Clandestine group "Anarquistas al Combate" makes a call for autonomy in Colombia

  • Posted on: 4 March 2017
  • By: thecollective

From Ruptura Colectiva, translated by anonymous

In the afternoon of the first of March, the clandestine group “Anarquistas al Combate” took the P building of the National Pedagogical University in the city of Bogotá, Colombia, making a call to the student community to resume the process of autonomy and rebellion in their discussions and practices in and outside of the university space. The militant hooded ones painted some slogans on the walls of the building and strongly rejected the more than 120 assassinations of community leaders and defenders of human rights[1] in just 14 months in all of Columbia, specifically in a political context mediated by peace, side by side with the serious – and cowardly – paramilitary attacks against social fighters.

This past February 23rd, the “Festival for Rebellion and Memory” was held in the Plaza Darío Betancourt, which aimed to strengthen the student imagination about the police attacks against the students organized in the UPN, and as well as, serving as an anticipatory activity to the national march against the recent Police Code approved at the start of 2017. At the festival, a helicopter circled just meters away.

[1] human rights was capitalized in original Spanish – Derechos Humanos (Human Rights)



If there's one social tragedy that rivals the terrorism of the State in Colombia, it's that insane nonviolence of the students, for whom banners and spray paint is apparently the only way to answer to their friends being shot and killed. Police repression is "our rebellion", people shot by cops is "insurrection"...

"At the festival, a helicopter circled just meters away"

If there's anything that's definitely NOT needed, it's that old Leftist victimization that gives the States forces the full monopoly of political or social violence. That same old trend of BDSM activists with really dark morals, who're almost begging to get beaten and raped by the pigs so that'll give them a reason to "resist" another day.

And how many people do you know who've been murdered for social activism or organizing?

For every single person that would, I would rather tell you the numbers of throats I have cut or brains I have punched through in retaliation. You want justice for those murders? Do it the Tamara Sol way.

Ive met a whole pile of Columbians who had family murdered for organizing/activism. It's really not an uncommon thing there.

But do they ever shoot back... or they just accept it as "fate"? I heard there's that morality in parts of South America, that you also got in Southeast Asia, where death is seen as unimportant, coz basically according to them people just reincarnate later.

A belief which seems beautiful to me, although it makes it quite easy for any brutal regime to keep the people into line.

Nope. To my knowledge no lefties or activist types in Columbia have ever shot back. There was no insurgencies, no guerillas and certainly no decades of civil war with a coalition of the Columbian state, US military and fascist death squads. All those dudes with the machine guns and jungle camps were just painting banners.

Question was more about the activist students, darling. Everybody knows about the armed struggle of the FARC...

Students grow up.
I am sure some of them go join people in armed struggle.
You act like people are statues and not living, changing beings.
You are so stupid.
You're so determined to shit on these people. What the fuck have you ever done? (Besides read Stirner, I assume...)

Just not too much stuff into groups, or worse, organizations like unions.

I'd kill cops or even private paramilitaries without hesitation if I had a solid enough cause for it, but I cling to principles of non-aggression and rationality. But when a person I hold dear gets killed or severely injured by one of those, I'll have it very easy to slay one or two cops and scavenge their stuff. I just don't connect with most people enough to be fighting in their name, or avenging them...

Well, far be it for me to argue with such a *obviously hardcore badass* but I can imagine quite a few answers to your persistent questioning...

1. Radicals who were into paramilitary action joined guerilla groups and terrorist cells instead of some nonviolent student group.
2. Acts of armed resistance against the state and their goons, which do happen, don't tend to get attributed to nonviolent student groups
3. People who grew up surrounded by the legacy of decades of civil war might feel differently about armed struggle than you or I.

Complaining about a lack of armed resistance in Columbia is like whining about a lack of snow in Nunavut. Furthermore, that decades-long history of "shooting back" proved a pretty fucking colossal disaster. Maybe if you spent more time reading and less time on adolescent revenge fantasies...

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