Crews, Networks, and Federations: A Conversation

  • Posted on: 11 June 2018
  • By: thecollective

via IT'S GOING DOWN - listen below or after the link

In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we sat down with two members of the Radical Education Department or RED, based out of Philadelphia. In our discussion we talk exclusively about their new text published on IGD entitled, Insurrectionary Councilism, which proposes the creation of spaces that bring together various groups for the purpose of becoming better organized.

In our conversation, we cover a lot of ground, starting largely with a critique and conversation about Left Unity, as well as a look back on the “movement of movements” approach in the anti-globalization period as well as the horizontal structures of Occupy. We discuss some of the organizational needs of the current age, as well as what groups that exist now are already doing to put these ideas into practice.

While it would be impossible to say that this conversation arrived at any easy answers, this discussion in itself brought up some important tensions and questions. What forms do we need to take to be organized? How do we organize across our various groups? How do we relate, if at all, to Left groups like DSA? Are new organizational structures needed, like Federations, and what exactly would they do that current forms do not?

We hope that this conversation sparks more, as well as experimentation over how we can better organize ourselves, and make our movement more powerful in the process.

More Info: Insurrectionary Councilism and Radical Education Department



more structure! more organization! always building! the masses are ready! more fulfilling of organizational needs! more win! more movement! we are ready for the POWER!


consider that a practice of liberation and destruction can come forth from a joyful logic of struggle, not a mortifying, schematic rigidity within the pre-established canons of a directing group.

perhaps the masses require a power point presentation and/or gant chart.

Yo, you didn't understand that book right. Informal organizations are not structureless. Your quote is a critique of overplanning and believing that creating "revolutionary" groups has a relationship to revolutionary activity. The counterpoint from Bonnano was organize in formations that have no purpose but to act and your affinity is based on the joy of acting.

This podcast gets it if the structural stuff is about fighting.

where is there a misunderstanding?

I was a bit snarky, but it sounded as though you were making a critique of organization as such, like those who would substitute spontaneity

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