Communiqué of “Guamara Eco-Extremist War” and “Shadows of the Forest”

  • Posted on: 17 July 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From La Manta Mojada

Republished below is a recent communiqué published over at Maldición Eco-extremista. The communiqué comes from a group operating in Mexico offering praise for the recent ITS attack on a UNAM worker, as well as claiming responsibility for a host of other bombings in the area, as well as their proclamation to maintain vigilant in their fight against civilization in defense of Wild Nature. Original content here.

Our shadows began again to make their presence known in the cradle of the expansion of progress, or rather, the University City, after the killing of the Head of Services of the Chemistry Department of the UNAM, José Jaime Barrera, who was stabbed by ITS. We support this action totally, and followed up with attacks against our neighbors and not-so-neighbors who sustain the techno-industrial system. On Thursday July 7thwe detonated an explosive device of blasting powder and dynamite in an Engineering Department building in broad daylight, passing right under their noses. We hoped that the explosion would have wounded or took the life of some civilized person who happened to be passing by. We also take responsibility for the segmentation grenade that was found without exploding because of a defect in the ring which we left in the Biology Department. Even though it didn’t explode, it was intended for Dr. Faustino Sánchez Garduño and Dr. María Asunción Begoña Fernández Fernández, Doctor of Science (CINVESTAV). This goes out to them, and the next will cause greater destruction that we were prepared to unleash. Even though these acts were silenced, they have given new life to the Guamara eco-extremist war in conjunction with the individuals of the Shadows of the Forests.

Like ITS, we are ready to go out on the hunt to take scalps, and we too will plant a knife in the chest of a techno-geek and take out his heart as an offering to Wild Nature, just as our ancestors did in various wars. And we state that we will always be on the side of the wolf’s howl. We are accomplices to the hurricane that wipes entire populations off the map. We are heard side by side with the lightening strike that wreaks terror throughout the city. We attack along with the earthquake that also seeks to destroy civilization. We are vengeance on those who alter nature. We are the time bomb. We are blasting powder, bullets, and knives. Who are we pointed at? Civilization and its citizens.

P.S. We want to see another corpse in the University City, but this time hanging from one of the entrances with a sign with our name on it. We mention the following techno-geeks:

-Dr. María de Lourdes Esteva Peralta (CINVESTAV)

-Oscar Edel Contreras López of the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Center of the UNAM

-Antonio Tejada Rodríguez

-David Shimomoto Sánchez as engineer of nanotechnology

-Iván Antonio Peralta Mendoza, electrical Engineer

Among others, be vigilant ;)…

We issue a reminder here that about a month ago we attempted to hold up an armored truck in Naucalpan, opening fire against its guards and gravely wounding one of them. Some months back we detonated two explosive devices in the botanical garden of the UNAM and one of our explosives did not go off in front of the IMSS psychiatric clinic in Tlalpan. We also planted three explosive devices in fire extinguishers without detonating them, and opened fire with guns of significant caliber on the construction machinery of the overpass in the main center of Ecatepec. We also issued two bomb threats against the Attorney General of the Republic’s Office on Insurgentes in Mexico City, causing an evacuation of employees, attorneys, and officials. AND NOW GUAMARA ECO-EXTREMIST WAR AND THE SHADOWS OF THE FORESTS PRESENT ALL OF THIS, EXPECT MORE FROM US…

-Guamara Eco-Extremist War

-Shadows of the Forests.



Keep riding ITS dick a-news....

Bitter much? It's news ain't it?

News but not anarchist news.

pure Puritanism!

Damn that's some fine rhetoric! I mean, personally I'm one of many who takes huge issue with the indiscriminate violence (at the level of lethal force anyway) but still … have to admire the ridiculous grand-standing. Knocking off armoured trucks is gangster as fuck too. Botching it but hosing down the guards is … uhm, remind me to stay the hell out of their way?

Like i've posted before, what becomes of this rationalist orientation is blood lust as pagan ritual---not disimilar to the short story "the most dangerous game."

I love thunderstorms. Lightning does not induce terror. What a civilized viewpoint to paint natural weather phenomena as frightening. Desiring constant climate control (which is the scientific desire in terms of climate change, to be able to machine control the temp of the planet like hvac certified) the believers in 'civilization' around me constantly grumble about the weather. Seems mostly to be a reflection of belief in fixed locations desired to be removed from context at the same time.

When do these communiques come with calls for blood and soil?

1. ITS is hardly rationalist.

2. What a civilized viewpoint to claim to know what emotions other beings feel.

3. "We don't want anyone to join us" is a statement from people clearly not interested in blood and soil.

Literally everything we say is going to be a civilized viewpoint because we are civilized. We can't play-act that we are hunter/gatherers. We aren't, and won't ever think as though we were never civilized.

