Conference for Anarchist Mental Health Workers in New York, February 2019

  • Posted on: 16 November 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Attention anarchist (and other similarly leftist anti-capitalist anti-authoritarian*) mental health workers** and students!

Please join us for a FREE one-day conference to resource- and skill-share, build community, and strategize for how to better incorporate anarchist values into our work.

We invite you to 1) share the ways you combat the capitalism, authoritarianism, patriarchy, White supremacy, etc that impacts your clients and infects your organizations, and 2) strategize for the radical re-humanization, healing, and empowerment we and our clients need.

Topics to be addressed include: radical case conferencing, non-hierarchical peer supervision, anti-capitalist private practice (yes it’s possible!), navigating and surviving authoritarian systems and institutions, creating horizontal alternatives, and whatever else you want to share in your own break-out session related to these themes.

To register or to submit a workshop proposal, send an email to

*values/ideologies that believe in non-hierarchy, communalism, horizonalism, and mutual aid as both a means AND an end
**psychotherapists, counselors, peer specialists, psychopharm prescribers.


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