Coordinated Incendiary Attacks Against Relay Antennas in Grenoble

from anarchists worldwide

Originally posted on Nantes Indymedia on 19.05.2020.

Incendiary attacks around Grenoble

Vacuum-sealed life or insubordination?

Every day of your life, your body says things. And your body can’t lie.

Do you hear the sound of engines, the hum of drones, helicopters…the flickering of neon lights, streetlights?

How many hours a day do you spend in front of a TV screen? Computer screen? Tablet? Smartphone? Behind a window? Windshield?

Does it bother you when windows don’t open? Does air conditioning solve the problem?

Do programs, apps, algorithms guide your life?

How many hours a day do you sleep? And more importantly, what is the quality of your sleep?

Are you still aware of the stimuli that surround you?

How do you react to sound, light, heat, touch?

Is music a way to fill the silence or to provoke emotions?

How many of your emotions need alcohol or other drugs to express themselves?

Do you do a lot of different movements with your body? Are you discovering new ones, new amplitudes?

How do you feel affected by situations of forced passivity?

How do you feel affected by the constant onslaught of sounds? artificial voices? videos? advertisements? advertising slogans?

What perpetual feelings of urgency do they create?

Do you need moments of contemplation? Do you remember how it feels?

How far can you look? If it’s only a few dozen meters away, what state of mind do you think it creates?

How do you feel affected by the crowd? How much space does your body need? How do you feel affected by the size of the room you live in? by the number of right angles? by the number of parallel lines, square, geometric shapes?

Do you need to see the sky? to see water? to see trees? animals?

Is that why you have a dog? a cat? potted plants? a balcony? go to the park?

Where does your food come from? What’s your relationship to it? Do you think what you ingest is good for you?

Do you remember the last time you ate something that didn’t come from a supermarket?

How long can you go without knowing what time it is?

How do you feel affected by the wait? Waiting in line, waiting in traffic, waiting to pee, waiting to learn how to discipline your needs?

How do you feel affected by the repression of your desires? formatting, denial or sexual frustration from childhood? fear or competition with people of the same sex as you? sexuality as a means of reproduction/control?

Is pleasure dangerous? Can danger be joyful?

Do you sometimes still feel a wilderness inside you? animal life?

Do you feel a void, a lack of meaning so strong that words can hardly express it?

Do you sometimes feel on the verge of going completely out of control?

Don’t you think that should have been the signal?

On the night of May 17-18, 2020, we burned down the Haute-Jarrie relay antenna.

At least two other relay antennas were attacked simultaneously around Grenoble.

Relay antennas are among all the intruders that disfigure the landscape. They are used for mass communication, soon even in the most remote places. Currently, the 5G installations are deployed for this purpose.

The babble and chatter of the masses and the perpetual hype reveal the true communication vacuum as much as the absence of real communication. But there can be no true communication without true “social relations”. The sham social relations of social networks are a clear indication of this.

The existential emptiness of an era can thus be measured, in particular, by the incessant communicational void that fills it.

But we do not want a world in which the guarantee of being able to communicate at a distance, constantly and everywhere, is exchanged for the fact that we can be constantly monitored and controlled.

Apart from the fools who rejoice in a world and a life that are “increased” and do not realize – or accept – that they are exchanging an ever-increasing quantity of constraints for an ever more appalling quality of life. It is nothing more than existence dressed in the hateful rags of a vacuum-sealed life.

In the vacuum-sealed world, in addition to being colonized by human beings, to being covered with asphalt scars, in addition to the destruction of so many other forms of life that it shelters, etc., the earth, across all its expanses, is equipped and squared (among many others) by telecommunications facilities. Even across the sky, which is cut by so many air transport journeys, it is no longer just constellations of stars but constellations of satellites that crisscross space.

Radioactivity, electromagnetic waves, pollution and viruses of all kinds are the increasingly polluted oxygen of the 21st century.

That with the awareness of all this this world makes one think of an “open-air prison” is not surprising. All the more so when the current pandemic has allowed and will continue to allow the State to put us, through confinement, in solitary confinement – admittedly personalized for the most part.

For those who still doubted it, the prison system is therefore the punitive aspect of this governmental organization of life. An organisation that will soon lead to widespread surveillance and control of the masses thanks to artificial intelligence, cameras and smartphones with facial recognition, all via the close network of the internet.

