Coast to Coast - Anarcho-primitivism with John Zerzan

  • Posted on: 13 July 2012
  • By: worker


<p>Intellectual leader of the anarcho-primitivist movement, <a href="" target="_blank">John Zerzan</a>, regards technology as a destroyer of human communities. He'll join John B. Wells to discuss his controversial opinions about the late Steve Jobs and how high tech communications end up isolating the average person.</p>


6-10pm PT: Art Bell - <i>Somewhere in Time</i> returns to 2/2/99 when private investigator <a href="" target="_blank">Edmund Pankau</a> revealed how you can hide your assets and disappear.<br />

<li><a href='' target="_blank" title=""></a></li>
<li><a href=' target="_blank" title="Future Primitive Revisited">Future Primitive Revisited</a></li>
<li><a href='' target="_blank" title="Running on Emptiness: The Pathology of Civilization">Running on Emptiness: The Pathology of Civilization</a></li>


haha, finally the radio show on which he belongs!

Haha. Is this tonight or tomorrow night?

He'll be on Saturday night. Check yer local listings...


this might make some people like Coast to Coast AM more. It makes ME like John Zerzan more.

"Intellectual leader of the anarcho-primitivist movement"


Speaking of primitivist movement... did they literally just all go in the woods? I hardly hear anything about them any more. I wouldn't even believe they're in hiding, they were all about the E.L.F. and that shit has come to a fucking halt in the U.S. since the Green Scare started. (Luckily can't say the same for the A.L.F.)
Not to mention climate change is fucking in our face and there's no radical fucking gnarly motherfuckers fighting back. Yes, I'm aware that this is my fault as much as any one else's, but damn, did these kids just disappear, or turn into insurrectionaries?

Maybe we should look more at the authors of anarchist primitivism and ask: Where are they now?

John Zerzan is doing a radio show.
Kevin Tucker is in a rock band of some sort.
Wolfi Landstreicher, Bob Black and Hakim Bey contributed to primitivism, but weren't primitivists.
John Moore died as did Freddy Perlman.
John Filiss doesn't seem to of written anything lately.
Derrick Jensen abandoned influencing primitivism for Deep Green Resistance.
Jared Diamond an influence, is still writing stuff about how civilization behaves and does documentaries.
I don't know what happened to John Conner.

Anyways, of those I listed, very few actually identified as anarchist primitivists and most of the actual anarchist primitivist authors seem to of moved into other projects that don't write about anarchist primitivism as much. As far as the anarchist primitivist milieu, their still are gatherings, but when I attended one years ago, most didn't have a radical view of primitivism and were more about rewilding and dealing with the issue of collapse. Since the narrative of collapse is no longer a strong motivation to get involved in anarchist stuff, I think that most people that may of considered themselves anarchist primitivists adapted to anti-civ egoists, insurrectionary anarchists and so on.

I'd like to see more contributions to anarchist primitivism that reasserts its radicalism and offers a viable praxis. My contribution to it would be that through the abolition of work and ending the dominant order, people can begin to find how they want to express their lives and rewild as far as is possible in such an environment, but still be willing to deal with sedentary ways of life. It is uncertain as to how technology would behave without the resources given up on extracting through the abolition of work, but I imagine it would be the end of most forms of industrial manufacturing and mining.

I think that's an unfair assessment of John and KT. John still does talks and writes, mostly essays. Tucker's band has since recently disbanded (and the purpose of Peregrine was to introduce the ideas of AP/GA into the metal/hardcore scene; he even did an interview with Invisible Oranges:, but he's about to release another issue of Species Traitor that's apparently book length.

It's pretty egregious to lump them in with Jensen, who has reneged on just about every facet of anti-civ discourse in favor of increasing liberalism.

No reason to take bad faith. I was more concerned with showing how people's time was taken up and why we don't see anarchist primitivist essays and such on the internet as often. I should've also pointed out that KT just made a new species traitor and JZ does an occasional essay. What is on his website isn't much. You know if he's writing a book or planning to restart Green Anarchy?

I wouldn't take Jensen with bad faith either and agree that he is a piece of shit.

JZ's also recently wrote the Origins of the 1%: The Bronze Age pamphlet. Pretty sure he also contributed to a recent issue of Fifth Estate, and is about to go tour the UK.

I hear he's also opening for Roger Waters The Wall concerts.

To a degree, most anarchists aren't influenced by authors, as much as they are by their peers. It doesn't mean fuck all what any given author is doing, that hardly has any effect on the rest of us. Some of my most favorite influential writers have been my own friends.

This is why I'm always puzzled why people always fall back on prioritizing "big name" anarchist celebrities. Who gives a fuck?

Just tell people YOUR thoughts on anarchism. Besides, I never see any of these guys in the streets with me in the thick of it.

The question was about the disappearance of anarchist primitivism. My answer was an attempt to answer why they might of made a disappearance on the Internet, zines and journals as the authors are who typically produce their visibility *here* on the Internet.

As I said before, there are still gatherings, with the Feral Visions gathering happening not too long ago. Those that participated may be able to speak more strongly if an anarchist primitivist milieu was in attendance or not. I apologize that I can't give a deeper answer as there are no anarchist primitivists around my area AFAIK.

As for small names, what ever happened to Felonious Skunk? His writing on momentums instead of movements still holds a fairly strong influence on me, but I can't speak of what happened to this author. Felonious Skunk may not be a primitivist, but was fairly influential with Green Anarchy magazine.

