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continuing conversation from alt right

The number of Germans that had problems with Jews increased in proportion to media based propaganda in the 1920s and 1930s, just as is the case with the number of non-muslims that have problems with muslims in the current era.

When media politics targetting Jews or Muslims or whatever the latest emotional hot-button is, intensifies, the number of people who might identify or be identified as 'anti-Jew' or 'anti-Muslim' rises. In other words, this 'count' is inductively increased by the ambient rhetoric. Such increases are ambient emotional trend induced. That is, they are epigenetically induced genetic expression. They do not arise spontaneously from the individuals themselves; i.e. the individuals are stirred up by ambient emotional surges stirred by politicians whose voices are amplified by the media.

To jump to the conclusion that 'anti-semitism' is a 'movement' that is 'undergoing growth is to falsely identify the source of the growth; i.e. the growth is epigenetically induced, not genetically driven. In fact, such growth waxes in wanes as politicians and media effects stir it up.

Journalists who use terms like 'alt-right' or 'far right' as if they refer to real physical movements are deceiving the public. The population of 'alt-rightists' is inductively grown and peaked on voting day because of scary political rhetoric that is fanned and fuelled by the media, same as with the population of 'BREXITists'. These are not 'movements' as in 'movements in themselves' with internally sourced, they are epigenetically induced on a transient basis. The more scary rhetoric in the media, the more the population of 'alt-rightists' rises. This is not 'net growth'. There is only the illusion of growth; i.e. those within a single collective that just yesterday were not identified as 'alt-rightists' or 'anti-semites' and who, tomorrow, will once again not be identified as 'alt-rightists' or 'anti-semites', are momentarily identified as 'alt-rightists' or 'anti-semites'.

This is the same illusion as in defining the growth of a hurricane. If we divide the surface of the earth into say 100,000 areal cells and measure the wind velocities within the cells [stirred by variations in solar irradiance and ocean currents], if the solar and oceanic influences intensify in such a manner that the number of cells with winds of hurricane velocity 'grow' from 1 to 3 to 5 to 11, ... there is no 'movement there' that is 'growing', there is a 'form' that the observer sees as 'growing'. the observer is just changing the category he is assigning to the same (essentially) things. The growth lies in his changing categorizing of the same things.

The Guardian, like media instruments in general, contributes to this deception that the 'alt-right' movement is a 'real thing' by speaking as if it were by using the following sort of 'semantic trickery' [the reason why Robert Alton Wilson and others use 'E-prime', English with 'isness' removed].

"People within the movement"
"Regarding the breadth of the movement",
"a movement that is defined by an ideology of ethnic purity and encompassing neo-Nazis",
"individuals associated with the movement"
"a far-right movement".

it is not a movement but the process of varying the imposing of a subjectively and incompletely defined category on the same things.

from emile

the industrial machine is a being-based conceptualization that we use to model dynamics in a positive cause-and-effect sense. it is based on the notion of the 'independent existence of material objects/organisms/systems that reside, operate and interact in a notional absolute space and absolute time measuring/referencing 'operating theatre' that is notionally 'independent' of the 'independent' material beings [objects, organisms, systems] that reside, operate and interact within it.

modeling the world on this basis and letting such models shape our individual and collective behaviour is the source of chronic social dysfunction and Bohmian 'incoherence'.

our relational understanding of the world derives from experience-based intuition; e.g. we intuitively understand that the colonized person ['slave'] may grow tired of his continued oppression by the colonizing powers, reach the limit of his tolerance of such abuse and 'pushback' in violent acts termed 'terrorism'.

the same sort of thinking that brings us the view of the world as an industrial machine brings forth the view that the rebelling slave is 'fully and solely responsible for his violent behaviour, and thus moral judgement and retributive justice can be applied as no-one is to blame but the terrorist. the good people of the colonizing empires are not only innocent, but they are white knights deserving of praise for their efforts in trying to make the world a better place by smoking out and exterminating evil beings such as terrorists who do injury to the good people of the colonizing empires.

there are two levels of understanding the same world dynamic here; intuitive and rational. the rational view assumes that space is a non-participant and that material things [operating within a non-participating containing space] are fully and solely responsible for dynamic phenomena. the intuitive view assumes that space is the mother of all things [space is a transforming relational continuum].

intuition naturally ' trumps' reason;

Albert Einstein called the intuitive or metaphoric mind a sacred gift. He added that the rational mind was a faithful servant. It is paradoxical that in the context of modern life we have begun to worship the servant and defile the divine."

