Crashing The MoveOn Party, A Call For You To Show Up To The 99 Percent Spring

  • Posted on: 9 April 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>A few things first. This is NOT about "saving Occupy from the Democrats," we already accomplished that months ago. This is also not about convincing the reader that the 99 percent spring has motives that do not jive with the sort of society we all want to help create. Look at the endorser list, we know the kind of society they want, Democrats in control of congress, blah. And lastly, this is not asking the reader to save the liberals from their own misguided ways.

It does require radicals to move a bit out of their comfort zone.....into the homes, offices and meeting places of your local MoveOn chaper. Why?</td><td><img title="Out of your comfort zone... and into your parents!" src=""></td></tr></...
The MoveOn plethora of organizations has redefined the 1 percent to include a "small portion" of the 1 percent. Along with this they have redefined direct action to include only nonviolent civil disobedience that is only somewhat disruptive within the confines of state power. It is all in their training manual for the 99 percent spring teach ins they are holding over the next two weeks, that you can participate in. The exact details for your location are below, most events are on April 14th and 15th:

We should go for a couple of reasons:

They are on the defensive. Why the hell else would they care about the definition of direct action and class composition?

People are going to show up. They did the legwork, lets assume 10% percent of them go to May Day, a few donate some money to your local radical shop and a handful are trolled. Worth it.

Moving away from the keyboard to stop writing/reading a self defeating argument about why this is a bad idea will give your skin the sunlight that it so desperately needs.

Lets not pass up this opportunity to make enemies with the Obama re election team and make friends with folks looking for the alternative.

With Love, Revolutionary Communist Sector
DGR Obama 2012 - Antarctica



Here's the materials they'll be "teaching" with. I haven't read through them yet.
They even give people a sign-up sheet.

ok apparently protests are now direct action, and the reason you don't have health insurance is that corporations have too many lobbyists

Sorry to be trollish but SOS!!! This co-option is happening to us at Occupy the East End, on Long Island NY. A 99% Spring advocate came to our GA, disregarded our process, told us things like "be quiet," and commenced to tell our GA that the training would be happening at our meeting space during our GA on Sunday April 15th whether we liked it or not. We were told we will work together. We intend to respond, and we will not tolerate this hostile takeover. We need people who are willing to help. People who will come join the REAL occupy GA and teach MoveOn and the democratic party that we aren't messing around. We have press, we have signs, we have support,we have ideas, and we have direct democracy. We will not be disrespected and enveloped.

Where: Long Wharf, Sag Harbor NY 11963
When: April 15th, 12 pm
How: Show up and let the 99% Spring know what grassroots looks like. There will be free vegetable plants (non-GM), literature and discussion of what "co-option" is, REAL direct action training, and MORE!

Where we live may seem insignificant, but in "the hamptons" the democratic party is organized and well-funded. If I worked for this campaign on Long Island, I would think of the East End as ground zero for getting votes and co-opting the Occupy movement.

Thank you ! Shannone OTEE we need support out here.

"Tis not contrary to reason to prefer the destruction of the whole world to the reading of these few paragraphs."

- Hume

I lol'd when I read that in first year philosophy.

Oh god, there's one of these within a good walking distance of where I live. I'm not about to sign up for it, they were dumb enough to put the name of the location then say "but we won't give the address until you give us all your info." I have google you daft fucks. Ideas for trolling?

just go there and piss on them (literally)
(the new captcha looks great, lol)

I left ideas out for fear of being tldr. But here are some:

Pass around donation jar for elect nobody 2012

Bring up constantly that voting is not direct action and you are so glad that we aren't doing it

Pass out most radical may day flier you can dream of

Spiral the meeting out of control with an hour long debate on nonviolence

Claim you are a ron paul supporter then say you are voting for romney as an alternative


dude fking lol

my god, the prophet lives


I endorse this. If you have the energy, it will be important to do this. Or it looks like you can still sign up to host one!

YOU are all violence supporters till proven innocent

I was proven guilty :P

If we can show up, with tangible ideas, co-ops, collectives, I mean, the movement, not "the movement," but the movement is considering whether or not to make it's central message against police brutality or against the banks. So there is something to work with here. And alot of the people here from the impressions I'm getting aren't really that liberal in the sense that they have a philosophical pretense to liberalism. We can tap that, we can influence that. If anything this is a forum to spread ideas, ideas that can help people to adhere to us instead of just calling them names and walking away and pouting about what a shitty world we live in.

I mean, the biggest expression of this movement outside of the states, and MAYBE England was in Italy. And from what I can gather, it was ALL Anarchist. I'm not saying that we should show up in bloc looking for a fight. I'm also NOT saying we should do that, I"m just saying, we can't be on the sidelines for this. I only say Chris Hedges might have, MIGHT have destroyed any credibility we have in regards to "tactics" of this sort(is it just me or do does Hedges remind you of Lebowsky, no, not the dude). Anyway, yeah, if they're still talking about police brutality, and NOT about how we provoke it, than they're still sympathetic to us. I'm not saying that's a license to go out in bloc and make EVERY demonstration a confrontation with the police. But these are people that hopefully we can work with. Maybe we might have to sacrifice our ethos a bit, but it might very well be worth it. Revolutionaries do 'missionary work.' It's humiliating and boring, and seems like a waste of time, but if you have something relevant to say, you might be able to connect with people. And it would be more of a sell out to just hang out on line and insult protesters who have no ideological foundation, but rather an ethic not refined by theory to which they're expressing in the only terms they know how.

Or once again, maybe we're just scared our ethics aren't solid enough, and we don't have anything relevant to say. But that's the only reason to sit on the sidelines. Whether you have hope in it or not you can plant the seeds of something more significant by showing up as an Anarchist, whether peacefully or ready to defend yourself.

i mean, you know, like the regular average movement, you know, not you know, "the" movement. you know, like, i don't engage in *that* kind of stuff

So many of these going on my neck of the woods. Sigh... fuck ass Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) and the SEIU are organizing a lot of them.


Bureaucrats gonna bureaucrat.

I endorse this.
-Trotsky's cookie

that reminds me: We still need some major msm publication to reference the trotsky cookie thing so we can put it on wikipedia.

Co-opt the co-optation!

best way to deal with those fucks is to commit atrocious sexual acts in their faces. they will flee and never return

"The general strike in this century is a day of generalized rebellion for the exploited."

"Facilitation tips for difficult situations:
Your trainings will likely be a positive space where people will engage in thoughtful and spirited conversation. But, sometimes there are people who show up who are only interested in disrupting and creating a scene. Here are some tips on how to deal with difficult participants:

Be prepared by having a plan beforehand. Before your training designate one or two people who will be empowered to handle any difficult situation, from agitators to someone who is not respecting the norms and boundaries of the training.
Diffuse conflict. We want our trainings to be peaceful and respectful. We will train more effectively if we don't engage with negative comments or behavior. Rather than engaging in a debate with agitators, we should take a moment to de-escalate tension. So, if someone is attending the training with the goal of stirring up trouble, this is a great time to practice our de-escalation skills.
If the situation can't be resolved, ask the person to leave. We want everyone to feel like the trainings are a safe space to share thoughts and feel respected. However, if you've tried to diffuse the conflict, and reminded the person of the norms, the final step would be to ask the person to leave the training. At this point, the folks who are designated to 'diffuse conflict' should take over, escort the person outside, and ask them to leave."


ITT: we share tips on how to fight de-escalators and develop anti-de-escalation strategy

I'll start: Taunt them by quoting their training manual to them.

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