CrimethInc. Works with Rapper POS to Disseminate Anticapitalist Propaganda to Hip Hop Fans

  • Posted on: 22 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">Cri...

<p>We&#8217;re excited to announce our collaboration with Minneapolis rapper <a href="">P.O.S</a> in distributing over 600 copies of our <a href=""><em>Work</em> book</a> and several times that many <a href="">&#8220;Capitalism Is a Pyramid Scheme&#8221; posters</a> in preorders for his excellent new album, <a href="">&#8220;We Don&#8217;t Even Live Here,&#8221;</a> on Rhymesayers Entertainment.</p>
<p>P.O.S approached us some time ago about including our material in this release, his fourth solo album, which deals with some of the same subjects. We were flattered to receive this invitation from someone whose music we appreciate; his insouciance comes off a thousand times realer than garden-variety hip hop posturing. And we think it&#8217;s high time that someone in his position reached out to combine art with radical points of departure: music should offer emergency escape hatches out of this world, not just temporary vacations from it.</p></td><td><img title="How are the bagels in noworkinstan?" src=""></td><...
<p>We&#8217;re interested in future collaborations with other musicians, artists, and anyone else who wants to shake things up. But P.O.S got there first, and he deserves credit for that.</p>
<p>A big thanks to him and his team for making this happen. We&#8217;re looking forward to making contact with everyone who learns about our projects via his album.</p>
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<p><em>[photos courtesy of awesomely enthusiastic folks on Twitter.]</em></p>


This is unexpected and will probably become the best Crimethinc-associated music release.

are you fucking kidding me?! ever heard of catharsis or requiem?
and the bagels are ALWAYS stale...

Yah boring toughy tough hardcore power chords, wow

Still mad about the 90s huh? Somebody in cutoff camos take your lunch money in junior high?


That was hilarious. Nice 1 sire.

I feel like I just got the worst rick rolling of my life.

I want Brian to have hip hop beef with Hedges...
Can we get that diss track like stat?

will it be like the old east cost vs west coast rivalry of the 90's or will it be like Eminem's rivalry with his mom?

picture Hedges at the debate, stripping off his suit and standing up, and the audience joining in on the choruses: "Bosnia, Serbia, Iraq and Afgahnistan--I been there and seen it all! I'm your man!"

I was there, B, when the pharoah fought the hittites
fucking clubbin those syrian fuckers in they heads, right?

You call yaself travern like that kraut scribbla
time for you to unhood yourself, you little nibbla

Chewin' on your words, whippin your corn rows
time to drop that catharsis look and git you some Hedge rows

That's not your reasoning, not your gender analysis?
Fuck you son, and you can just suck on dis

(throws mic)

Not mad, bored.

not waving. drowning.

not revolting--not showering...

showering doesn't make YOU any less revolting.

It does, however, help you to avoid FBI detection. See earlier thread.

Rent a tuxedo! Pay for busses with pistachio nut shells! Woooo!

yeah, fuck some libcom bullshit. bring it. you gonna cite that dumbass "rethinking crimethinc" anarkismo thing from a million years ago or something? are you seriously fucking pulling that "not showering not fighting capitalism" bullshit? still?

You keep getting trolled, dear friend. Go see a doctor about that or something.

go see a doctor about your scabies

It's just a rash!

whatever, violet!

i don't believe you

Shit man, Crimethinc. practically IS Anarkismo these days. Where you been?

quit yer trollin

Wait, when dd Crimethinc. say it was the workers who have to organize our liberation or whatever? I think it's more like Crimethinc. doesn't seem crazy any more because almost everybody on the red and black side is starting to admit, tacticly, how stuck in the past they were.

"In a world where everything smells like cunt
Lay down in darkness

-Catharsis, "Isaac"

So, in that world, even the stale bagels smell like cunt.

can we get some more hating on things from 1995 going on here? at least evasion came out in 99/2001.

Evasion was okay but it smelled like cunt. But so did everything else in the world.

Kurt Cobain dying was my generations 9-11.

Ugh. That's gotta be some major trolling.

