Chilean anarchist bomber sentenced to six years of probation

  • Posted on: 15 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From the Santiago Times

Attempted bomber acquitted of terrorist charges and spared jail.

Luciano Pitronello, a 23-year-old anarchist on trial for a bombing attempt last year, was sentenced to six years of probation by the Fourth Oral Criminal Tribunal in Santiago on Wednesday. Pitronello will serve the sentence under house arrest.

The case has been a source of particular controversy in Chile, especially after the court decided last week that Pitronello’s actions could not be constituted as terrorism.

Pitronello’s lawyer, Carlos Mora, spoke of his client’s satisfaction after the sentencing.</td><td><img title="Happiness" src=""></td...

“He is very satisfied by the verdict because the only thing he was asking for was to not be labelled as a terrorist, because he isn’t one,” Mora told the press. “He knew he was to be convicted, and he risked effective punishments.”

District Attorney Raúl Gúzman said he would ask for an appeal, due to the fact that the crime of terrorism was not considered in the case. The district attorney’s office has 10 days to appeal to either the Supreme Court or the Court of Appeals, while Pitronello’s defense team prepares the arguments to defend the ruling that the attempted bombing was not an act of terrorism.

Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter said it was “very probable” that the Ministry would also appeal the decision.

“When a person decides to execute a crime involving the making, placing and denotation of a bomb, this person is thinking further than just the physical damage it could cause to a building,” Hinzpeter said. “This person is thinking of causing alarm and introducing fear to the people, and this same bomb could have affected people circulating in that area.”

After terrorist charges were dropped last week, Pitronello’s sister took to her Twitter account to express her disappointment at the charges being dropped.

“I lament the rejection of classifying my brother’s actions as terrorist, he is a danger to society,” she wrote.

Pitronello’s homemade device exploded in his hands during his bombing attempt last June at a Santander bank in downtown Santiago, taking his right hand and three of his fingers on his left. He had previously been vocal in online forums in his criticism of global economic inequalities and multinational corporations.


fucking awesome!!!

fuck yeah!

Fuck his sister. She's a piece of shit.


do sister snitches get sister stitches?

most definitely.

She is hereby sentenced to spend the rest of her life darning holes in the soxes of the entire populatian.

Wonderful News, Beautiful Comrade!

6 years on probation. Time to get some reading done. Buy my book.

-Scott Crow, Leftist Organizer/Coordinator

Is there any escape from you dandy leftists?

Like the writer, when he's having his name stolen to promote the creation of security teams to beat up Anarchists who are difficult to get along with. I always appreciate it when people come up with brilliant ideas that promote casual violence and use words like "wing nut" against the intended targets. Now you know why some animals eat their young.

Can I have my copy signed?


-Scott Crow, Grand Anarch of Anarchism

In the United States he would've been publicly stoned to death, it would've been televised on every station.

Imagine the riot after that. Provided any anarchists in America could get off their asses long enought to formulate a practice more than reading and telling people how bad everything is. Oh and dropping banners. We just love dropping banners.

do not forget newspaper boxes

Good thing he had better luck than Marcelo Morales and his sister is an asshole worse than the cops. Still this doesn´t change my opinion that insurrectionist anarchism is foolish risk. Since he speaks spanish , while he is in this "probation" i will suggest him to read this good criticism of Alfredo Bonanno and insurectionism.

"Anarquía profesional y desarme teórico: Sobre insurrecionalismo" x Miguel Amorós

i posted the previous thing. For those who don´t know about Mauricio Morales (sorry, is not Marcelo) see "Anarchist in Chile dies from explosive device"

Could someone machine translate the amoros text on bonanno? If not I will post one below this comment tomorrow.

you fucking ignorant opportunistic prick.

While I wouldn't be as optimistic as some about six years on house arrest, I'm really glad that it wasn't a much worse sentence. Here's hoping that it takes less than six years for the state to die. I don't think it's impossible.

If that was in Canada, he'd be doing 6 years of hard time.

in the US, 50 years

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