shitty liberal identity politics that have been dominating discourse for too long. Not to mention in cities that are on the brink, such a horrid match up will cause dissension as is. But it takes people pushing it and engaging in the right way. Not showing up to a demonstration in black with 10 people. But, actually splitting neighborhoods, culture and "communities" in order to actually get concessions and change.

In terms of national politics, I think there is certainly something to watch out for. If one of the responses to police violence decide on a large scale to demonstrate at the conventions I absolutely *would not* throw this option off the table. It's nonsense to think that ALL convergences are worthless and a healthy anarchist presence in the USA should be able to make the right decisions. Of course, that requires anarchists actually using their mental capacities.

On a whimsical level, a matchup in the primaries between Bernie and Hillary could be pretty funny to watch. And even interject in. I see a lot of potential to piss off liberals there on a multitude of levels.

Anyhow, there's my non trolling answer.

I have the power chord guitar riff for the occasion, combined with the theatrical satire to announce the corruption of democracy upon the individual evolution of social relationships. One must remember democracy is an illusion and fantasy, and uses choreography, crass as it may be, it works on the foolish proles. My Creative Aesthetic Insurrection script entices a dialectic with those desiring a rotating and never stagnent benevolent dictatorship.

What's the chord arrangement just wondering?

That's not really important, majors, minors, 7ths and minor7ths, some suspended, but its really about creating a theme to invoke an aesthetic revolutionary consciousness in the listener. Hey, I'm on your side remember!

Chill dude, just asking, like the theme, you know, Beethovens 5th, Dah Dah Dah Daaaaah, or Wagner's Ride of the Valkeries, Dah Dah Dah Dah Daaah, Dah Dah Dah Daaaah, Dah Dah Dah DAH dah, Dah Dah Dah dahhhh. Ok, the Beatles, or was it John Lennon, who said they wanted to change the world with music, not original, Ludwig van had the same conviction, most passionate artists aspire to an aesthetic design for altering common perceptions. I DONT DOUBT YOUR SINCERITY, lol, was that irony about taking sides, haha, the birth of democracy, 2 people making a deal to support each other regardless lol. As you probably know, all known belief systems are accompanied by a thematical musical score, whether tribal chants or metaphorical theatrical operas or moral plays, look at Obamas inauguration speech and the sickening sentimental hollywood inspired 1950s B-grade musical coreography, truly crass and could only be loved by moronic bourgeois accomplices,. ,,,,. What is your CAI we hear so much about but are left wondering about its content,,,. I'm sure its entertaining ;)

Weeellll,,,for you fellow artisan, here is the preface. Leftist anarchists would find this disturbing and troll me endlessly, but for you, enjoy!

"Would it be auspicious in the 21st Century to delete obsolete terminologies, philosophies, religions and morals, and to venture out into unknown cerebral environments, because we must acknowledge that belief and reality have woven and enmeshed all previous experiences, like the fly in the spider's web, the cynical rule by numbers, the individual crucified for being original and unique. Should not Marx, Bakunin, Anarchism, Communism , capitalism all just be deleted from the 21st century dictionary, fuck year! ;) Every living entity possesses the power to self-administer to itself with empathy also to remain an aesthetically perfect being, which I am now at!"
Yes, I hope you found the whimsical self-flattery entertaining, its the lost art in conversation and repartee, a most aesthetical form of verbal conversation.

THis is Anews in 2014. With two or three anti-anarchist dimwits who might be the same dimwit licking each other's ass in the comment section while pretending being valid anarchist perspective.

Bravo mods. Fucking bravo.

"Fishing pono" is a documentary i saw last night.
It is about community controlled fishing in hawaii on molokai, and those people were talking some serious indigenously formulated anarchism, especially concepts academically described by elinor ostrom (her work on the commons) and david graeber (in Debt).
Gives me hope...
Here's the trailer:

Anarcho For President 2016

With promises of dozens of new social centers to help realize your desires and your daily projects
Full-scale riot opportunities through head-on confrontations with the establishment
Squatter's cockroach insurance

god, as bad as this tour looks I really hope you aren't serious... talk about low points in insular scene identity-politic drama, I'm sure everyone who got 'checked' continues to do their part and has learned to "sit back and shut up", as they say...

Crowd-sourced repression is what that's called.

But what looks bad about the tour, exactly? Or is it just that commenters here have to hate everything?

What makes you equate "valid criticism" with "hate"?

Sectarianism probably?

That tour thing sure has got something sectarian, with group actually more caring to promote their brand, worldview and rhetoric rather than actually promoting real-life struggles that are happening now and would enjoy their active support, with the resources they have. But of course only a dead anarchist is a good anarchist deserving credit, right?

Wait, are you actually in the Philippines getting paid pennies an hour to write vague negativities about stuff you've never heard of? Man, that must suck.

What makes you equate "valid criticism" with "hate"?

valid criticism troll: just repeats "valid criticism" endlessly when no criticism was actually offered

I know you're being sarcastic, but you're actually right. Trolls need more bandwidth to post than they do to torrent. This is why when blogs fuck up and post the wrong content it's a pain to get them out. However, the biggest issue here is that shutting down a whole chunk of the blog so you can try to pull a stunt that puts a lot of domains at risk. All it takes is one gust between the pipes to end up crashing a server.

