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"Let us continue the assault on the existing by all means, undeterred by
those who would silence us with the stock weapons of reaction, be it the
kick of the democratic boot, the empty talk of opinion, or the siren
calls of the sweet men of hope."

Jean Weir; Tamed Words from a Wild Heart.

"... sometimes it seems to us something so obvious that we forget to
insist punctiliously on the anti-authoritarian character of anarchism
and, therefore, consequently anti-systemic... Roughly anti-systemic! We
are against all Authority. That is our maxim".

Gustavo Rodriguez. Talk at the Squatted Social Center "Casa

The authoritarian offensive has not stopped in these times of pandemic,
Covid-19 has turned out to be the perfect excuse to deepen social and
political control, being prisons the main place of experimentation and
application of these measures. We have systematically read updates on
the situation of anarchist prisoners around the world in this particular
context. We have seen how our comrade Eric King, who keeps alive his
permanent antagonism and his irreducible stance in Englewood prison, has
been tortured by the guards and beaten by white supremacists, causing
him severe physical and psychological injuries. The same happened to our
comrade Dimitra Valavani, who was beaten and tortured, under the pretext
that they wanted to obtain a DNA sample and, in recent days, our comrade
Giannis Dimitrakis, who was also brutally beaten in Domokos prison by
the prison mafia, leaving him in a serious condition, and we still do
not know the consequences of this cowardly aggression.

June 11 is the International Day of Solidarity with comrade Marius Mason
and with all the anarchist comrades sentenced to long sentences around
the world. In the framework of this new June 11, we want to denounce
what is happening in all latitudes of the planet with our anarchist
comrades in prison and raise (without mincing our words) our response to
concretize and consolidate solidarity with all our fellow comrades (in
theory and in practice) who continue the anarchist war behind bars.

As we have mentioned in the previous cases, the situation of our
comrades is alarming, they are being tortured and attacked by the
lackeys of the system of domination (who do not hesitate to get their
hands dirty in full compliance with the orders of power) or, in certain
circumstances, by their troops, in certain circumstances, by their shock
troops inside the prison, using prisoners who have embraced the ideas of
power and capital, and are willing to do anything to maintain or obtain
privileges (drugs, money, impunity or hierarchies) inside the prison.

Unfortunately, our response is not enough to stop these outrages. In our
days, the so-called "anarchist movement" is a fiction. They have
atomized all our capacities to carry out forceful actions to put the
domination against the ropes, provoking the immediate liberation of our
anarchist comrades in prison. Multiform solidarity cannot stop at this
time, but not that which limits itself to postal correspondence with our
comrades in prison nor that which begs for reforms and good treatment on
the part of our enemies.

The discourse currently heard in our circles, chanted by reformist
groups, is satisfied with "demanding" from the State and its
institutions the reduction of sentences, the repeal of laws, the
improvement of conditions or the humanization of the prison.

Our struggle against everything that exists and for total liberation has
never been contained within the framework of social demands, mass
mobilization and judicial reforms, which is evidence of the path of
anarchic warfare. Neither has it been with social mobilization nor with
judicial reforms that our comrades in prison have achieved freedom. Our
comrades have achieved freedom in the majority of cases after having
served up to the last minute of their sentences, and on many occasions,
even when they have served them, they keep our warriors in prison, as in
the case of comrade Gabriel Pombo da Silva. The reprisal and hatred of
the domination against the anarchists of praxis does not stop. They are
not content with making them serve most of their sentences and once
again they put them back in prison to teach them a lesson and make sure
that we do not dare to challenge and attack them. They try to break us,
to domesticate us, and if they do not succeed, they resort to kidnapping
and extermination.

We are certainly clear about the scenario. But, after all these
conclusions, some questions arise: What do we expect from our enemies?
Do we expect that someday they will release our comrades in prison? Do
we think that through legal reforms and derogations, we will manage to
put our supporters on the streets?

Do we assume that through social mobilization, pro-amnesty organizations
and lukewarm abolitionist discourses, we will manage to get our comrades
out of the dungeons? Do we assume that by building coalitions with
authoritarian groups (where anarchist individualities only participate
in the procession and pose for the photo) we will achieve the freedom of
our comrades? NO, as anarchists we cannot accept any of that and much
less think that this is the way to put our people on the streets.

However, we cannot silence that this is the discourse that today is
imposed by authoritarian groups disguised as "subversives" with the
intention of confusing and consolidating their objectives. Seeking
"confluence" for a "unitary offensive" is the new guideline that has
been built globally in recent years. Few anarchist comrades have
reflected on this, when we should be very clear about our principles and
be aware that we have completely opposite objectives that can never
converge in any front. There are plenty of examples in the world of this
new "tendency" that promotes the confluence of opposites, but we will
only mention what is shamefully happening in the Chilean region.

are antagonistic (declared historical enemies). Under the ridiculous
argument that our common enemy is the State and capital, completely
hollow "solidarity campaigns" are promoted, incapable of consolidating a
powerful anarchist action that translates into specific support for our
anarchist comrades, much less apt for putting some of our fellow
anarchists on the streets (by any means necessary) or unleashing the
permanent insurrection by promoting anarchist war against all that

This text will not delve into the theoretical-practical differences
between these opposing positions. Our objective is to point out any
authoritarian germ present in this (contradictory) discursive unity that
is being imposed in our circles in the name of a happy ending, where,
through the triumphant Social Revolution, we will dance jubilantly on
the ruins of capital; concealing the green instituting intentions of
these autocratic organizations.