Felonious Skunk moved to the woods and seems to be embarrassed by Fire and Ice. Desert was one of the most talked about writings in my periphery of the last year. I know hella primitivists. Maybe you live in the wrong place?

skunkly monkly co-wrote Fire and Ice, not Felonious Skunk.

please, don't: I don't want to be associated with that disgusting pervert.

-- Bob Black (pig ffffucker and fine young cannibal)

a perfect fit.

how high tech communications end up isolating the average person
how high tech communications end up isolating the average person
how high tech communications end up isolating the average person
how high tech communications end up isolating the average person

you hit paste like 4 times.

also, AM radio isn't "high tech," you fucking idiot.

That's right, some of the earliest hunter gather societies were known to utilize am radio.

oh, of course. the most standard reactionary trope deployed to defend technology. as if existing in this society and utilizing high tech because it is all around us somehow precludes the soundness of one's argument that high tech isolates the average individual. doesn't being immersed in this way of life furnish us with any credentials in discussing its lesser points? or maybe if a true-to-life forager was the one to pass up or critique mass society you would discount them because they never even tried it themselves. do you discount syndicalists when they are not in unions? or communists who do not inhabit a commune? Or anarchists because they wear sweatshop-made clothes? give me a fucking break.

I think that JZ utilizing mass telecommunications to get his ideas across is one of the many examples of how technology isn't isolating.

it's a mediation to a real, personal connection that individuals once had between eachother. Have you actually read JZ or are you just quoting teh libcomz?

haven't read his books, the printed word is waay too high tech for me.

I didn't want to buy into that "symbolic order" thing. Illiterates are teh tru proles!!!!

But really... the very retro AM crystal radio should be a damn cool thing for any anarcho-primitivist. Not any fucking power source needed! Powered by the crystal itself!

AM radio is like, THE, medium these days!
Fuck internet! Fuck TV, fuck FM RADIO!

AM is where the pulse of discourse can be found, brah. Get your pamphlets about security culture ready, we're about to have a fucking hoarde of recruits coming our way!

I thought shortwave was cooler... wait, no that was the '80s. Now it's full of preachers and Alex Jones.

as the person who hit paste 4 times, i wasn't trying to say anything about radio as technology (so who's the fucking idiot?) -- i just think that's a hilariously/disingenuously diluted/populist version of the politics he used to push, back when he was our intellectual leader and all that.

This'll be interesting being something of a listener myself. A fair amount of listeners are into that neo-penticostalist conspiracy stuff, but there's good stuff to be listened to on that show.

Link between neo-penticoastalists and conspiracy theorists?

Substantiate or GTFO!

I actually think the collapse angle might be good for this show in that Zerzan could highlight the importance of re-wilded survival skills as opposed to gold and food storage which predominates a fair amount of american circles these days. Unlike the the latter if the collapse doesn't happen then you can still learn some enriching ways to live.

unlike the former, you mean?

JZ was actually on Coast to Coast AM once before several years ago (April 18, 2002) when it was the show hosted by Art Bell. I still have the recordings from that show.

Woa... does it mean that anarchists are soon gonna discuss UFOs & the alien agenda, and UFOlogists are gonna review anarchist theory/praxis? I think of the implications of this... after all, no, I'd rather not.

After all, it's 2012, the year where everything is possible! woohoo!

I remember the first time JZ was on Coast to Coast. Adam Parfrey of Feral House Books had suggested JZ as a guest to the producer when Art Bell previously interviewed another Feral House author. Feral House was promoting JZ's book Running on Emptiness at the time.

Art Bell is a right-wing, libertarian, constitution-worshipping, NRA-supporting, new age Pentacostal, UFO conspiracy nutbar. I had braced myself for the worst, but during the interview Bell was actually reasonably fair and let John state his views. But it soon became clear Bell had difficulty being open-minded to the idea of anarchy. He derided anarchy as merely chaos and violence at worst, and a utopian and impractical ideology at best. He called anarchy a "dream" and JZ a "dreamer" (while playing John Lennon's song 'Imagine'). He chuckled when JZ called work 'wage-slavery'. In fact, you could almost hear Bell sneering at JZ throughout the whole show, and would say things like "I've never talked to a real live anarchist before". The call-in questions were not hate-filled reactions but pretty supportive.

This was in back 2002, about seven months after 9/11, and not too long after the very peak of the mass anti-globalization protests.

It will be interesting to hear what topics and questions will be covered by a different host this time, now ten years later, in the wake of events like Occupy, Greece, Quebec, the BP and Fukushima disasters, etc.

They all got ripped to pieces and eaten by glorious grizzly bears and the graceful stalking by mountain lions because they lacked an aggressive self-defence mentality, being mostly comprised of the bourgeoisie!

Interview was surprisingly good... too bad I didn't catch up 40% of it due to poor reception. Zerzan proven that he's for real, especially when he talked about how TV and Internet has destroyed human relations to a point where people (like Anews trolls) are isolated to a point of madness, helplessness. By mirroring on actual reality rather than some philosophical paradigms, he game me some very good reasons to smash my computer. But then... what to do when everybody around have their lives on Facebook?

wait i can't listen to this unless I pay for a subscription of Coast to Coast?

link to free mp3 or stream pls.

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