Communiqué About The Report Titled "RAM": The State Is The Terrorist

  • Posted on: 9 January 2018
  • By: thecollective

from anarkismo dot net.

On 27/12, a 180-page report entitled RAM, prepared by the Ministry of Security of the Nation in conjunction with the provincial governments of Río Negro, Neuquén and Chubut, was officially released, in which it once again criminalizes, demonizes and persecutes the Mapuche who organize and resist; social militants, the Left and anarchism.

Through deliberately unfounded characterizations and based on elements of judicial investigations as yet ongoing -- but nevertheless presented as evidence of the "violence and danger" of the RAM group (Ancestral Mapuche Resistance) -- the vindictive fascist Minister Bullrich declares that the so-called RAM is "a movement that promotes the insurrectional struggle and that does not recognize the Argentine State nor the provincial legislatures". This report also links several groups as if they had some kind of relationship and as if, a priori, they had committed a crime when their only actions were solidarity in the face of the brutal repression of the Mapuche communities that has already left a balance of two dead: Santiago Maldonado and Rafael Nahuel.

In the aforementioned Report, 96 legal cases from 2010 onwards are linked, all still ongoing or even closed for lack of merit, in addition to various popular mobilizations and public activities, as if they were developed within the action framework of a group called RAM, confusingly mixing anarchist political organizations and alternative means of communication. These kinds of judicial frame-ups have also been used by the State in Brazil, Spain and Chile against libertarian sectors and other fighters.

The State, again, tries to demonize and divide diverse popular movements, with the objective of creating an internal enemy, a scapegoat that justifies the steep increase in repression of social protest against the constant anti-popular measures that it carries out. It tries to establish that to criticize and organize against the unjust murders which it has committed is, in itself, a criminal act. It makes it seem that solidarity with the Kurdish movement, which faces the worst of ISIS, implies terrorism. It seeks to create a 'common sense' where those who fight for their work or for education, or in solidarity for the rights of all, are criminals.

At the same time, it is trying to sullyl the image of the Mapuche people; the report accuses them of being "ethno-nationalists" for fighting against the historical colonialism that the Argentine and Chilean States unleashed on the indigenous peoples in campaigns of extermination and in the expropriation of territory which they hand over regardless to powerful businessmen and to big international capitalists, seeking to sow confusion and to contribute to reinforce the still-existing racism.

We totally reject the unfounded and malicious accusations of the Ministry of Security and the provincial governments of Chubut, Río Negro and Neuquén and we sympathize with the organizations and people from different sectors of the town that are mentioned. This report and its political intention is a re-play of the Cambiemos coalition Government trick in the face of the enormous mobilizations demanding the reappearance alive of Santiago Maldonado, by the request for justice for the murder of Rafael Nahuel and for the legitimate self-defense carried out this hot December and on the streets by the most vulnerable working people: pensioners and women who receive the Universal Allowance for Children, costing the loss of vision of an eye for at least four people's activists. Where is the confrontation? It is the response that they bring to us because they do not know how to face the dignified organization and repudiation by the peoples who, little by little, begin to say Enough! and to put a brake on their structural adjustment plan. And the fact is that the repressive plan goes hand in hand with the Reformas package and the cheapening of the workforce that they want to bring about in the Latin American region.

The Ministry of Security decided to form a commission and a joint operational command, composed of the federal and provincial forces of Chubut, Rio Negro and Neuquen and they also promises to use the judicial system to decide the sentence before there is even an investigation (as is done in fact in this "Report"), or to make doubly unconstitutional judgments as in the case of Facundo Jones Huala, but endorsed by media. The nature of this Report is shown by the fact that it represents as proof of violence used by RAM, the court case on August 1st for the freedom of Facundo, a photo where Santiago Maldonado is clearly seen, who was later killed by the brutal repression of 130 police against 10 comrades. Also appearing as proof were work tools such as saws, screwdrivers, stones, a gross joke.


The list of people and organizations directly or indirectly linked by the report with RAM is long and tedious, outrageous because every day we lend our strength to build a world where patriarchal, racist, capitalist, and injustice against activists does not reign, from the original communities and also from those of unemployed workers (piqueteros), trade union, feminist, human rights and social organizations. To all the fighters for the people we offer our solidarity against the demonization by the Cambiemos coalition Government of and we call on social organizations to repudiate and stop this miserable scenario that they are preparing.

For information here is the link to the content of the Ministry of Security's Report:

-Persons that appear as outstanding members of the RAM: Moira Millán (Original Women for Good Living - Pillan Mahuiza Community); Facundo Jones Huala (Pu Lof in Resistance Cushamen)

-Organizations / means of communication that are mentioned as linked to RAM:

Federation Libertarian Argentina; Colectivo Anarquista Regional La Plata; Socialist Libertarian Action; IRPGF (International Revolutionary Popular Guerrilla Force) -Syria-; Kurdistan Latin America (News Portal)

-Organizations / media that appear linked to the RAM for demonstrating solidarity with the Kurdish people who fight for their self-determination:

FM 99.5 Program Zumba La Turba, (RNMA); Sudestada Editorial; El Churqui, cultural center, Moreno; Socialist Convergence; Anarchist Federation of Rosario

-Organizations that are claimed to be directly linked for allegedly financing RAM:

ATE Neuquen; IPES (Institute for the Promotion of Social Rights)

-Organization that is claimed to be directly linked to RAM, for alleged military training:


And a shameful list of at least 20 people, some simply by police identification, others by arrests in demonstrations or arbitrarily, are presented by the Ministry of Security as members acting for RAM.

To Patricia Bullrich (Minister of Security), the Government of Mauricio Macri and the provincial governments of Mariano Arcioni (Chubut), Omar Gutierrez (Neuquén) and Alberto Weretilneck (Río Negro), we hold you responsible for intimidation, threats, and any danger that you unleash by on us through your repressive forces.

Enough of frame-ups!

Freedom for Facundo Jones Huala!

Justice for Santiago Maldonado and Rafael Nahuel!

Long live those who fight!

then an extremely long list of signers and endorsers...


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