Conspiracy Trials, Grand Juries and Security Culture

  • Posted on: 15 February 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" Final Straw</a>

This week's show features a conversation with Ian Coldwater, a co-founder of the Coldsnap Legal Collective, about Conspiracy Trials, Grand Juries, Security Culture and technology. We discuss some of the trials that have come up against Anarchists, Animal and Earth defenders and other radicals over the last 8 years in the U.S. and Canada with an eye towards what we can learn in order to increase our safety as activists and radicals.

This show will be archived at from 2/13-2/20/12 and can later be found at by searching the title "conspiracy trials, grand juries and security culture".</td><td><img title="Attack?" src=""></td></tr...
For more info, check out the following links:

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Your so cute when you blush.

Ian Coldwater is ALWAYS cute.

Ian Coldwater is ALWAYS hott.

Ian Hottwater?

47° Fahrenheit year round. Which is pretty hott in the freezing MPLS winters.

Were there any ipads thrown in the street?

there is an egoist ipad.

there are TWO egoist ipads.

Yeah, but it's fine. It's survived two kids thus far.

And if you know those kids...

this is really excellent and I wish people would stop leering at Ian, it is sort of embarrassing

Pshhh... Whatever. He's a stud.

Truth. Always the hottest guy in the room.

ahhh, why i hate anarchists. into "radical politics" until someone hot walks in the room, then all bets are off. real radical of you!

To quote a friend:

"We’re all incredibly fly and crushable: of course we’re all gonna want to kiss each other. There’s no need for people to get upset about that; it’s one of the only nice things we’ve got."

Don't hate us cause we're beautiful.

most beautiful people's politics suck as a result of their place in choreography of power. they are useless.

no, your definition of beauty sucks. apparently.

probably not as much as yours does


*eats popcorn waiting for the next awesome dis*


my definition of beauty has nothing to do with looks.
i was speaking of those defined socially as "beautiful" or "attractive"...

those ascribed characteristics can plant the seed inside those people of becoming really horrible/vapid/ignorant/lazy/selfish human beings.

and often does, even to those who try and resist it, just as every other type of socialization still effects even those who try to resist/unlearn it.

This was fun when it was just friends of Ian being silly. Now it got stupid.

of which i speak

for evidence, see "The Real Housewives of blah blah blah..."

so um...sorry to be an idiot but I can't find a link to the audio file of the episode. anybody have a link to that specifically? I'd like to listen to it, if only I could find it :(

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