"Major Trolling"

I hated getting a 30-minute lecture from other parents in cub scouts about how disrespectful us 7 year olds were for making toilet jokes out of American nationalist songs/oaths. 1995 sucked!

Ever heard of Froseph??? OHMYGOD SO GOOD!


Naw--it's SPOOKRAT, no contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hip hop is one of the only things in the world where the prefix "anarcho" doesn't make me more exited about it. for example "anarcho chess tournament" or "anarcho weed dispensary" all sound awesome, but for some reason "anarcho hip hop" is usually worse than capitalist hip hop by a margin of 1000. ("black and red yo" anybody?) that being said, this doesn't suck at all. it's no slick rick maybe, but it's pretty danged good. cheers


Oh yeah, this is actually really good

huh this is way better than the other rap they've put out which is not saying much

hm... who is less qualified to judge rap, crimethinc or anews anons? now that's a tough call.

I told you, it's SPOOKRAT! SPOOOOK RATTTT!!!!!!!


says . . . who?

me, an anonymous @news commenter

This is a smart idea, and it's interesting that the fans seem to be into it. People should do more shit like it.

Also, this is embarrassing, but 600 is probably the full print run for many of the @ books coming out this year. Damn.

I'd rather there be 600 copies of all the LBC titles than a million copies of any AK titles. Quality over quantity.

sadly quality over quantity is a lesson lbc could also stand to learn

Not sure where you're coming from on this, but the two newest books are put together exceptionally well. The earlier ones, not so much, but these, yes. And there is even a quality guarantee.

AK has some good books.

what does this have to do with anarchy?

according to black flame, only syndicalism is true anarchy. also, malatesta like platformism. and don't forget big bob haywood and deleon were more anarchist than stirner and proudhon combined.

obvious troll is obvious.

nefac is playing this on repeat :P

ok, maybe I'm getting trolled, but can i get a fuck black flame from somebody? fuck that book and those people. for real.

yeah, we think it's dumb too

thanks. feels good to hear.

"The broad anarchist tradition was profoundly influenced by both Proudhon and Marx..."

Vol 2 will probably declare Marxism to be the authentic Anarchism.

hilarious, since what they mean by broad is actually so narrow that it excludes most of us.

I keep saying this, but you won't listen: SPOOK! RAT! SPOOK! RAT!!!!!!

say it till yer head is blue and falls off, i keep trying to talk about THE GREEN BAY PACKERS GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL...but everyone else wants to talk about some towers gettin' blown to bits.

someone is a debate nerd.

fuckin for real. time for another post packers prole stroll. where yall at?

I don't know man, but I did watch the cardinals get their asses handed to em yesterday



Thats not true. Black Flame includes insurrectionary anarchism. read the book, dumbdumb.

what about MC Lynx?


I can say this about MC lynx's music: he's a really nice guy.

So, super noob here. Insouciance? Straight boss...

Generally like, but isn't looting good?

so what does APOC think about this?

I'm sure APOC is going to still yell at and kick out folks they presume to be white (mixed race peoples be damned)

2008 Convergence- Transphobia
2009 Convergence- Racism

What other wacky times has Crimethinc had ?

Explain. are you saying that crimethinc is transphobic and racist? or are you saying there were instances of those shitty things at a convergence that were dealt with? who?????

No, it's that they're being "accused" of being racist and transphobic. That's what conservative anarchists do these days - claim someone else is racist or transphobic when they're not, which is a slap in the face to ACTUALLY trying to confront REAL racism and transphobia in radical circles.

Ironically, CrimethInc is the most diplomatic anarchist group around, because they've been accused for everything under the sun for years, even things that contradict other accusations, so they try to please everyone.

Most anarchists, as well as most people in general, wouldn't have tolerated baseless accusations, and would've started kicking people's asses by now.

No one labeled Crimethinc as racist or transphobic. The person clearly said racist and transphobic incidents happening at Crimethinc convergences.

