Crossword Puzzle #8: Some Anarchists

  • Posted on: 16 July 2017
  • By: thecollective

This weeks crossword puzzle is on Some Anarchists.

Download it here:


From LBC about the book:

For those anarchistnews fans who miss Worker's acerbic and insightful bon mots on modern-day anarchy and anarchists, here is a fix (however temporary) for you.

Fifty crossword puzzles of occasionally ludicrous difficulty (there are scattered puff questions throughout also, for those of you, like me, who are terrible at these kind of games) are featured for your education and amusement. is the most popular, utilized, and non-sectarian news source pertaining to anarchists in North America. Its open commenting system continues to be one of the few spaces in which anarchists, nationally and internationally, converse about topics of the day, challenge each other, and critically engage with a wide variety of issues and events.

Worker retired from running the site after eleven years... Since then they have reflected on their time in the daily trenches of running the site, and this book is the result. These crossword puzzles speak to the years of comment threads, the ridiculousness and wonderfulness of the anarchist space in North America, and finally the absurdity of working with cantankerous, stubborn, and self-righteous people by way of essay or manifesto.

These puzzles should probably be done by a reading group or a group of friends. They are supposed to make you think, laugh, and perhaps smack your head. A more perfect metaphor for North American anarchism cannot be found.


[ Here are the solutions! Don’t peek!: ]

- some anarchists



Where do I buy @news adspace?

A single person / very small group runs publishing and distribution outlet (LBC) as well as this "news" site and a Podcast (The Brilliant).

I love it!

I do not run this website (nor LBC for that matter). This is giving away a crossword puzzle (one a week from a book with 50). If you think LBC publishing makes $$$ (and especially that I am somehow anything but a donor to the project) you are dumber than you look.

do you protest too much or just enough?

like he knows the back story! >shock<
a! why you let yourself get trolled, boi?

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