Corrected Info About Covid-19 + Marius Mason

May 16 COVID 19 update: As of this writing, Marius has been in quarantine with other prisoners in a separate area since April 25, when he tested positive for the corona virus. Marius has underlying factors that make him vulnerable to COVID 19, and legal options are being pursued, thanks to his attorney.

To support Marius: Paypal at or Venmo @supportmariusmason or order a Marius teeshirt

Inmates in quarantine do still have access to phone calls and snail mail letters, but recently lost access to email, and letters can take an extended time to get to them. Prisoners have not been able to have visitors for quite some time, and at present, the visiting room is being used to house those in quarantine. The quarantine was for 18 days, but may well extend longer.

Prisoners at some state and federal prisons around the country have applied for, and a smaller number have been granted, compassionate release. As of 5-16-20, the Danbury, CT facility that Marius is housed at reported 30 inmates and 5 staff who have tested positive, and one prisoner has died. Obviously, this is a very liquid situation; you can find updated numbers at

Please write to Marius. Letters are so very important, especially now. He cannot reply to all, due to limits on his communication, but hearing about what others are doing and sharing supportive words are critical in these times that are frightening for everyone, but have even less predictability in a prison setting. There are no news sources in the quarantine area where he is now, so he appreciates news updates, on the virus, but also what others in the activist, art and literary world are doing. At present, no cards, use only white paper and envelopes, and hold off sending books because he does not know if they would get through under current conditions.

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Covid State is a terrible context for those who were already left over by society. Those who're praising the situation, here and elsewhere, are fucking reckless assholes and need to get a grip on life.

I just learned a good buddy of mine is a native person who got caught over multiple illegal border crossings and is now rotting in max security conditions, along with violent criminals, and just like Mason, all he can get from the external world are phone calls and letters. This person had a relatively light sentence that just got heightened to heavy due the virus measures. This is happening as Bezos and Gates multiplied their billions.

Again, to those who're celebrating this... FUCK YOU. You are shit, and wake the fuck up. If you're so good and clever "1337 h4xx0r", you could be working on pressuring prison authorities to ease off those absurd measures that reeks of opportunism. Instead of burning a bunch of rented cars by a domestic airport to make the news for a few hours and feel like you achieved something, maybe you could considers that prison wardens and State attorneys use cars, too?

> maybe you could considers that prison wardens and State attorneys use cars, too?

what's stopping YOU, shouty?

Although I'm sure many of us may be glad that covid has allowed the biosphere to heal, believe me that nobody is happy with the great bowling ball of chaos rolled into our lives by the virus and how that's completely fucked up our lives

As gas prices were cut down and the warm season kicked in, with the confinement measures easing off, the shittiest, anti-ecological aspects of society were allowed to pervade. Cars are "safe" agaisnt the Covid. Drive-ins all over the place, yet "fuck off" if you wanna use the toilets at the McDonald's. Buuuuut... That can be a good idea to poo at the drive-in counter.

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