Have you ever looked at the crimethinc website? It's full of support for "real-life struggles that are happening now".

What happened to CrimethInc in Pittsburgh? And when?

attacked the convergence space and used their powers of 'everything you do is gentrification and imbued with eternal privilege' to boot the other ID politicos (crimethinc) out.
I can't remember the year.

I'm ignoring you because you are obviously just a troll trying to derail the conversation.

What's interesting to me is that Worker, who made some rollovers that were critical of the anti-convention/anti-election organizing in 2008, expressed in 2012 that Occupy lost momentum because the elections stole the spotlight and nobody organized to react to them in time. Is Worker trying to get anarchists to mobilize against the elections... so he can be critical of them again? Or because he's had a change of heart? Or is he just teasing Crimethinc for having focused on the elections so much in 2004 + 2008?

There is little doubt in many people's mind that the Pittsburgh incident was Cointelpro. The leader Jordan was already suspected by many of being some sort of provocateur because of previous conversations and disruptive behaviors which had him banned from a number of houses and events. He subsequently went back to Philly (despite railing against gentrification of the neighborhood none of the disruptors were actually from Pittsburgh) where he took over Philly APOC, Bash Back and the SHAC group, consolidated them and kicked everybody out in a storm of abusive behavior masquerading as identity politics. Speaking of abusive behavior masquerading as identity politics, "Kill Whitey" another of the primary disruptors moved into the landslide farm after the convergence, a squatted urban land project in pittsburgh where they threatened and assaulted various people also using identity politics as a cover/shield from reasonable recourse (and since have abused other partners using similar mind-fuckery). A third disruptor (sister soldier I believe was her convergence moniker?) went to Chicago afterwards where she recruited others to threaten, harass and vandalize anarchist/punk houses which she accused of gentrifying certain neighborhoods. It is worth noting that they do not seem to have attacked the white yuppies, businesses or police in the area, probably picking soft targets for fear of backlash, since that's what abusive types do. Worth noting in the context of everything else the anarchist scene is dealing with in this country these days...

OMG!!!,,,,,,Anarchism has ventured into soap-operatic narratives, even admitting that they "do not seem to have attacked the white yuppies, businesses or police in the area" lolol all of these identities vying for power, hilarious binary depletion!

Plaguing a hood near you.

"...even admitting that they "do not seem to have attacked the white yuppies, businesses or police in the area"
I think the point was that their commitment to fighting gentrification seemed to end at terrorizing anarchist and punk houses and did not seem to include perhaps more strategic targets that were also more likely to strike back at the identity politicians. It would seem that the author is suggesting ulterior motives all together for attacking said houses, not simply critiquing their strategy.

Could you bros expand just a little on your non traditional spaces. It seems like student groups and community centers would still be traditional? I mean you obviously mean no Infoshops and informal park gatherings right?

But Crimethinc is pretty against commercial spots specifically ones that have beer...or no?

You all should take the initiative to contact groups outside the regular roll! Pick out weird little towns on the periphery between major hot spots (like the whole center of the country) and schedule events at their public libraries.

That's not new, it's been crimethinc ' s strong suit for a long time. Other than the pittsburgh one, the convergence happened in Louisville (which I recognize is a real city but not one generally considered a hot spot), des moines iowa, Winona minnesota, Bloomington indiana, Waldo Wisconsin, Athens ohio and so on. Their tours have traditionally criss crossed the country hitting some very small towns...

When I was incarcerated in 1999, one of the correctional officers said she was going to play her gospel music. She said if we had a problem we could go without music for the rest of her shift. We were in cells so music is all we had I ask to speak to the grievance officer. And I wrote out a complaint about her forcing religious music and threating to punish us for not wanting to liste to gospel music. It took 24 hours for a response as it was a Sunday and not an emergency. It caused a shit storm and I was constantly reprimanded by administrative staff and asked why I wanted to stir up trouble. I stood my ground. We were never forced to listen to gospel again and she was transferred to a different unit.

Subject line says it all. I hope US anarchists consider taking some anti-voting actions of whatever sort in solidarity with the anti-voting actions in Mexico.

If you're not familiar with what's going down in Mexico, you can find good info here: "264 voting boxes in Oaxaca were either disabled, destroyed or stolen accounting for 6.3% of the total 4000 voting boxes installed in Oaxaca." Lots of pictures of Mexicans setting polling places on fire, etc. Ayotzinapa43 inspired a lot of the calls not to vote in the narco-state elections.

That's the kind of anti-voting activity that anarchist in NA would get a high ground in doing. Wait for the time when they collect these boxes to put them into vans at the end of the day, though in the US you'd better be armed for doing that type of stuff. THOUGH what's the use in attacking such an already-unpopular electoral system, considering that it also has been massively rigged already? Or are the Diebold machines still used? In such a context I wonder if it could be of any use.

Bnaries won't stop!!!

Just looked at myself into a mirror and.... binaries, binaries, binaries! ALl my eyes could see with those binary eyes, andbinary brain, testicles/ovaries, lungs and heart. Deleuze was right, we must become bodies without organs.

(then follows his po-mo guru, commits suicide)

eat some potent psilocybes and try again.
or maybe just spend some time alone , deep in the forest.
now what do you see in those eyes? in that heart?
surely, there's some grey matter there, in which you will become,
something between the object and it's reflection.

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