Congresswoman stocks up on guns after anarchists vandalize her home

Congresswoman stocks up on guns after anarchists vandalize her home

From NY Post by Jesse O’Neill | July 7, 2021

A South Carolina congresswoman is stocking up on firearms and taking target practice after her home was vandalized.

Rep. Nancy Mace said she decided to carry a weapon after a Memorial Day incident when profanity and anarchist symbols were scrawled in spray paint on her Charleston property, according to Fox News.

Rep. Nancy Mace says home vandalized by ‘Antifa symbols and profanity’

“It doesn’t feel good that I feel like I have to look behind my shoulder every day. It doesn’t feel safe,” the Republican freshman lawmaker told the network. “I carry a gun wherever I go today. Wherever I’m allowed to, I do carry.”

The vandal or vandals reportedly wrote personal attacks such as “f—k you Nancy,” and “all politicians are bastards,” the outlet reported.

“When they show up to your house, and physically just, you know, try to destroy it with graffiti, it’s personal and it’s invasive and it’s violating, and it doesn’t feel good.”

A week after the vandalism Mace posted on Twitter “Buying another firearm. This one to carry,” accompanied by a photo of the 43-year-old at a gun store.

The congresswoman got a concealed weapons permit in December after her car was keyed and she received death threats, the article said.

Mace, the first woman to graduate from The Citadel, grew up with guns in her home and is now teaching her children how to use them, she told the outlet.

“When this happened, it really changed everything for me. I’m not going to live in fear, and I’m not going to be intimidated,” Mace reportedly said. “I think it’s one of the most empowering things that you can do is to be able to defend yourself.”

Her campaign has reportedly used the vandalism incident to raise money.

“Did you see what Antifa did to my house?,” was the subject line of a June 3 email to supporters, the article said.

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"south carolina republicans cheer and throw money as their Rep Nancy announces her plans to shoot down teenagers like gophers on her own front lawn."

nancy was quoted as screaming "ANNNTIFFAAAA" over and over while firing a pistol in to the air, as her children looked on.

no. this isn’t how i’d expect anyone to react to graffiti. nobody should expect anyone to react this way to graffiti.

what are you even trying to say? what are you ever trying to say?

do you consider yourself an anarchist?

perhaps you already noticed they keep dropping fashy dog whistles and recently talking about how unfulfilled they are from gaming, so that lets me triangulate which part of the internet they washed up here from.

anarchy is a beach! lotsa shipwrecks, you know?

some very stale/reactionary vision of what he thinks other people spend their time doing.

Meanwhile, he grabs a donut and gets back to watching law and order SVU.

are you going to answer their question tho? :)

don't let little old me distract you sweetheart!

Yet extremely stupid question, than "are you an anarchist" on this website:

-why does "what I am" matter to anyone on here? I'm not even a fucking doctor, it's just a username.

-is it any wonder why I'm masking my identity when any departure from dogma is met with insinuations of fascism?

-has it ever occurred to you that anon was just being defensive, and not actually curious? That's the way it comes off to me really fucking hard. Why return the control back over to anon when I wasn't doing anything bad in the first place? It feels like I'm talking to a cop or something, and whose to say I'm not other than the beligerant people asking the questions?

having observed with some amusement Dr Benway's idiotic posturing ("departure from dogma" -- ahahahahah), I find it both absurd and irritating that he now plays the misunderstood victim card. Sorry Doc, but your "departure from dogma" is nothing so much as poking at what you perceive, in your delusional self-importance, to be the weak points of something approaching normative anarchist perspectives. You have been, and continue to be, a provocateur, but when someone has the audacity to show how pathetic your so-called logic is, all you can do is okay the victim of narrow mindedness. Not only is that laughably transparent, but it's also wholly unconvincing. Go away if you can't take it, little man.

^this, a thousand times

also! you know, assuming you're being earnest doc, you could just ... NOT use fashy dog whistle talking points? you could admit that you let shitty people put their shit in your brain and try to clear it out? instead of whining about how you don't like it when I point it out?

the power is yours!

