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On conspiracies & anti-conspiracies…

"The automatic knee-jerk reactive insult hurled at those who have the “arrogance” to question significant aspects of this Covid crisis as “conspiracy theorist!”, “conspiralooon!”, “anti-vaxxer!”, “Covid denier!” etc. ad nauseam has to be questioned as much as those who genuinely adhere to the simplistic idiocies immersed in conspiracy theories.

“Conspiracy theorist!” has become a put-down endlessly repeated, as an easy way of pushing away all questioning, a soothing mantra to push away the anxiety, to go back to sleep. One can dispense with actually ‘thinking’ it – that is, with going through the complicated logical acts involved in verbal formulation of it, an examination of the contradictions of the facts, of how one selects the facts, of how they are interpreted. The concrete melts into an easy cliché and no one seems able to think of expressions that are not unearned received ideas, that are not a ready-made response to something that may well be far more nuanced than the usual either/or Manichean choices proffered by a servile media, or by their milieu. Such mechanization is essential for the repression of critique..."

Full text here:

anon (not verified)
i will be reading this later tonight

it makes a lot of good points, it's important to be weary of people who try to invalidate our opinions with insults and put-downs.

anon (not verified)
wary = careful, hesitant, cautious, suspicious

weary = tired

lumpentroll (not verified)
here's a fun bit of research

here's a fun bit of research and comedy about the origins of most of the vaccine skeptic subculture

all of that said about people who are too emotionally invested in their own nonsense after getting taken in by a con, there's obviously plenty of legitimate criticism of the covid response measures, especially from an anarchist perspective.

anon (not verified)
Stilll... you gonna trust

Stilll... you gonna trust Pfizer for the vaxx? Especially for how the vaxx is being promoted as the new passport to the old normal?

diff_anon_than_lumpy (not verified)
it has been established that you can't trust vaccines

Some of the vaccines have been contributed to a few deaths (i've read it was the Johnson&Johnson), and the second dosage of the Pfizer made me sick. Also, the late 70's swine flu vaccine did cause paralysis in 2-3% of the people who took it....

I took the vaccine just because it was freely available and my mom was harping me about it and told me how to get it...but correct, there are problems with someone sticking a needle in your arm, a lot of people in the US aren't taking it at all simply on the merit that global politics is rushing the creation/distribution of the vaccine in wealthy countries.

anon (not verified)
"it has been established"

"it has been established"

wow, that passive voice is doing a lot of heavy lifting. who has established it and how? preferably sites that aren't a mess of overlong paragraphs and italics and bolding such as the OP

anon (not verified)
well, whatever heavy passive voice

i was using is just institutional science...;-)

But being total non-passive, i'm not sure what value this "trust" is for anyone anyways. I'm pretty the X-files "trust no one" is pretty accurate in itself even if you could certainly add some qualifiers to this statement...

lumpentroll (not verified)
there's also all the types of

there's also all the types of arguments that don't survive a simple comparison to the rest of modern medicine.

most surgery involves risk, most medications have some risk, all of life has risks and if you're not just trying to scare or manipulate people, you talk about probabilities and be as transparent as possible. and yes, fuck big pharma obviously. seems like that should be implied by my total rejection of all of capitalism? but fair enough, I'll say it. big pharma ceos should probably be slow roasted over an open flame by a hypothetical society that had its shit together ... note that I'm not openly endorsing killing and/or cooking pharmaceutical executives in a public internet forum because my lawyer has strongly cautioned against doing so!

anon (not verified)
yo, #12, #10, and original person who responded to essay

so yeah, that's a silly/funny intro and stuff i already knew about: the "vaccines cause autism", i'm not really that interested in watching the rest of the video.

And yes i'm from the US and i'm aware that americans are fucking dumb. However, I've also been told I'm autistic and somehow that doesn't really bother me either. All this pointing at the correct information and points of view is pretty tiring, time to log off the internet...

anon (not verified)
9/11 truthers were expelled

9/11 truthers were expelled from the anti-war movement and all left leaning spaces in the early 00s because their “skepticism” was a clearly designed entryway for far-right beliefs, and conspiracism is meant to displace all accurate criticism of publicly obvious power structures like capitalism, the police etc.

pantechniconspiracies and conspirouettes

The substance of the article does not deal directly with vaccines, except insofar as it addresses the absurdity of those conspiracy theorists who see it as a means of injecting tracking devices into people's bodies. I don't understand why most posters want to focus on vaccines here. If you want some ideas on the vaccines from my site, check out this text "Better to be sorry than safe" -
Critiques of this and/or further information can obviously be sent to the site if you want.

lumpy (not verified)
... because covid is in the

... because covid is in the first sentence of your post sam? that's why.
didn't realize you preferred to tease out the bill gates microchip world domination aspect lol

ivermectin v. vaccination...conspiracy?