At the 2009 Convergence, there was a well more documented instance of APOC-identified individuals(most APOC opposed to this) kicking out non APOC or so they assumed to be non-APOC (these racist authoritarians confused mixed race individuals as being "white"):

At the 2008 Convergence discussing her views that trans idenitity is false because a person is either a man or a woman, no in between. For example, a FTM trans-identified individual is a "woman even if they identify as a boy." Same person tried to do a workshop at the 2012 Twin Cities Anarchist Bookfair again trying to keep strict gender dualism. Its odd because they don't usually identify as an Anarchist unless they're at an "anarchist gathering" etc.

Thistle doesn't even know who Lierre Keith IS. And the only thing that happened in 2008 is that she felt the environment was threatening to cis women (which it was, in the rapey sense, not the 'omg transwomen are a threat to my womynhood' sense), and was annoyed about transpeople freaking out about the wrong pronoun when they weren't making the slightest effort to present as their self-identified gender (and yet still got mad about it rather than politely correcting and allowing an opportunity to apologize and proceed properly). When she said this to one of the organizers as she was leaving, she was branded, apparently forever, "transphobe" (which isn't even the right fucking term). Fortunately, those of us who are psychic are at no risk of this.

Whoever the fuck you are making these bullshit accusations, I don't know why you're grinding this axe, but fucking cut it out. All you're doing is destroying someone who's done ten times as much to spread Anarchist ideas as you ever will.

As an outsider: I suspected you were probably full of shit with your story, but the last line really sealed the deal.

don't forget the first line too.

Don't you mean she has done 10 times as much to confuse people on what Anarchism/Anarchy is that the person who wrote the original comment about her anti-trans politics....Anarchists should not organize people to support and vote for the Democrat Party or any political group. The Democrats are paying people to do that !!!!! Also, if she doesn't know anything about Lierre Keith AND was a member of DGR, that says something about her...

Don't forget their anti-semitism!

Herds & Words are still the best. New peeps don't even know what you missed.

2002 CrimethInc tour was the bessssssssst!

Could this board be stupider?
I thought it was about anarchy.

fucking people who've been around for more than a few months

The drum machine sounds and while these lyrics are all doesn't flow or groove. At all. If you don't understand those terms, nobody is gonna dig your Stuff and you gotta hell of a lot of homework ahead of y'all.....Skeejin for the lilly booj kinda reminds me of the glory days of Robert Matthew Van Winkle. Best of luck, boys.

How are the bagels in arrogant prickland?

Awwww, that's cute. You voted my comment down. But when will I get a chance to vote down one of the rollovers?

When you start your own website, sorry.

worker doesn't necessarily vote. you just got a register for a user name and you can do it.

POS is personal friends with notorious local snitch Ian Wallace, and gave a shoutout to him at an RNC 8 fundraiser. Bad form, to say the least.

for those that don't know, Ian Wallace is a snitch.

And most of the RNC 8 are liberals and one of them is a rapist. oh well!

yeah, the RNC 8 are most def. not liberals. not sure where you got that idea, but having I have worked with some of them personally, and I can tell you they are most def. radicals and anarchists. I don't think liberals would get slapped with terrorism charges, much less work on organizing radical anti-authoritarian resistance to the RNC that would bring such charges upon them to begin with.

Everyone's a liberal, except for me (who is perfect).

"Everyone's a liberal, except for me (who is perfect)."

Get out of here, Chomsky !!!!

"organizing radical anti-authoritarian resistance to the RNC"

David Axelrod was proud of their hard work to confront those Republicans....Would there have been a DNC Welcoming Committee if democrats had came to Twin Cities ? I get worried when Anarchists express so much anger for douchebag Republicans but show much less anger towards democrats. Both are a part of the capitalist system.

Yeah I remember that people went out to the DNC in 2008 also and got arrested, didn't get enough publicity tho and Obama supporters went all "do not compute"

Everyone's a rapist, except for me (who is perfect).

Was there.
Confronted him, and confirmed, with a housemate at the time.
One of the RNC 8.
Also confirming the RNC 8 are not liberals.


Don't let this poast die! It b funny n shit.

Shoot the Cops

Oskar Barnack ∞ Oscar Grant:

I like the shit out of Blue Scholars and whatever, but umm... They're some maoists and shit.