From the first moments that the authoritarian political-military
authoritarian groups of Leninist tendency, such as the Revolutionary
Left Movement (M.I.R.), the Manuel Rodriguez Movement (M.R.2 ), the
Vanguardia Organizada del Pueblo (V.O.P.), the Movimiento Juvenil
Lautaro (MAPU-M.J.L.) and the Frente Patriótico Manuel Rodríguez
(F.P.M.R.) -to mention but a few- and without going into detail. ) -to
mention just a few and without going deeper into their different
splits-, according to their security protocols, when any of their
militants was detained, both the captured "cadre" and the organization
disowned any relationship and cut all ties, abandoning him/her
completely and placing the responsibility of supporting the prisoner in
his/her closest circle (family and friends).

This happened during the 70's, 80's and 90's of the last century, being
a customary practice that the "soldier" was left in total helplessness
at the moment of being imprisoned to safeguard his or her organic,
reason why they were made aware and trained to maintain this policy in a
dignified manner. In recent decades and even in recent years, it has
been observed how some of these authoritarians have decided to declare
that prison has made them embrace anarchist ideas, or that they feel
identified with anarchist warfare. Over time, they have come to sharpen
their discourse even further and have even assumed themselves to be part
of the Black International and as "warriors" of anarchy, but is this
positioning real or does it respond to a false discourse? In reality, it
is a survival strategy, since the majority of these authoritarian
organizations develop on two parallel fronts of struggle, one open and
legal and the other clandestine, so they continue with the old practice
of abandoning their militants to their fate in order to safeguard the
legal front of their organizations.

We think it is time to clarify things and stop considering these
authoritarians as "comrades" and "like-minded" in our groups, abandoning
the Christian morality that invites us to show solidarity with our
"neighbor" and the hypocrisy that instigates us to "wash our dirty linen
at home" (a phrase that reminds us of the arguments of the most
reactionary Chilean sectors in the face of Pinochet's arrest in London),
as if it were possible to share "home" with our enemies.

Why now and not before? Why choose this date instead of waiting for a
more appropriate moment? Simple, because it is always time to reaffirm
our anarchic praxis in the face of ideological distortions and the
imposition of hegemonic discourse; because we still have time to rectify
the path and consolidate the permanent insurrection against all
authority (including that which these Bolsheviks yearn to impose at the
slightest opportunity). Because it is the moment to allocate our scarce
resources to OUR PRISONERS, especially when we see how the support of
anarchists and anarcho-anarchists is being sought in a fresh way to
strengthen the bases of a project contrary to our objectives of
struggle, and how they try to make visible the situation of the
authoritarian prisoners without the least political and economic cost
for their organizations.

Today these authoritarian groups want to inherit from us (without our
having asked for it) a backpack with their histories full of defeats and
errors and even pretend to bequeath us their dead in the name of the
unity of the left. We anarchists and anarcho-jihilists ARE NOT PART OF
THE LEFT, we are declared enemies of all authority, of all institutions,
of all politics, of all that exists.

What relation can there be between Norma Vergara, Claudio Paredes, Pablo
Muñoz, Claudia López and any other dead of the Marxist-Leninist
political-military organizations, with Mauri, with Angry or with our
murdered anarchist comrades? None!!! We have never walked the same path
as they try to make us believe with the propaganda with which they
saturate their media ("Buskando la kalle", "ContraInfo", or their
popular radios). We anarchists are not heirs of those struggles, we do
not pay tribute to their dead and much less do we pay obeisance to their
commanders. Anarchists do not need them, it is they who need to confuse
and recruit naive women in our circles in order to resurrect their
authoritarian project by disguising their discourse.

"Libertarian", "subversive" or "autonomous", are not synonymous with
anarchist as the authoritarians in Chile would have us believe, they are
the denominations that the extra-parliamentary left has been using for
the achievement of a "proletarian state", that is to say, for the
imposition of a populist dictatorship.

We want to make our position clear and insist that it is not enough that
they assume themselves to be "subversive" and tell us that they identify
with the Black International or that they fight for total liberation,
for us to dedicate our scarce efforts to these authoritarian elements
(while they continue to speak to us of their dead, and claim their
struggle as militants of these authoritarian organizations), instead of
channeling all our efforts into our prisoners.

Every time a communiqué comes out from Marcelo Villarroel claiming a
mixture of Leninism, anarchism, Mapuche sovereignty and eco-fascism, and
his support and dissemination group tells us that we follow the
revolutionary, subversive and anarchic path, it becomes clear to us how
nefarious the discourse is and the true intentions hidden in the
message. Or when Pablo Bahamondes ("Oso"), stresses to us that his
struggle is for "total liberation", while all of us who know him know
that his position in the Villa Francia population was always clear,
betting on the path of the Marxist-Leninist political organizations, we
have no doubt that everything is reduced to an opportunist strategy
dedicated to ALL the naive people around the world who can solve their

As comrade Gustavo Rodriguez reminds us, we do not understand "why
divert solidarity towards people outside the anarchist struggle and not
concentrate on supporting our Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, Dinos Giagtzoglou,
Alfredo Cospito, Lisa Dorfer, Nicola Gai, Monica Caballero, Francisco
Solar, Michael Kimble, Eric King, Anna Beniamino, Carla Tubeuf and all
the anarchist comrades who are in prison around the planet".

That is the intention of our text, trying to clarify positions to
concretize our offensive and consolidate the support to our prisoners
who need it so urgently in our days. For the time being, we will
continue to dance on the edge of the abyss.



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