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and the medium can also be the message.

example of a 'logical truth': 'the muslim extremists attacked the World Trade Center towers on 9/11.

this can be proven 'true' within a certain narrow paradigm that is not even conveyable in some language architectures; i.e. relational language architectures.

Evidence that is deemed, in the Western moral judgement based retributive justice system, 'the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth', is evidence relevant to Western 'scientific' cause-and-effect propositions that serve as allegations that may be proven 'true' or 'false'. The unstated assumptions of logic-based scientific investigation as in Western justice include; (1) independent material things-in-themselves exist which can be causal agents that may be fully and solely responsible for observed results, and (2) 'the present depends only on the immediate past' [this is the foundational assumption that enables the modeling of physical phenomena using 'differential equations' and provides a way of thinking about dynamic phenomena which drops out [flatly ignores] the real-life complexification of relational interdependencies; e.g. 'the islamic extremist terrorist attack' is pushback from ongoing Euro-American colonizing oppression.

Subjectively isolating a small 'window of time' and constraining the gathering of evidence only in that small window, allows one to prove as true, with a certainty 'beyond a reasonable doubt', that 'it was a Hatfield that killed a McCoy' regardless of the greater reality that the lethal attacks were ping-ponging back and forth in both directions for generations.

It is evident that logical propositions are inherently subjective and incomplete and it is this subjectivity and incompleteness that allows them to be proved 'true' or 'false' with certainty, as in 'The muslim extremists EITHER did OR did not attack the World Trade Center towers on 9/11'.

Intuition, rather than logic, delivers up the more complex 'relational truth' that naturally trumps the over-simplistic logical truth; i.e.; the truth of indigenous aboriginals in regard to 9/11 who have experience in being oppressed by Euro-American colonization;

" “Looking back, it will seem to future generations inexplicable why Americans were unable on their own, and in time to save themselves, to accept a rule of nature so basic that it could be mouthed by an actor, Lawrence Fishburn, in a movie, The Cotton Club.
“You’ve got to learn, ” the line went, “that when you push people around, some people push back.”
As they should. … As they must. … And as they undoubtedly will."
There is justice in such symmetry” --Native spokesperson Ward Churchill, the day after 9/11

language is capable of conveying relational (intuitive) truths and logical truths and various and sundry mixtures thereof. The language of Western politicians is largely formulated in terms of logical propositions [the islamic extremists did such and such]. This is consistent with 'truths' extracted using analytical science [which, as systems scientists have pointed out, forgets to account for the physical reality that every system is included in a relational suprasystem]. e.g. A killed B, C raped D, E stole from F.

The 'proofs' of science are the proofs of these subjective and incomplete propositions which 'drop out' relational interdependencies that are the common physical reality in Nature. In other words, the unstated assumptions (1) and (2) are abstract idealizations which simplify the dynamic physical realities of our actual experience and RE-present them in purely mechanical terms.

logical propositions are inherently subjective and incomplete, which makes them amenable to be proven with absolute certainty and verifiable by experiment; e.g. 'DDT kills mosquitoes', or 'US military science and technology kills rogue Middle East politicians'.

The problem with logical proposition based language is that when we use it to direct our behaviours, the interventions of our actual experience transpire in a relational space that is far more complex than the implied absolute space and absolute time measuring/reference frame of scientific inquiry, used in the formulating of logical propositions.

Our interventions into real-world 'relational space' engender 'externalities' that are unanticipated and unaddressed in logical propositions; i.e. they are chopped out by assumptions (1) and (2). E.g. the logical proposition that US military science and technology can take out a rogue Middle East politician can be proven true, however, logic-based interventions that can be proven true engender unanticipated 'externalities' such as the rise of ISIS because the space assumed in logical propositions is empty/non-participating while the space in which the logic-based intervention actually transpires, is a highly complex relational space with many relational interdependencies that go unaddressed in the formulating of logical propositions due to (1) and (2).

So far as logical propositions establish truth with certainty, they do not refer to the physical reality of our actual experience. So far as logical propositions refer to the physical reality of our actual experience, they cannot be certain [Einstein].

The anarchist intuition is that we are being railroaded by social protocols that put logic/reason/science into an unnatural precedence over intuition, as in Western moral judgement based retributive justice.

Language is a medium capable of conveying 'truths' of different types. There are intuitive relational truths, like that of Ward Churchill, and there are logical truths such as those of Western moral judgement based retributive justice, as used by Western political leaders of left, right and centre.

English, in its common, popular usage, reduces natural relational complexity to grossly over-simplified, inherently subjective and incomplete logical propositions.

"English compared to Hopi is like a bludgeon compared to a rapier.” – Benjamin Whorf

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Regard it as a complement emile, the storming of the Bastille is said to have been instigated by the Marquis de Sade who screamed from the window of his cell to the peasants below that the monarchy were killing prisoners inside.

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