CORRECTION: Aug 29th (not June 29th) Multi-City Coordinated Banner Drop: Abolish America

  • Posted on: 30 August 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

This is the first and last communique from the "informal anarchist collective for the abolition of america".

"On August 29th in six fairly obscure cities, (Knoxville, Tennessee. Menomonie, Wisconsin. Elgin, Illinois. Kansas City, Missouri. Oak Park, Illinois. Carpentersville, Illinois) a coordinated banner drop took place. The purpose of this action is to encourage the expansion of the current wave-making anti-racist/anti-fascist analysis to include America itself. With a history of over 500 years of colonial white supremacy and patriarchy, we have no intentions on limiting our anti-racist/anti-fascist actions and analysis to only specific groups. We want to include the establishment as a whole, which on a daily basis organizes white supremacy and patriarchy on every psychological, institutional and cultural level.

We hope to inspire actions that recognize america as a white supremacist establishment deserving of the same destructive abolition as any white supremacist organization. When burning confederate flags, why stop there? American flags are everywhere around us, reflecting a genocidal history justified by white supremacy. Every institution we frequent for work, education and resources is monumental in reinforcing the values of colonial white supremacy. In every city and state, these monuments and statues litter parks and financial districts. The opportunity for direct action is everywhere around us. We refuse to participate in validating their spectacle of peaceful denial.

We don't want to waste time attempting to captivate this "historical opportunity" to "organize the masses". As individuals, we hope these small coordinated actions inspire a wildfire of realized insurrectionary potential in others. We dont want nor need political parties or organizations to lead us. We wont water-down our ideas for mainstream media consumption- we really do want to destroy America.

With deep love and respect to all those of every skin color fighting white supremacy in the streets, and in memory of all those murdered by the police, and by racists and fascists, escalate, abolish america, strike everywhere!"

-informal anarchist collective for the abolition of america



ALERT! ALERT! The "Insurrection" has begun! LOL!

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