Confinement has shown enough that telecommunications are central to the lives of “people” to the point of accepting self-enclosure.

While some people, with their window displays (“procession”, “demonstration”…), have chosen its simulacrum, others have (continued to) propagate the revolt by tagging, breaking, sabotaging, setting fires..

For what choices are left in this world?

That of the vacuum-sealed life whose concerns are the new gadget to buy, the new app to download?

Or that of insubordination and revolt, whose concerns are the sensitive experiences lived according to ones ideas, individual fulfilment stripped of as many societal constraints as possible…?

Insubordination is to withdraw from this vacuum-sealed life.

Bats Transmitting Fire

(via Attaque, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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Fortunately there was no mention of 5G... which pretends from some weird tie-in with another insurgency we sadly know about. This shit's quite a dilemma to me...

To make it simple: this new level of control pissed us off even more and made us want to act. To do nothing, in our eyes, was tantamount to accepting it.

As usual, if control works so well, it is also because the citizens meekly accept it, well installed in their virtual bubble, to continue to have fun and telework. But it is more than ever the umbilical cord that binds them to this pathetic life.

That’s why we set fire to a mobile phone relay station, on the night between the 5th and 6th of May, in Toulouse, on the east side of the Pont de l’Embouchure. It was easier than we thought.

You can see that we are not the only people boiling with anger and we are happy about it. Total hostility against civilization and the piles of shit that make it up.

We learn that in the night between Thursday 14th and Friday 15th, May 2020, five booths for the exchange of telephone line and internet were sabotaged and put out of use. One consequence was a «blackout» of a part of the city (about 2000 users without connection). The following sentences were written and found in the site: «Let’s get rid of the technological cages», «Solidarity to the comrades of Bologna» (the seven anarchists arrested on May 13th for the “Ritrovo” repressive operation) and «Freedom for the prisoners».

Attack on a camera during confinement
I sabotaged a camera somewhere in France.
With this very modest contribution, I wanted to show that it’s possible to act alone and with very little material. I also wanted to show that, if the surveillance net is too tight, you can cut some of its mesh to open yourself a gap.
And echo two texts that I liked a lot recently:
«So we must review our practices, not rest on our laurels, and be aware that we are losing. To practice mass direct action massively means to develop a way of action that can give us back our advantage in the present social war, or, at least, allow us to create positive and offensive dynamics, which we desperately need » – [More than ever, for direct action.
«Now that we are caught in this futuristic system, we can only declare war on normality if we don’t want to die of aseptic boredom» [In May, do what you like, a call to conflict.
Finally, and above all, I simply wanted to send a big thank you to those who attack: you give me the courage to carry on.
an irresponsible

This communique is practically its own TOTW, or various, with all its interesting questions prompting conversation.

I agree with the questions being asked. Do we really more communication advancement? People are glued to these devices enough as it is, little face to face interaction is created with such a medium. People are neglecting tried and trued older ways. Getting out on a walking trail in nature, or having super with your family on a Sunday to brush up with the weeks events. I digress.

"Getting out on a walking trail in nature"

Okay... technically if just one person (you or me) does that, it's great. But trails exist for protecting nature from masses of idiots going to walk around everywhere in the forest, jsyk. Humans must be contained on a systematic level, one way or another, even if that doesn't mean down to individual level.

no need. humans contain themselves, only a range of climates and ecosystems are comfortable. and only just this planet for the most part. also, i get you.
but also, not even he worst of human doings and beings are enough to justify authoritarian measures that can’t even be implemented.

"Humans must be contained on a systematic level..."

That is the most disturbing thing I've heard today.

There's a lot in human behavior that is very disturbing, especially when collectively-rooted by group or sectarian dynamics.

Could write more if it was in answer to a thoughtful comment, not something an 8 year old could write.

Recipe: Standard size cell phone tower, used by two or three cell carriers.
Usually on the front of the installation there will be a sign noting the companies.


