This Changes Fuck All

  • Posted on: 14 June 2015
  • By: stimulator
Why marching in circles accomplishes nothing

To watch this video visit -

This week we take on the NGO led spectacle called the people’s climate march plus a look at Peru’s spectacular resistance against a copper mine, and the call from the east to disrupt oil extraction and infrastructure. On the music break, Ontario based hiphop group Flowtilla with "Stop Line 9". We wrap things up with an exclusive interview with Sea, an inhabitant of la ZAD, Europe’s largest post capitalist occupation.



pics or it didn't happen

who needs proof of a bunch of environmentalists doing a massive global circle jerk while people are doing direct action to save the environment and wildlife, sometimes together with indigenous peoples.

Ooh! Indidengous peoples! Really? They're so cool. I wish I could so something together with thems.

yessssssssssss more militant media with lots of cursinggggg!!!!!!!! OOUTTA FUCKS TO GIVE! Burn down the CVS!

Get on Wrong Kind of Green and read up. Learn how to fight the psychological war. Take a 'top view' of power. Go deep with Cory Morningstar #elleprovocateur. Nobody names the names or connects the dots like her! Read Jay Tauber on NetWar, check out Michael Barker as he eviscerates the networks, absorb the wisdom of Michael Donnelly who saw the smoke in the distance a long time ago, and zero in on Amanda Lickers and Cat Yang Stevens as they slice their way through the spectacle. Most of all honor those who pioneered the critique of the Non Profit Industrial Complex, The Revolution Will Not Be Funded!

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