Comunique of Alfredo Cospito from the prison of Ferrara

  • Posted on: 25 July 2019
  • By: thecollective

From Act for Freedom!

Alfredo, from the prison of Ferrara, asks for this short communiqué to be circulated, excusing himself for not having done so earlier but he was completely isolated in the hospital. He sends a hug to everyone.

Prison of Ferrara, 14/07/2019

“I give you the tragicomic news that after 5 hours’ operation my bloody gall bladder has abandoned us (July 8) due to the hunger strike. Excuse me but I still can’t answer your many letters decently. But count on my answers. The only positive thing is that I have lost 21 kg.

Keep on writing to me.

Sure that the struggle in solidarity with the comrades proceeds ever more effectively.”


Translated by Act for freedom now!


more info on Alfredo's health situation—from a hunger strike in solidarity with Anna and Silvia—in a yet to be translated article from

machine translation:

Updates on the situation of detained anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito (24/07/2019)

Comrade Alfredo Cospito had started to feel sick 15 days ago, just after the hunger strike. He insisted on a CT scan right away. In fact, as soon as he had the CT scan, they transferred him to the hospital, where he had surgery. The surgery lasted 5 hours because they had to remove the gallbladder, which had exploded. All this all because for months the doctors said that it was necessary to operate on him, but the prison has always postponed, trying to solve the problem with tablets, which in reality have not solved anything. With the hunger strike, the situation had worsened.

Family members learned of the surgery and transfer only four days later. A week after the operation he was transferred back to prison. At the interview he had appeared very physically rehearsed, in a wheelchair and very slimmed down.

During his stay in the hospital he had been placed in a room with an armored door, cameras and at least three guards, with nothing, neither books nor clock, losing track of the passing of time. After three days he had managed to get himself some books he had in section.

Three days ago, a call from the lawyer informed him that Alfredo had been transferred back to the hospital, in intensive surgery.

After the visit of you were in the hospital the situation is this: a pancreatic infection started due to a cyst left wandering, which infected the whole thing. Now the situation is stable and improving. Alfredo is fine morally.

This time the primary has specified that he will not resign until he is sure that he is fully healed.

It is clear that the return to prison after the intervention was accelerated because it was considered a very dangerous element, and they were paranoid about his eventual escape. So the doctors came under pressure and discharged him ahead of time.

Now he's got a few books, but we're trying to break the bales to make sure he gets to the hospital at least the mail and the change, since he's been washing the stuff himself for days, keeping the drip on one side and the soap on the other.

More updates soon.

Hang in there Alfredo! Damn that gall-bladder for abandoning you, you don't need its irritation!

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