Ok - if you seriously want to pursue the element of "conspiracy" (I prefer to call it the inevitable amicable symbiotic relation between state and monopoly capital - "conspiracy" always implies something cartoonish), then check out the case of ivermectin, the suppression of its use by various Health Ministers, the fixation on the vaccine programme and the general silence about ivermectin - see, for example, this long discussion between an evolutionary biologist and a doctor:

I didn't address this in the text because it needs something longer and more involving elements of expert knowledge, but a later text will make connections between various aspects of the states' reactions to this crazy intensification of capitalist irrationality, which will include a look at ivermectin, though I've translated various articles on ivermectin - for instance this: (which in the comments box at the bottom includes lots of links to texts about ivermectin).

anon (not verified)
despite the overrall snark and condescension directed at your

essay, i think the corrosive skepticism it advocates is very useful, thank you.

For those of you who are curious: the essay does not advocate those "nano-chip" theories regarding the vaccine, but the essay is making the point that it's easy to believe those theories when corps/states are actually using subcutaneous chips for authentication procedures.

lumpentroll (not verified)
strange how he didnt name the

strange how he didnt name the guy tho ... bret weinstein, of the so-called "intellectual dark web" with all that it implies.
a simple wikipedia search pulls up a more complicated version of the story with this "covid treatment".

one of the jump out facts: it only has debatable anti-viral properties at doses considered unsafe for humans.

we can all have a who's-the-more-skeptical showdown any time. my concern with the essay is how much of the opening is dedicated to seeding ambiguous doubts with polemical ramblings, a classic ruse for a reason. not my first rodeo!

... oh sam, what's happened to you? i never disliked you and I was only making light of how awful it is that people can't trust their own reflections in the mirror these days. no personal disrespect intended.

Where did you get the idea

Where did you get the idea that I thought you disliked me? Certainly didn't think so and can't see what I said to imply that.
As for " it only has debatable anti-viral properties at doses considered unsafe for humans." - I presume you mean ivermectin, which doesn't make sense as it's been used as an anti-viral and antiparasite drug for about 40 years with hardly any side effects. Who wrote the thing for Wikipedia? I once saw something on Wiki about myself written by some people I'd known and it was full of deliberately made up lies. There's a massive campaign of disinformation around ivermectin that should mean any mainstream criticism of it should be taken with a Siberian saltmine's worth of salt.

lumpy (not verified)
"Where did you get the idea

"Where did you get the idea that I thought you disliked me?"

The pfizer nanobots suggested it to me after a probability algorithm completed

lumpentroll (not verified)
^just a troll imitator

^just a troll imitator obviously, accept no cheap imitations!

but anyway, I just meant you're fine by me sam. i didn't think you thought anything but if you wanted some friendly advice, you should probably stay the fuck away from that douchebag's youtube channel. but just my opinion, you do you.


There are a lot of people with liberal or right-wing politics who still have some insight into aspects of this insane epoch. Even if the guy is a "douchebag" (not a word that I use) there are things in that discussion with the doctor that are useful and interesting. Hitler's scientists discovered the link between smoking tobacco and cancer. Yet most scientists and doctors in the US ignored that for 10 years. Even our worst enemies sometimes get it right.
But I'm not familiar with the guy's history - why is he a douchebag in your opinion?

lumpy (not verified)
not just my opinion sam: a

not just my opinion sam: a significant group of people would argue that the self-described "intellectual dark web" is a central feature in the online "culture wars" (their words) of the mostly (but not limited to) american reactionary movements.

bret is the brother of the guy who coined the term

i'm aware that the left-right political spectrum is no way to decide the validity of an argument but that's not really necessary because these douchebags are quite open about their political agenda, although many of them will try to confuse you with terms like "classical liberal" or "libertarian" in the american sense of the word.

it's a swamp of rich, smug douchebags with coded reactionary politics and access to expensive recording studios, in my opinion!

anon (not verified)
Thnx Sam, I've bookmarked

Thnx Sam, I've bookmarked your site to peruse at leisure. Sometimes Marx can appeal to a nihilist.


Why mention Marx here? There are some good things in Marx but also some bad stuff; likewise with Bakunin, Stirner, Vaneigem, Debord or whoever. I've always filtered the ideas of revolutionaries through my own critical reflections, as should everyone. Never in my life have I called myself a marxist nor have I not had a critical attitude towards Marx. But maybe I misunderstood what you seemed to insinuate.

anon (not verified)
No I was just thinking of

No I was just thinking of this quote from Capital and how relevant to the question of the theory of vaccination "It was thenceforth no longer a question whether this theorem or that was true, but whether it was useful or harmful to capital, expedient or inexpedient, politically dangerous or not. In place of disinterested enquirers, there were hired prize-fighters; in place of genuine scientific research, the bad conscience and the evil intent of apologetic”---Marx
But yes, he can be problematic, especially for a lazy real estate nihilist.

anon (not verified)
Typo-- real nihilist, damn

Typo-- real nihilist, damn auto-correct

Ok - fair enough...

Ok - fair enough...

...and maybe your auto-correct has discovered a new counter-revolutionary category.

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