Desiring constant climate control and grumbling about the weather aren't the same thing. Isn't talking about the weather the stereotypical example of small talk? People talk about it everywhere. And lightning is frightening, it's you're not in a house and have no shelter and is accompanied by a downpour, it's scary as fuck, and for a reason.

Nah lightning is exciting! Even if I always fear it... it's one of the most powerful expressions of life. And as in life, it's a Damocles sword above your head.

Paul is gonna look weird in a sombrero and poncho, compared to the burka and Persian shawl he poses in for his Kurdish recruitment lectures.

ITS now working with Erdogan.

They got fed up with all the sleeze coming from northern anarchists (who aren't doing any serious shit anyways), so they went for a guy who knows better how to reify ancestral politics back to contemporary times. A wedding banquet is set to the Sultan's palace for next month.

I dunno why people keep posting this stuff here because it just reverts to the typical anarcho "two minutes hate". Pretty boring if you ask me.

Does ITS take requests?

yes indeed we do! just drop us a line at, and let us know who is on YOUR list. we will be happy to oblige. just remember how we feel about collateral damage. nyek nyek

This is right-wing, pure and simple. Some might try to claim it isn't, but it is. These actions are no different than the indiscriminate violence of ISIS lone wolf attacks targeting random civilians. There is no difference, I challenge anyone to claim otherwise with a real argument.

If someone were killed walking through a botanical garden by an ISIS bomb, there would be no hesitation to condemn the barbarity of it. So what is the difference to that person what the fuck the politics are of the bomb planter?

And no, El Errante, this is not the same as Mario Buda or any other propaganda by the deedist. Buda was a bit too reckless for my liking, but he did detonate a bomb in front of the home of Rockefeller and any random poor civilians killed were accidental, not intentional. Again, reckless maybe, but not the same as this shit. The intentional targets of a bomb in a university building or a botanical garden or in even random public places in Rome as another group has been doing, who are they? The communiques make clear the intended targets are totally random civilians, whose death sentence was handed down every moment they didn't run away to live isolated in the woods. If you're walking through a city somewhere in the world, you're fair game basically. I do not think any of these groups would disagree with that statement. How anyone could defend this is absurd.

Anarchists should be ashamed of themselves for defending or sympathizing with any of this bullshit. They don't even claim to be anarchist, as they know they can't. So why are others pretending they can do both?

Lastly, to state the obvious, I do not see any reason why this stuff has any place on Anarchist News, a site that for many years has ideologically filtered out many articles for not being explicitly anarchist enough. We know the real filter is whatever the people running it have interest in. So news of a prison rebellion in America that doesn't have the word anarchist in it is irrelevant content, but communiques from openly sociopathic terrorist groups that loudly and explicitly make clear their anti-anarchist politics somehow has a place in the anarchist discussion? That's plainly inconsistent, but here's something that isn't: when and if any of these pieces of shit from these nihilist groups (at least the ones doing actions like these) get caught, I see no reason why anarchists anywhere should give a shit or give them any support. They deserve none and I don't believe in the state so I wouldn't say they "deserve prison." What they deserve is death at the hands of their victims, but failing that, this weak and simple position I'm proposing will do much better than the shameful alternative.

Are you different than your neighbor, your sibling, your parent? What an asinine argument to claim that there is no difference between separate reified abstract groups, let alone individual differences amongst the people within. You must then think that anarchism should be left wing (and not something else entirely) and that there exists no nuance in the world.

looks like Robert Helms has likely crawled out from under his rock in Philly. The "One True Scotsman" fallacy is the dead giveaway, he used it all the time against Hakim and now it appears the eco-extremists are his target. Regardless the post is devastatingly stupid--as an example the ignorance of anarchist history is truly painful. Buda (probably) detonated the bomb that ravaged Wall Street on September 16, 1920 at 12:01 pm killing 38 completely random, untargeted civilians indiscriminately (though intentionally). Rockefeller's office was nowhere near the explosion, neither were any of his several residences in Manhattan.The attentat was (save for a few liberals costumed as anarchists) universally praised in our community then, and now. So if is this Helms, c'mon use a real name or at least a consistent tag, take a little fucking responsibility.

Uh oh! Look out everyone! It's pedo-loving eco-activist edgelord PAUL SIMONS! The one and only!

I'm the author of the comment attacking you El Errante, but just so you know, I'm against this comment. I'm supportive of the statement you made in defense of Hakim Bey in every regard. You don't need me to tell you this, but those against indiscriminate violence aren't all IWW historical re-enactors and while I don't know you personally, I do think that you tend to take difficult positions sometimes purely for the combative joy of defending them rather than actually believing them. I can appreciate that, but there's a difference between theory and practice and the practices of these attacks are probably the only thing I've ever heard of being sympathized with by some anarchists that have managed to turn my stomach. And that's not only in all of my anarchist life but also in all of anarchist history, which I am not ignorant of, even if I get a few details wrong here and there. Although I think I'm really giving too much credit here, as these groups are not part of anarchist history, lineage, or future and don't claim to be. So why should they be given more energy or defense than the SLA or any similar group that no doubt greatly lacks in the inspiration list for anarchists?

