Chile , Santiago: Attempted Incendiary Attack Against a Transantiago Bus for Black December

  • Posted on: 5 January 2018
  • By: thecollective

via act for freedom now!

28.12.17: Around dawn on December 18, 2017 an incendiary device was found on a route 107 Transantiago bus. When the suspicious object was found, the bus stopped at a nearby mall and the police were called.

The device consisted of two plastic bottles containing fuel connected to a timer that failed to activate. Police announced to the media that ‘anarchist slogans’ were found with the device.

Eventually, after threats of prosecution made by GOPE (Special Operations Police Group), Labocar (Scientific / Forensic Police) and the Southern Prosecutor’s office, the attempted attack was claimed by anarchists as part of Black December. The claim of responsibility is printed below…


We do not believe in the ideas and fallacies of democracies.
We reject their methods of social control and their implementation of laws and precautionary measures that seek to keep our brothers and sisters behind the walls of their damned prisons.
We are positioned directly on the frontline against all exploitation.
This month when Angry surrendered to the embrace of his convictions we greet with a howl of freedom his comrades and his relatives.

To the many brothers and sisters of the anonymous ones who still do not surrender and who, despite being locked up, continue to resist with their lives.
We will regain our freedom and resist until the last breath floods our hearts.

Sharpening our blades for a more accurate attack we position ourselves every day in any place in the world against all authority, seeking to spread the idea of total liberation to every corner. So that our attacks, no matter how diverse they may be, will be carried out with the necessary planning and care, not giving in to the desires of the damned ones who want life to be peaceful. Millions of damned dollars are spent on ‘security’ by the bastards who try to possess our lives and ideas but in spite of this nothing will work. For all the tears that we shed are transformed into the fuel that triggers our urge to contine, and all the blood of our murdered brothers and sisters will be avenged, against the techno industrial progress and all the machines that devastate the eath and the lives of all the living beings that we inhabit the world with.


We claim full responsibility for the placement of an explosive device on the route 107 Transantiago bus at 4:30AM on Monday, December 18, 2017.
This action was planned remembering with love and anger our kidnapped brothers and sisters who have been tortured and murdered in this space called earth.
Our courage sits alongside our contempt towards the slaves of the State.
With a smile from those eager to challenge our progress, we learned that unfortunately the bomb did not detonate, as some citizens noticed the backpack that contained it and alerted the driver who in turn alerted the police and along with them the bastard media circus that we know so well. We would like to clarify that we took note of the bus schedule to make sure that not many citizens were mobilized in that symbol of progress, and that we see this action as yet another experience of our life of seeking freedom.
The idea of targeting this bus and this particular route came from remembering TAMARA SOL and her action of love and revenge!

Sebastián Oversluij and Alexandros Grigoropoulos presentes!
Down with the police death squads of the State!
While there is Misery there will be Rebellion!

We send a complicit howl to the imprisoned comrades from the so-called ‘EREBO’ operation in Brazil*.
Alfredo Cospito and all the prisoners to the street!

(via Noticias de la Guerra Social and Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)

*Note from Insurrection News: It should be pointed out that so far no comrades have been imprisoned as result of Operation Erebo in Brazil, however this should not prevent us from expressing solidarity with our anarchist comrades in the region who face ongoing repressive actions from the police.



So...the device was placed on a bus while it was in service with people riding it?

psst! hey bro! your sentimental humanism is showing

Mine is too, then.

Sarcasm aside, psychopathic is a behavioral desease, not a philosophical proposition,.,

Well that's about the biggest shortcoming with the FAI/CCF type of strategy... That agents of the State or Far Right groups can recycle it while conducting attacks that are harming civilians for no reason. Read: the Bologna train station bombing and other similar false radleft attacks committed by the Gladio fascists.

Also kinda easy to write such a communique by imitating anarchist insurrescto sensisbilities, after the loads of insurrecto writings published on the nets for years. Try harder.

it was a glorified fire cracker on a near empty bus not a bomb.

"The device consisted of two plastic bottles containing fuel connected to a timer"... Maybe the firecracker was the timer/ignitor, but I never seen firecrakers containing fuel.

Being an internet windbag from the USA I'm guessing you've never seen a small incendiary device before either. But never mind, keep fanning the flames of 'indiscriminate' hysteria.

The word "glorified" is there to indicate to someone smarter than you that the commenter isn't impressed by such puny little IEDs because they're super badass and you're not.

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