Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Nemesis Project – Act 2 (Parcel-bomb attack against the German Minister of Finance)

  • Posted on: 16 March 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Nemesis Project – Act 2

Nine Years after the first appearance of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in January 2008.

After more than 300 attacks against targets of domination that resulted in tens of millions of euros in damage and the transferring of fear to the camp of power.

After more than 60 arrests of comrades and other individuals over the years who have been accused of being our members and the thousands of years of imprisonment imposed upon them.

After so many times that Ministers and Police Chiefs have declared in the media that they have managed to ‘dismantle’ us and that “the CCF is finished.”

After the inclusion of the CCF in lists of ‘terrorist’ organizations by the State Department in the US and by Europol in the EU.

…we continue even louder.

With the creation of an international conspiratorial network of FAI and CCF cells in dozens of countries that have carried out and continue to carry out guerrilla attacks.

With even greater passion and tenacity to not only attack the infrastructure of the system but also the people in power.

Always against social apathy.

Always against the oppressors of our lives.

Still they cannot understand that the CCF is an idea and that the idea cannot be imprisoned because it is like the Hydra. For each comrade that is imprisoned, new comrades are ready to take their place and continue on the path of attack.

We still have the rage…

We sent a booby-trapped parcel bomb to the German Minister of Finance within the context of the campaign of the second act of Project Nemesis.

A communique will follow in the coming months.

Comradely greetings to the FAI direct action groups in Chile and Greece for their contributions to Project Nemesis.

Rebellious greetings to the FAI comrades in Italy and the imprisoned members of CCF in Greece who remain unrepentant.

Forward for the Black International of Anarchists of Praxis.

Nothing has ended, everything continues.


Conspiracy of Cells of Fire / FAI

translated by Insurrection News:



IMF headquarters in Paris have also got parcel-bombed! Shit's getting real again, like a few years back... But it bites harder this time around.

targets are excellent, people can use Tor software and visit the next site with information about target, private adresses of Danish minister of defense, danish heads of secret service, etc. I updated last days Danish and USA pages:

no javascript, but the server is not in my hands, don't visit it personally, they can download some shit to your computer. use public computer or Tor and Live CD like Tails, then nothing stay written on your HDD.



So much conflict,
so much reaction,
so much paranoia,
and such little imagination.
2 mice fighting over cheese.

I don't think
That CCF
Is looking
For the cheese
Of capital,
Hipster idiot.

it'll be interesting to see if the attentat can result in more than where it's previously confined: debord's critique in 'society of the spectacle' regarding anarchists and professional militancy, and what i call the elephant editions (and i love their output) narrative: anarchists either go to jail or get killed by hierarchy.

i read about these stiff prison sentences with a morose heart. there's gotta be more to our lives and our story than "how to: quickly spend the rest of your life in prison." this world is already so many mental gated communities, so many idiots with god complexes and their heroic walls. i'd rather off myself than exist what feels like forever alone in Thought. already alone in Thought, Thinking. (the internal monologue gets old).

long live imagination!

Are you suggesting that the enacting the content in elephant editions is likely to quickly lead to death or prison? Not meant as a hostile question.

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