The victim card, and of "self-importance", you are in fact playing the victim card. Nice sophistry! You really are attached to this idea that anarchists are superior npc's, aren't you?

that's not ... how that works. do you even realize how transparent it is when you say stuff like "return control to anon"?

like ... thats not even what a conversation is?

everything isn't a game that you're winning or losing, they just see you much more clearly than you're comfortable with. you don't get to control that. that's what Sarte meant about being "fixed by the gaze of the other" or whatever that pompous, frog-eyed old perv said. you can't use rhetoric to negate the perception of the other. it's just a cheap trick for "the audience", assuming they're a bunch of ruuubes.

i was not being defensive. i was genuinely curious why a person who clearly, to me, is not an anarchist spend so much of their time posting on an anarchist website instead of doing enjoyable thing with and around folks they have more affinity with. if, however, that person (you) actually considers themself an anarchist then this too is curious and might be worth exploring. either way it’s sad. i want you to be happy. are you happy DrBenway? perhaps a nice stroll through the woods could help?

Anarchist. You can't even put up with someone on the internet expressing their opinion about people you dont even know. To you, anarchist is an empty in group out group thing, which you are being defensive of.

^ nearly perfect projection. you sir, are a case study.

how are you not also failing to "put up with someone on the internet expressing their opinion"?

quite a few of us, apparently lol

how much of what you're saying doesn't get applied in reverse, I wonder?

alright, I'm done. Think I can hear the mods groaning and rolling their eyes

please understand that the term “reactionary” doesn’t just mean when someone reacts to something… if you’re going to bore us everyday with your shitbrained nonsense at least pretend to know what words mean and avoid looking like a dummy as much as possible. kthnxbye!

What's the point in trying to tell me what "reactionary" "really means" when it's an entirely abstract term anyway? It always seems like to me that anarchists always want the support of the crowd. Lumpy is a reactionary because hes a workerist. Sorry to say it, but this where you are willingly taking the conversation?

Are you going to interrogate me concerning my political affiliations again? Do you ever think for yourself?

Reactionary is a well-known political tendency dating back to the 19th century. Clowns like Proud Boys and Oathkeepers and more dangerous organizations like Blackwater/Academi/Xe are exactly that.

It is Friday.

You may go out into the world and find yourself enjoying magnificence.

Or, you can stay home meticulously creating sockpuppets and trolling anews with a multiplicity of personalities and very important discourse to trigger and pwn the anarchists!

The choice is yours.

Like the TOTW, Grafitti is art, this is an Anarchist masterpiece!!

It has been observed that, when rebellious members of the community gang together and drink alcohol, which acts as a social lubricant and emboldens, particularly the males of the species, into scrawling symbols or words of dissent in paint, feces or any staining substance, upon the dwelling of the enemy, and then disappear into the night, unknown and acting anonomously, out of guilt or shame or fear of punishment.

While a Congresspig might be able to get away with taking a shot at some kids for spraypainting her house, for most "real people" this would mean getting charged with anything from assault with a deadly weapon to murder. Charges might not STICK, but could take years to resolve in court.

Speaking of courts, her status as a Congresspig means she is more likely, not less likely to be convicted in the court of public opinion for such a disproportionate use of force. She would be more likely than a random person to draw noisy, bullhorn-wielding protesters to her house if seen as a killer or an attempted killer.

Thus, using the gun generates hassles that cost more (in attorneys fees etc) than hiring someone to remove graffiti ever would, even if she gets a paint job every week. Also, the more threats and violence come from her, the more widely known her address etc are likely to become and the worse her reputation. Gets hard to do a post-Congress fundraising book tour when every stop draws protesters, book stores gets protests both before and after the fact too, and venues start cancelling. That can cost LOTS of money.

OMG! they spray painted words near my home! my life is ruined!

that bitch needs to have a target painted on an entire wall of her home. and maybe on her vehicle and her jacket.

Does this site have google alerts set up for whenever words related to anarchism are mentioned?

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