This was meant for this comment^^^ the one and only ---. Paul is gonna look weird in a sombrero and poncho, compared to the burka and Persian shawl he poses in for his Kurdish recruitment lectures.

You are right about the one point you addressed. And no I'm not Helms. I prefer "Anarchist" but I have and still do heavily sympathize with insurrectionary anarchy, post-left anarchy, green anarchy, and "the rest" to varying degrees. It was not Rockefeller's home which I must have confused with another bombing of the period but the headquarters of JP Morgan, across from the stock exchange. Now again, the action was a little too reckless for my taste, but not being one to cry over 100 year old deaths, I can see the logic of exploding arguably the center of international finance at the time. I think my comparative argument still stands though. There's a big difference between this and hoping to kill pedestrians in a botanical garden or for that matter random pedestrians in the Istanbul airport. I see no difference between the two and how would you feel if a comrade going to fight in Rojava was killed in this attack on their way there? The way you're supposed to feel, regardless of who did it and why. Now imagine that same comrade being killed in a police station bombing while being detained there. It sucks and we could have a discussion about how much concern there should be for unintended consequences like this, but there's no doubt that that person wasn't the target as a random civilian which makes a big difference.

I find it abhorrent that there even needs to be a discussion about this on a website like this, but what exactly has the "public" done to deserve to be targeted and killed? And who is supposed to be affected or "terrorized" by attacks on the public? Other members of the public. What exactly is positive about the aim of making people more fearful to go out of their homes for fear of being blown up? I want the politicians, the industrialists, the police, and any number of other categories you could probably predict to be terrorized. They should be specifically terrorized, fuck them forever. For anyone reading this that believes they are somehow not a member of the public, you are sorely mistaken. If you go to grocery stores, walk in parks, live in cities/towns, fly on airplanes....if you participate in any aspect of society, you are part of the group being targeted by these attacks and if you think you don't deserve to be lumped in with the above mentioned guilty parties and other fucks, then you should have a big problem with attacks like these.

I hope that anews continues to publish these things. And not because I consider them anarchist or anything
but contemptible. I'd like to see commentary on how such people are viewed by the other nihilists, especially
since so many identify as nihilist. Silence so far. Is this shit not a logical consequence of that dimension?
Does nihilism imply not only deep pessimism and defeat but an anything-goes politics of desperation?

"I want civ to be destroyed... for the sake of the values that civ itself created."

Seems legit. Nothing to see here.

[Hot tip: if you really want civ to be destroyed, whatever ITS is doing will be a lawn cocktail party compared to what's to come. Warning you just in case you're squeamish.]

Thank you for the warning dear internet warrior, and now I'm warning you, the internet cafe you're in is about to blow!

It amazes me that the "AP is based on civilized values" argument is still touted around. As if nihilism or egoism somehow stand outside civilization. I've never heard of a nihilist forager, but most foragers (especially immediate return) embody egalitarian values.

"Egalitarian values" isn't even a thing LOL you're just making shit up now.

Google it brah.

First I'll google, "kill people who piss me off with poison arrows" values cuz they seem cooler.

With 300-pounds crossbows is really cool. BUt wait... 300 pounds crossbows are products of civilization.

So I'd have to go for 50 pounds DIY carved wood bows....

AP is lame. lol

Egalitarian values are a reified concept created by academics and imputed onto forager societies. While many societies may be somewhat close to this some of the time there is a lot of variation and the essentializing implied in your assertion is atrocious.

"Egalitarian values are a reified concept created by academics and imputed onto forager societies."

As opposed to what? Nihilism? Egoism? LOL!

ITS can imagine they're really ancient hunter gatherers attacking caravans of settlers all they want. That hardly makes it true; unless you're naive enough to believe "reality is subjective brah."

"While many societies may be somewhat close to this some of the time there is a lot of variation and the essentializing implied in your assertion is atrocious."

The whole point of cultural analysis is to see what conditions might account for variation, which means it's actually the opposite if essentialism. Nice try.

As opposed to traditionalist and retrograde values inculcated by... religion and patriarchs.

Way to go Anews! Supporting rhetoric that in any northern, Whiter context would be instantly identified as eco-fascism.

But of course... since it's from darker-skinned hispanics it's all suddenly acceptable.

Really now... If do an attack in my place and publish a communique using the same discourse, I'm sure to be labeled a racist blowhard, and that would be waaaayyy justified.

Srsly, TheCollective, it's time to reconsider your stance about these non-anarchist, anti-progressive Mexican eco-terrorists. You are openly giving tribune to eco-fascist shit that would give a boner to some people on Stormfront.

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