The content of and comments on this article give me hope that the worst parts of the anarchist movement in the United States are quickly getting overtaken by cool shit. If you can't deal with anarchism beginning to appeal to folks outside your really really free safe space than please step aside.

sure, tho the really really free markets in our town draw more people than the coolest cool hip hop shows. just sayin.

But I thought all anarchists have to listen to hardcore/punk and look a certain way and act worse than Puritans in regards to any non-queer sexuality.

it's barack HUSSIEN obama folks. open yer eyes!!!!!

Would it be weird to blast this in my dads Benz SUV and drive around trying to look tough? Do anarchists still dislike SUVs? What about rich people with benzes?

fuck your stuff. got that?

"The task of an activist is not to navigate systems of oppressive power with as much personal integrity as possible; it is to dismantle those systems." -Lierre Keith

Radicals (not fake liberal anarchists) would not care about what car you drive or how much money you have or if you're a corporate executive...all you need to do is take down the system.

If you're a corporate executive, use your power to take the system. Attend the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival and talk to real women about fake women, as fellow Derrick's Green Army seem to say more often than not.

If you have a Mercedes Benz SUV, drive to Native American Reservations and hang out with Native People. Pretend your an ally of theirs. Wear a sweater with a raccoon on it just like DJ.

Dear anon,

Actually that's a ferret, asshole.

Let's do whatever it takes. WHATEVER. IT. TAKES.

Thanks for your work,

Deep Green Resistance- Powered by Capitalism

Where do you think that money is coming from in regards to a person's IRA account ? I forgot that the stock market, mutual funds, etc were somehow removed from Capitalism. So your DGR bosses get this old person's stock market fund to fight against ecological destruction.

What are you even going to do with that money ? Is Derrick Jensen going to publish even more books where he repeat anecdotes about how smart he is compared to the person he's talking to or does he owe liberal book publisher Seven Story Press or PM Press money ?

Whatever happened to the good ole days when folks would just rob the banks?

There has never been a 'good ole days', it has all been suffering.

-The D team

holy shit!

"So, I have changed the beneficiary on my retirement accounts from my children to Deep Green Resistance, and altered my will as well."

man really hates his children...must of been anarchists or something !

Horizontal hostility MUST BE STOPPED. Unless it's directed towards a transgendered person.

As the DGR National Myspace Crew put it on the TC Anarchist Bookfair's facebook event page:

"without postmodern queer theory (which was created by western civilized men, making it inherently misogynistic), transwomen are just boys in dresses."

Life must be ended.

- The D team

I really hate when people attribute things to me that I didn't say.

-Derrick Jensen

Yeah who cares, if a person is well-meaning and willing to listen to others and be accountable and all that jazz, I couldn't care less if they're driving an SUV. In fact, it's kind of funny to be using an SUV to blast anti-authoritarian music or facilitate some type of anarchist event.

political music is usually pretty terrible, it always tries so hard to be interesting, but it always fails.

same with political politics

Hear hear!

Worker: the bagels are delicious here! All thanks to the decent, non-fluoridated tap water in Montreal.

Don't you know the difference between a pull and a push? Every truly intelligent person does.

what is this commercial (c)rap? I don't get it...

somebody from the other side of the Atlantic

Crimethinc, your politics are boring as fuck!

i.e., fuck you, dad!

Still not as good as Rage Against The Machine's Killing in The Name.

So I'm suprised noone's commented on Lenin yet. I personally think a transition worker's state is nearly impossible to avoid, contradictions aside. Besides, I love foodstamps...

I am sooooo not a Ron Paul anarchist!

Fuck your stuff, you don't need any more stuff. We're consuming ourselves to death.

Now, go buy this CD.

Mother fucking turtle fucking soup mother fuckers. Yeeeeah boiiii.

-Derrick "cheezeburger" Jensen

I *thought* Dooomtree's No Kings album had an anarchist vibe.

Do You Ever Look Here?

That link you clicked, that brought you here, a random article from the past, and this comment, playing stupid games with dynamic user generated content.

I mean, yeah, it was fun, but it didn't mean anything, ok?

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