The intuitive, relational worldview is not a 'transcendent view' since this would make the rational view 'the base case' which the 'relational view' was transcending. Instead, the 'rational view' is semantic illusion (delusion) which imputes 'absolute being' to relational forms in the transforming relational flux by naming and defining them and thus notionally affirming their 'independent existence', after which, we can hold them [e.g. slaves and colonized indians and arabs] to be fully and solely responsible for their own behaviours as if our colonizer conditioning of the relational space we share inclusion in has no inductive influence in the shaping of their behaviours.

intuition says that colonizer conditioning of the relational space we all share inclusion in is the deeper source of rising terrorist [pushback] activities. the rational mind employs a mechanical causal agent view and says that terrorism is an evil movement that is growing in size and intensity and that terrorist acts jumpstart from evil purpose residing within independently existing (evil) human beings; i.e. the rational mind says that terrorism has nothing to do with how colonizing activities are conditioning the relational space that we all share inclusion in.

The person who posted the relational view above is not imposing his own transcendent concepts over top of the popular rational 'mechanistic' concepts. He is simply suspending the popular reflex of reducing the intuitive, relational world of our actual experience to an abstract rational 'being-based' world; i.e. he is refusing to worship the servant and defile the divine

from emile

The concept of a 'movement' is based on the assumption of 'being' and 'growth', neither of which are physically real. i.e. they are semantically fabricated 'illusions' using the device of 'categorization'.

Here's how the illusions work in the case of the 'existence' and 'growth' of a storm-cell, which is fully general and applies to the global populace as well.

The existence of a storm is determined by an outside observer who measures wind velocities. If the space of the lower atmosphere blanketing the spherical surface of the earth is divided up into cells and we colour the cells where wind velocities are below 64 knots blue, and those cells where the winds are above 64 knots [hurricane strength] red, we may get the illusion of the 'growth of the storm' as we observe and measure more cells making the binary flip from blue to red. This is NOT the 'growth' of a 'storm' but the transformation of the lower atmospheric plenum since every added red cell comes with the subtraction of a blue cell as its reciprocal complement. This leads to problems in logic [impredicative logic].

Only if the increasing count of red cells is measured relative to an absolute space and absolute time reference frame could we speak of 'growth' of a red-cell cluster. Furthermore, there is nothing within the cells themselves that is the source of this apparent 'growth' since the winds are induced by solar irradiance as varied by the unique situating of the cell within patterns of cloud cover and by contact with thermal influence from ocean currents which each cell is uniquely situationally in contact with. Thus the apparent 'growth' of a red cell form [the storm] does not derive from the internal influences within the cells, but from epigenetic influence that is inductively actualizing the winds within the cells. The threshold measurement that the outside observer is using to make the binary decision of whether the cell falls into the blue or red category is subjectively set by the observer. That is, the observer establishes the criteria for membership in the blue versus red categories based on the subjective properties that he decides to measure.

The same category based illusion of a 'movement' and 'its growth' is imposed on the global populace; e.g. if the collection of males covering the surface of the earth are depicted as 'blue' unless outside observers measure behaviours on their part that seem harmful to women, in which case, they meet the criteria for membership in the category 'misogynist' and their depiction flips from 'blue' to 'red'. The growth of a 'red movement' is determined by the outside observer who sets the threshold for a membership category shift. If feminist activists supported by politicians and the media revise the threshold for membership in the 'red' category, 'red spots' will pop up all over the place and will appear to 'grow in size', as if there were a 'growing misogynist movement'.

Political and media hyping of anti-semitic and anti-muslim feelings similarly induces 'flips' from membership in the 'blue' category to the 'red' category based on subjective measurements made by outside observers. The individuals or cells themselves remain complex relational features within the transforming relational continuum and there is nothing 'binary' about them. The binary logic of an imputed 'growing movement' of 'red cells' is logical abstraction. The growth in the number of men making angry and offensive comments about female politicians etc. may be due more to social media allowing more things to surface than ever before saw the light of day; i.e. the implied growth of a red misogynist movement is like the implied growth of a red storm spot. It is not the storms as things-in-themselves that are increasing in occurrence, size and intensity, it is the epigenetic influence that is inductively actualizing transformation of the relational plenum.

It is not simply that 'the red cell count is rising', although this is true [yet subjective and incomplete], it is instead that more blue cells are being considered to qualify for membership in the red cell category based on measurements and membership criteria formulated by outside observers. A human male is a complex relational piece of work and if, spurred on by some media news report, blurts out 'that fucking cunt', and is thus undergoes an outside observer promoted flip from a blue cell to a red cell, he is still the same complex relational 'piece of work' [atmospheric cells and humans shape one another's behaviour by reciprocal influence]; i.e. he is NOT a binary unit-in-itself.

of course, Western justice can flip him from a blue cell (respectable citizen) to a red cell (criminal) based on a tightening of laws [lowering of thresholds for the red cell to blue cell category flip], and then there will be talk of 'a growing movement of the criminal element';

"The more laws and restrictions there are,
the poorer people become.
The sharper men’s weapons,
the more trouble in the land." -- Lao Tzu

There is no 'growing alt-right movement'.

There is relational transformation of the social collective that tends to be interpreted in terms of binary logic and subjective and superficial categorization by outside observers.

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