2-3 comrades

Entry tools (Boltcroppers, Wiresnips, etc)
Gloves, Mask, Clean Clothes, Hat, Cap or Hood (for DNA traces)

Fuel (500ml, White Spirit or Kerosene preferred instead of Benzine/Petrol)
Fuel (100ml of Benzine/Petrol)
Firelighters, Several Lighters, Long Pole or Stick (up to 15ft)
Thick Rags/Towelling (to absorb the fuel)
Small Tyre which is easy to fit in a rucksack (from Wheelbarrow, Quad Bike, Moto etc)

Stage 1. Recon the target. Locate the weak point in the installation, which is where the network cables depart from the mast vertical and enter horizontally or similar into the electrical source, which is usually either a small reinforced building or box. The exposed cables may be located at ground level or up to 15ft up the mast for example. Note estimated timings, entry and exit points, security cameras, motion sensors, lighting etc. Aim to execute the action within 15 mins.

Stage 2. Check and enter the site, climb the mast if needed, cut the cable ties that bunch the wires together at the weak point you located earlier. Wedge the tyre in between the cables securely and stuff the tyre with rags and wrap some rags around the cables climbing up the mast from that point. Soak the rags inside the tyre and up the mast with fuel. Take care not to cover yourself with fuel traces, prevent unneeded forensic evidence and do not set yourself on fire. If you are using a pre-made timed incendiary device place it inside the tyre and set it. Climb down.

Stage 3. If using a timed device, leave the site immediately. If not, check the site and your exit points quickly. This second check is to prevent any detection, unnecessary injuries or death due to the extended nature of the action.

Stage 4. Light the fire using a pole or stick wrapped with fuel-soaked rags, Benzine is better here as the wind can get very strong where these mast are located usually. Light the rags inside the tyre from a distance, getting as far back as possible. If the tyre is small, then the fire is smaller, and detection is lessened. Practice operating in windy environments to get used to using fire at altitude and in difficult circumstances. Leave immediately.

Security: Dispose of all materials used in the sabotage action and do not return to the site. Police scientific teams will extensively search the target’s area, entry and exit points, and routes to and from, for any trace of material they can use as evidence.

This recipe is open to be adapted and developed for use wherever it is needed, larger and more complex targets and systems need more developed plans of attack. Trial and error are the guide.

Against 5G & the world which needs it

"2-3 comrades"


You're starting with the toughest ingredient to find around. 2-3 friends is kinda easy to get, but people both interested AND trustworthy enough to do it with them? Nah.

Do people really need instructions on how to make a Molotov and how to light a tire on fire? If so, it'd be wise not to do anything with that person that could possibly land you in the can for a few years.

I considered the possibility that the "5G did Covid" attacks were a ploy to preemptively sabotage the rise of attacks on the spread of this technology. Which would explain why those people -whoever they really are- have been using damn Facebook to organize and got away with it. This reminds me of ISIS fighters posting selfies of themselves on FB with assault rifles on trains on their way to Syria. This is fucked.

Sadly not much critical effort is being done to find a way to distantiate from it, so anarchos might end up being effectively scapegoated as a bunch of conspiracy theory idiots.

This begs the question of what insurrectionist path to take when people you don't wanna associate with are recuperating your tactics and pushing them even further. Competition now?

I don't get why "Bats Transmitting Fire" in the article claiming responsibility released this patronizing article when the most they accomplished was catching part of a room on fire and melting a few cables. People in France have been trying to destroy or light relay antennas on fire for months prior to what "Bats Transmitting Fire" did on may 17-18. Those other French aren't really open with ratting on themselves and claiming responsibility for trying to destroy relay antennas. Ironically enough, "Bats Transmitting Fire" intention seems like they were just trying to receive attention for their patronizing article. They bought in the addition of assisting the authorities in determining the groups in France that've tried to damage and destroy antennas prior to "Bats Transmitting Fire" arriving on the scene running there mouths by writing an article about how they did minimal damage to a relay antenna.

People in Canada, US and UK that have actually caught entire towers and relay stations on fire the past few months and haven't really staked claims of responsibility. The most you'd get out of them is the 5G corona-conspiracy regardless if they believe that. The sheer number of people that ironically or unironically talk about destroying 5G corona-cellphone towers and relay stations is huge and narrow down.

Claiming responsibility, bragging and writing patronizing articles about doing minimal damage to relay antennas & stations does absolutely nothing for "Bats Transmitting Fire" professed beliefs/cause. There are times when claiming responsibility for some act can be beneficial and easily turned into propaganda. However, "Bats Transmitting Fire" causing minimal damage to relay antennas that barely affected people is not one of those times to claim responsibility and write articles.

Cool copy pasta questions from sites like okcupid and peoples blogs

kay thanks but plz next time use quotation marks as it was a pretty confusing read.

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